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Dogs Reef Pages

me and rebel at seaworld qld. jan 98

Me and Rebel at Seaworld Queensland.

Welcome to my Reef Pages, Hope you enjoy them.


Ok here it is finally an update to the page that has been sitting at sunink for the last 18 months, or is it 2 yrs now? Hmmm...

Dog is an old Nickname from my apprenticeship days that I wont delve into further.

Most of you probably know of me from #reefs on mirc or a couple of the various mailing lists around. My real name is Scott, my wife is Liz and new Baby Daughter is Natasha. If you saw the older page yes we still have the dogs, Einstein and Jes.

For a real job I am a Chef, now Teaching at Sydney Institute of Technology. I teach Commercial Cookery, Professional Cookery, Hotel Management components and Food Safety Project Management, with a little bit of personal pc usage in there. Looking at producing online learning modules for TAFE but gotta lot to learn yet !

These pages will pretty well be mostly photo pages and descriptions of some of the setups I have and the things I have done regarding saltwater aquariums, with maybe a wee bit of personal stuff in there.

Most of My equipment is Do It Yourself gear. I found that prices for equipment for this hobby here in Australia to be bloody ridiculous, You would need government grants to buy some of this stuff.

Australia is still behind in the filtration sense when relating to reef aquariums. The old BioBall tower or minireef filter as mostly called here is still king (urrggghh) in all the lfs if not they would probably expound the values of the undergravel filter heheh.



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