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SHERIFF-Steve Burrows
VOICE PHONE-918-423-5858
1210 N. West Street, McAlester, OK 74501
Those of you who have visited our page before will notice that "There's a new Sheriff in town.". On Monday, April 19, 1999, Sheriff Bennie Durant resigned as Sheriff of Pittsburg County to be able to spend more time with his family. Sheriff Durant was appointed to complete the term of former Sheriff Don Hass, and eventually won the office by election.

Sheriff Burrows served as Undersheriff for both Sheriff Hass and Sheriff Durant. He began his law enforcement career as a Traffic Officer at the U.S. Army Ammunition Plant. He became a Reserve Deputy for Pittsburg County in 1990, while still working full-time at the plant. After three and one-half years as a voluteer, Steve becam a full-time deputy, and worked his way up to Sergeant and eventually Undersheriff under the Hass administration.

He also served as interim Sheriff for a time between the resignation of Sheriff Hass, and the appointment of Sheriff Durant.

He has served as Undersheriff for the county under Sheriff Durant since then, until his appointment as Sheriff on April 19th.

Sheriff Burrows brings a wealth of experience to the office of Sheriff. He is a life-long resident of Pittsburg County, and knows the job well.

Sheriff Burrows is part of a law enforcement family. His wife, Debbie, is an Investigator for District Attorney Kalyn Free.

As his first official act as Sheriff, Sheriff Burrows appointed Executive Loyd Wadley to serve as his Undersheriff. Wadley also began his career with Pittsburg Coutny as a volunteer Reserve Deputy under the Hass administration as one of the first Reserves in 1989. He eventually became the Executive Officer shortly after the appointment of Sheriff Durant, and has served in that capacity since.

Undershriff Wadley has been a resident of Pittsburg County most of his life. His wife Karen is involved in a family-owned ambulance service.

The appointment of these two men to their current positions should serve the department and the citizens of Pittsburg County well. Their experience in operating the department from their previous positions will allow a smooth transition between administrations, especially crucial due to the many projects and issues being dealt with by the agency, and being so close to the end of a fiscal year.

I hope you will join me in saying "Congratulations" to our new Sheriff and Undersheriff as they continue the mission of the Pittsburg County Sheriffs Office to protect and serve the citizens of Pittsburg County.