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Fireball Animated Lines:  Fireball Animated Lines presents fast-loading animated lines for your web, colorful, versatile, vibrant, and free.  Perfect for people with slow internet connections.

Web Graphics:  Light Speed Web Graphics: Here you get the fastest-loading web graphics in the world -- 80,000 free web backgrounds, email backgrounds, animated backgrounds, animated banners, animated buttons, 3D desktop wallpaper, clipart, and quality links to marvelous graphics by established artists.

Lombardi Email Backgrounds:  Lombardi Email Backgrounds presents free email backgrounds from Paris, France, designed for easy reading and writing.  Each background is a work of art.  Some are masterpieces.  A delicate balance of brightness and contrast makes each background perfect for your email.  Some free clipart, too.

Japanese Web Backgrounds :  Mutsuhito Web Backgrounds presents free backgrounds for web page, Japanese style, created by Tojo Mutsuhito, legend of rock 'n' roll, the last living Samurai of Japanese background art.

Japanese Web Backgrounds:  Bonzai Samurai Web Backgrounds presents free decorative backgrounds for web page, Japanese style, created by Tojo Mutsuhito, legend of rock 'n' roll, the last living Samurai of Japanese background art.

Japanese Animated Backgrounds:  Rising Sun Animated Backgrounds presents free animated backgrounds for web page, Japanese style, created by Tojo Mutsuhito, legend of rock 'n' roll, the last living Samurai of Japanese background art.

Nighttime Web Backgrounds:  Nighttime Web Backgrounds presents free web backgrounds with hues, shades and themes of the night with much 3D, for artists and webmasters.

Animated Backgrounds for Easy Writing:  Easy Writer Animated Backgrounds presents animated backgrounds of proper hue and contrast, for easy reading and writing, for web, Gallery 1, all  free.

Web Backgrounds:  Fandango Web Backgrounds presents stylized  backgrounds for web, created by noted artists for easy reading and writing, 12 galleries, all  free.

Ziggy's Web Backgrounds:  Ziggy's Web Backgrounds presents avant-garde backgrounds to meet your every need in web design.  Available now in light and dark colors with themes that range from gripping drama, to light and fluffy, to downright sublime.

Animated Backgrounds:  Painted Desert Animated Backgrounds presents animated backgrounds to evoke the splendors of flowers abloom in a Mexican desert.  For web pages, banners and borders.  Created Jose Gonzales of Mexico City.

Backgrounds for Everybody:  Animated Background Alliance presents many choices of animated background from around the world, all created by noteworthy artists.

Aurora Animated Backgrounds:  Aurora Animated Backgrounds presents the colors of the northern lights in motion, all for free.  Colorized by Betsy Grant, USA.

 Animated Backgrounds for Slow Internet:  Animated Backgrounds for telephone internet presents free animated works of art designed to please your eyeballs, in decorative styles and colors, all for free.

Ziggy's Animated Backgrounds:  Ziggy's Animated Backgrounds presents free animations for web pages, banners and email: good reading and writing, mostly, with lots of entertaining colors and patterns.

Euphoria Sunglasses:  Designer sunglasses in clipart format.  Free clipart for your web and dark glasses for your face.

Original Animated Backgrounds:  Turbo Town Animated Backgrounds presents 124 animated backgrounds, attention getters, optical art, color safe for web, free.

Light Speed Email Stationery: Light Speed Email Stationery presents 11 free stationeries for your email.  Breathtaking.   Beautiful.  Designed for good reading and stunning visual impact.  Our stationery is free.

Ziggy's Zany Animated Buttons:  Ziggy Zinger Animated Buttons presents free animated buttons for your web; explosive pools of gyrating colors guaranteed to grab the attention of all who visit your site.  Eight galleries.

Delicious Web Backgrounds:  Yummy Web Backgrounds.  Delicious with tea and toast.  Make your website yummy good with Yummy Web Backgrounds.

Web Backgrounds with Stars:  Night Sky Web Backgrounds presents free animated web backgrounds that capture the beauty of twinkling stars in the sky.   Designer graphics by Victor Lombardi of Paris, France.

Web Backgrounds:  Betsy's Free Web Backgrounds never go out of style, rich and luscious sensual art to make your web pages easy to read and unforgettable, too.  Gallery 1 of 4.

Email Backgrounds:  Betsy's Free Email Backgrounds never go out of style, rich and sensual art to make your email easy to read and unforgettable, too.  Gallery 1 of 4.

Links to Web Art:   Web Art 3001 presents full-screen animations, web page backgrounds and desktop wallpaper.  Email backgrounds, too.  The site is designed to steer you to graphics that will meet your needs.

Colorful Web Backgrounds: Colorful Free Web Backgrounds presents free medium-size web backgrounds, officially declared to be in the public domain.    The whoop-ass backgrounds at the site are sure to please your eyeballs.  (Please don't link directly to the graphics at the site.) 

Ziggy Zinger Web Designs:  Animated buttons.   Animated backgrounds. Good selection of free web backgrounds and wallpapers.   Home to Night Sky Web Backgrounds,  created by Victor Lombardi with lots of help from junior high-school students. 

3D Wallpaper:  Henderson 3D Wallpaper presents an international collection of 3D desktop wallpaper as donated by Lord Geoffrey Godspeed of Great Britain. Here you will find 3D wallpaper for desktop as created by Henderson of Alaska and other distinguished artists. 

Animated Buttons:  Wizbang's Animated Buttons  presents slightly naughty, wild and freaky, whoop ass animated buttons for your web.  Free.  Yes, "Mr. Whoop Ass" is back and badder than ever with his naughty collection of animated buttons.

Extravaganza Backgrounds:  Extravaganza Backgrounds presents professional quality backgrounds for web, designed for speed on the internet, with many themes and styles available now.  Created by artists who care about you.  Everything here is free.

Fast Web Backgrounds:  Fastest backgrounds on earth, free: Light Speed Web Graphics presents Vertical Stripes, gallery 1 of 4.

Light Speed Animated Backgrounds:  Light Speed Animated Backgrounds presents the largest collection on earth of animated backgrounds for web.  36 galleries, all free.  Great variety.  Many delicious colors, patterns and themes.  Three famous attractions in one.

Butterfly Clipart:  Delightful Butterfly Clipart:   Download marvelous butterflies, clipart for email and web.  Grace your pages with butterflies and please your audience.  Net yourself a colorful specimen now.  Gallery 1 of 4.

Light Speed Animated Buttons:  Light Speed Animated Buttons presents free animated buttons, fast-loading and highly adaptable, for your web and email. Prepare yourself for visual excitement. Here we offer you speedy buttons and examples of how to use them to enhance your pages.

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