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Illustrated Buyers Guide:
Minneapolis-Moline Tractors

Covering almost all M-M tractor models!!!

This is the cover of Illustrated Buyer's Guide: Minneapolis-Moline Tractors.
Photo by Brian Rukes.

NOTICE: This book has gone OUT OF PRINT.
Please read below for more details.

Reviews of Illustrated Buyer's Guide: Minneapolis-Moline Tractors

This book has received much attention among Minneapolis-Moline and related collectors and enthusiasts. Since it was first released in June of 2000, the book has received much praise from a multitude of different people. Such comments have appeared in a number of different places, ranging from internet messageboards to internet bookstore comment sections.

Other readers of the book have contacted me directly commenting on the book, as well. Virtually every one of those comments had something good to say about the book. Such comments have ranged from calling the book the "Moline Bible" (although this book is no where nearly as important as is the Bible) to a book that's in-tune with collectors. It's been desribed as well-organized, an "easy read," insightful, detailed, interesting, and more. All in all, many people have commented that this book is a "must-have" for anyone interested in M-M tractors. Consider this comment, as well:

Thank you for the great book!!
My Dad . . . grew up with a Moline but he could not answer all the questions that I come up with.
I was afraid to wear out my welcome on this web site [] asking all these basic questions.
[But,] Your book has given me all the knowledge to help me buy a second tractor (49 UTS).

I have no one favorite part of your book.
All the sections are useful for a fledgling enthusiast, like me.
I take that book with me anywhere Molines might be hiding.
Since our first tractor I have met great people who love to share information,
I found ebay as a great source for all sorts of literature,
I learned of the archives at
But your book tops all of this!!!!!!!!!

Thank You for carrying the torch!

Jim Hlasny

What is covered in this book:

Almost all M-M and related Twin City and Minneapolis tractor models including but not limited to:

Minneapolis Tractors:
Models 17-30 Type A, 17-30 Type B, 27-42, and 39-57

Twin City Tractors:
Models 12-20, 17-28 (TY), 21-32 (FT), 20-35 and 27-44 (AT)

Minneapolis-Moline/Twin City Tractors:
Models KT, KTA, MT, MTA, FT, FTA, LT, JT (a.k.a. JTU), JTS, JTO, and Industrials

Minneapolis-Moline Letter Series Tractors:

ZT series (ZTU, ZTN, ZTE, ZTS, ZTI)
ZB series (ZBU, ZBN, ZBE)

U series (UDLX, UOPN, UTU, UTS, UTSD, U Meadows, U Dorman, UTSD-M, UTSD-M for Turkey, UTSG, UTI, UTIL, UTIL-D, UTIL-M, UMIL, UTID, UTC, UTN, UTE, UDU, UB, UB Specials, etc.)

G series (GT, GTI, GTA, GTA-I, GTB, GTB-D, GTC, GB, GB-D)

R series (RTU, RTN, RTE, RTS, RTI, RTI-M, cabbed R, RT Hi-Klearance, etc.)

M-M Averys (V, BF, BFW, BFD, BFS, BFH, BG)


Minneapolis-Moline Constellation Series Tractors:
All versions of Models 335, 445, 5 Star, 4 Star, Jet Star, Jet Star 2, Big Mos (400, 500, 600), 2 Star crawler, and MoTrac crawler

Later-Model Minneapolis-Moline Tractors:

All versions of the Jet Star 3, Jet Star 3 Super, and U-302

All versions of the Models M-5, M-504, M-602, M-604, and M-670

Models G-VI, G-704, G-705, G-706, G-707, and G-708 (all fuel types)

All versions of the Models G-900 and G-1000 (Row Crop, Wheatland, and Vista)

Models G-350, G-450, G-550, G-750, G-850, and G-940

Models G-950, G-1050, and G-1350 (all fuel types)

Models G-955 and G-1355 (all fuel types)

Models A4T-1400 and A4T-1600 (all fuel types)

M-M Garden Tractors
Town & Country, MoCraft, and Models 107, 108, 110, 112, and 114 (both gear drive and Hydros, when available)


Some Special Features of This Book:

Detailed serial number list

Star Ratings for Collectibility

Star Ratings for Reliability (obtained through The M-M Reliability Survey which the author conducted)

Star Ratings for Parts Availability (info obtained through discussions with current dealers of M-M parts)

Price Guide

Garage Guide (gives dimensions, etc.)

Breaking the Code (serial number prefix meanings)

Parts Sources Directory


Some Specs of This Book:

Paperback, 128 pages

Approximately 150 black and white photos

When Will It Be Available?

This book has gone OUT OF PRINT.
It was first published in June 2000 by MBI Publishing Company (Motorbooks).

Where Can One Obtain This Book?

Since this book has gone out of print, there may still be a few online bookstores that have copies available, but supply is definitely limited.

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and one upcoming book due for publication this winter:

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If you have any more questions (such as where to obtain these books)
please contact the author, Brian Rukes.

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