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How fast are you going per mile?  How fast do you need to go to complete a certain race within a specified time?  Enter total distance, hours, minutes and seconds, then click compute.  Your required pace will be displayed in the pace boxes. 5k = 3.1 miles, 8k = 4.97 miles, 10k = 6.2 miles.  

Race   Desired Race Finish Time   Required Pace Per Mile
Distance Hours Minutes Seconds   Minutes Seconds
k Pace per 400 meters
Pace per 800 meters
Pace per 1000 meters or 1k

The Estimator - How fast can you run a new distance based on a previous race.

Ok, now for the Estimator.  Let's say I can run a 5K in 23 minutes and 13 seconds. What time should I try for in a 10K?  With the Estimator, you see you have a good chance to break 50 minutes!  Don't get overly optimistic with the Estimator.  If you are using the Estimator to find out how fast to run a new distance, be conservative.  For example, if all you have run are 5K's and you are about to run a 10K, don't put your Best 5K time in.  Use an average 5K time to get an average 10K time.  Also, this assumes you run all distances the same, most people generally tend towards shorter or longer distances, not both.
Time min sec
Distance MilesKilometers 
New Distance MilesKilometers 
Estimated Time minsec

If you hear someone yell "Hey Geek", do you turn around?  If so, keep reading. This page is using Javascript to do the calculations.  While Javascript has been around for a while, some of the older browsers do not support this. The Pace Calculator and Estimator use a formula developed by Runner's World.  Basically, it assumes a 5% reduction in Pace each time the distance doubles.  For the math folks, try T2 = T1 * ((D2/D1)**1.07), where T = time and D = Distance for 1st and 2nd runs. 

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