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The M-M Reliability Survey

The M-M Reliability Survey On-Line Form
is now available!!!

The M-M Reliability Survey is an attempt to accurately portray the reliability of M-M tractors. The survey is being conducted by me, Brian Rukes, with the assistance of Tony Turner.

Minneapolis-Moline tractors were largely reliable, but there are a few exceptions. Also, there are a few exceptionally reliable models. The M-M Reliability Survey is an attempt to portray the reliability of each M-M tractor model. However, to make the survey a success, I need YOUR input!

To fill out the on-line form for The M-M Reliability Survey, please click here.

A special thanks goes out to Tony Turner, caretaker of The Unofficial Minneapolis-Moline Homepage, for putting the survey form on-line. Not only has Tony's efforts in that regard assisted me with the survey, but it has also made it easier for you all to participate. Thanks, Tony!!!

How The M-M Reliability Survey Got Started

I, Brian Rukes, originally started The M-M Reliability Survey to rate all M-M tractor model series in terms of reliability for the M-M Buyer's Guide which I was writing for Motorbooks. Motorbooks wanted the book to have a star rating for reliability, and I figured the best way to accurately represent how reliable all M-Ms truly were was to conduct a survey of owners and users around the world. So, I started the survey, and all responses that I received before the established "deadline" were used to figure the star ratings for each model series for the book.

Since that time, I have continued to operate The M-M Reliability Survey, and I will continue to do so until the day I die. Just like The M-M Registry, I regard The M-M Reliability Survey as a life-long project.

Furthermore, should there ever be need for new editions of my M-M Buyer's Guide book, I will use all of the submissions made to The M-M Reliability Survey in figuring the updated star ratings for the M-M tractors.

I look forward to hearing from you and to receiving your ratings of various M-M tractors for the M-M Reliability Survey!


Brian Rukes
The M-M Registry

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