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The top quality website of Rossington Amateur Swimming Club

Issue No. 10 : Summer 2000

'My First Birthday Edition'

The Raising The Roof website was set up to accompany Raising The Roof the Rossington ASC club magazine, which was first released on June 5th 1999. The aim of the magazine was to raise money for Rossington ASC by providing club info, results and fixtures as well as having a laugh at the same time. I hope you find that this website also achieves that.

Regular visiters to the site may notice that this month the Raising The Roof website has undergone a facelift. The website is now split into two parts, one part an official Rossington ASC bit and the other part the usual Raising The Roof format. The decision was taken after I was surfing the web one night looking for other swimming club sites. I found that very few of the other sites in existance are updated frequently, and so I decided that I might as well make Rossington ASC superior to other clubs in at least one field. I hope you all enjoy the new format, don't hesitate to e-mail us, at the adress at the bottom of this page, with your feelings on the new look, as well as any questions you may have about this site or Rossington ASC

Rossington Amateur Swimming Club


Raising The Roof


This edition of Raising The Roof on the web is dedicated to the comitted Rossington ASC swimmers that swam at New Earswick.

Please e-mail us with any responses or questions you have about 'Raising The Roof', Rossington ASC or anything else to do with this website at:

Thats it for this month, I hoped you enjoyed this the ninth issue of 'Raising The Roof' on the web, don't forget to e-mail us with your comments and we'll see you in two months time.


Glen Wilson.

Writer (long suffering swimmer, and now Joint Chief Coach)


Writer Glen Wilson
Technical Stuff Scott Elliott
Illustrations Glen Wilson