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The Faded Glory Webring is dedicated to those who enjoy designing and
sharing their websites with others.
A place to meet others, if only briefly, by experiencing
"a mere fragment of their visionary ideas".

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May the Spirit of the Great
One guide you in your journeys!!

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*I have been trying to double check the html code due to the fact that Nancy Deer With Horns
alerted me that an url in the code was written in error. If you notice an url that directs
you to ANGLEFIRE instead of ANGELFIRE, please change. Apparently, ANGLEFIRE is an adult website,
may contain pornography. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Send me an email once you have the code on your page are ready for me to move your site into the ring. Please leave me the url of the site displaying the Faded Glory Webring so that I might review the html code. It makes my job a little easier if I don't have to search throughout the website to find the webring.

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