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     Steve started playing guitar in and around the Oklahoma City area at the age of 14. He played in various local bands including Wheatstone Bridge, Pearly Hawkins, and Ringes. He received his first major publishing recording contract with Mike Curb Productions in 1977. He released Capitol Records “Oklahoma” LP in 1977. Steve wrote and sang “One More Round” from the LP which was produced by Terry Melcher (Doris Day’s son) who also produced for The Byrds and The Beach Boys. The album was also produced by the producer for Paul Revere & The Raiders and by their lead singer Mark Lindsay. Mark had such solo hits as “Arizona” and “Cherokee Nation”.

     Steve moved to Hollywood in 1977 after leaving the “Oklahoma” band and began playing guitar in Micheal Smotherman’s band. Micheal was a world renowned songwriter and the original singer and keyboard player in the band Buckwheat and with Captain Beefheart. Steve met Glen Campbell while playing in Micheal Smotherman’s band at the Troubadour Club in Hollywood and signing a seven year songwriting contract with Glen Campbell in 1978. Steve wrote 99 songs in Glen Campbell’s catalog and played guitar and sang with Glen off & on in the studio and on the road throughout 1978 & 1979. Steve’s wife, Mary gave birth to son Steven in 1982. Steve decided to leave the road and moved back to Oklahoma to raise his son. Upon moving back to Oklahoma, he joined the band “Loose Change” with former Oklahoma guitarist Don Juntunen and other great local musicians. He then teamed up with childhood friend and bass player, Jerry Wilson to form Doc’s Outlaws, the house band at Doc Severenson’s in Oklahoma City. He formed the Crossley Wilson Band which later took the name Prime Time. He was the founding member of Short Dogg and the Dangerous Brothers. Steve sang and played guitar with Maya for many years. Steve started playing solo and in 2000 did the grand opening at Bahama Breeze in OKC and played there for 6 ½ years until they closed the doors. Steve continues to play solo and with the Prime Time Band, Brian Gorrell Band, One Armed Bandit, Joe Baldwin Band, the Drifters, the Coasters, the Platters, the Marvelettes and Sailor.

     Steve has recorded, written and/or played live with Glen Campbell, Burton Cummings,
Roger Miller, Percy Sledge, Jan & Dean, Delaney & Bonnie, Mike Finnegan, Gary Busey,
Dann Rodgers, Billy Burnette, Rocky Burnette, Micheal Smotherman, Mark Lindsay, the
Diamonds, Leslie Gore, Jody Miller, Max Carl, the Drifters, the Coasters, the Platters, the
Marvellettes, Maya, Kenny Gradney, Donnie Wynn, Steve Turner, Carl Jackson, the
Palamino Club House Band, Rita Cooledge, Oklahoma, Delaney Bramblett, Scott Paige,
John Herron, Hurricane Jake Fitzgerald, Steve Foreman and others.




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