The ICW or Inter Coastal Waterway
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I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information here, weather, tide and other forces of man and nature will change the accuracy of the information. I have used the Waterway Guide for many trips and recommend them. You may find similarities between the charts found in the Waterway Guide and the chart inserts I have used. A WISE MARINER DOES NOT RELY ON ONLY ONE SOURCE*check markers*


Portsmouth Naval Hospital is to starboard as you pass red lighted bouy "36" on the way south. Anchor here as close in as your draft will allow (tide is about 3 ft.). The bottom is good holding. This is a popular stop before continuing down the ICW, in spite of the wake created by the heavy commercial traffic. The marina here has fuel, a restaurant, and a store with boating supplies and staples

. MILE "28"

MILE "28" It has been reported the "mile 28" anchorage now has a 2 foot sandbar across the entrance,I guess too many boats stoping here and getting in the way of the ski ramp. "Thanks Vic for the information"

MILE "30"

Further south is Blackwater Creek at red marker "46". Depth at the entrance is 6 ft. but the bottom is soft and the holding good. Feel your way in and anchor in the quiet creek.

MILE "56"

Buck Island anchorages are on both the north and south side of the island. Green marker "153" marks the entrance to the north anchorage. Leave the channel and marker to starboard. Anchor off the island's north shore with the 5 ft. shoal to the north of you. The southern anchorage is in 7 ft. of water between green markers "157" and "159". Anchor here to the west of the channel. Both anchorages are exposed to wind. The southern anchorage is also exposed to waves brought in by northerly winds. The bottom is good holding and the tide is less than 1 ft.

MILE "82"

Little Alligator River is to starboard at red marker "8". Proceed about 2 miles off the ICW and anchor just around the point. Stay 200 yd. off the shore to as you round the point and you should be in water charted at 9 ft. It is not recommended to venture too deep into the bay here without charts. The ICW chart ends at the point and wrecks can be seen aground inside the bay. MILE "84"

If you need some provisions, fuel or just a break, there is a restaurant and a gas station at the western shore by the bridge. Anchor on either side of the bridge before moving on. This is a fair weather anchorage as it provides protection only from the west.

MILE "102"

Across the ICW from Deep Point is what appears to be a mooring for tugs or barges (possibly used to wait out storms on). This is a good anchorage and easy to get at, but it is exposed to south east winds and gets uncomfortable when the weather is from that direction.

MILE "105"

Further along is Tuckahoe Point, one of the most beautiful spots to spend a night in. Stay in the ICW until you are half way between Grassy Point and Tuckahoe Point then turn south with Grassy Point directly off the stern. Stay at least 100 yd. off Tuckahoe Point and anchor here. You should have no problem setting your anchor, as the bottom is soft mud and fair holding. There is no significant tide.

MILE "127"

Head north off green marker "23" about half a mile. You can anchor in 10 to 12 ft. of water. Watch the depth here and avoid getting too close to the shore. The anchorage is in a marsh with not much protection from the wind but the bottom is mud and good holding. Tide range is minimal.

MILE "135"

The Belhaven anchorage is located behind the breakwall on the port side side. The bottom is mud and fair to poor holding so set your anchor well. After the last 100 miles of remote anchorages, you might be ready for a rest with an opportunity to provision and explore. An excellent buffet can be found at the River Forest Marina. The dock master will direct you to where you can tie up the dinghy when you come ashore. For a small fee you can rent a golf cart to go into town and shop.

MILE "140"

Slade Creek is unmarked but easy to enter and provides good protection in most weather. The bottom is mud and good holding. You are in a marsh with some high points of land to beach a dingy on.

MILE "175"

Broad Creek is to starboard off red lighted marker "4". It is well marked and a pleasant anchorage can be found there. If you work your way in, your rewards will be good holding and good protection. The tide here is about 2 ft.

MILE "203"

Beaufort, North Carolina is a popular seaport for boats travelling offshore as well as along the ICW route. There are two anchorages in the vicinity. To get to the first one, turn to port at marker "35", into Town Creek. It seems as this anchorage catches the overflow from the main anchorage which is across from the town docks in Taylor Creek. To get to the Taylor Creek Anchorage continue along past Town Creek through the bridge and turn to port at marker "11". Both anchorages are well served by small shops near by. The town dock has a vehicle available on loan if you need to shop further inland. The bottom is sand and good holding. Two anchors are needed here, as it is usually crowded. The tide is about 3 ft. The dingy dock is on the eastern end of the municipal marina.

MILE "229"

Swansboro anchorage is to the starboard at red ICW marker "46C". Go past the harbour and anchor off the bridge in 12 ft. of water. The current runs strong here. The bottom is sand and good holding, with a tide about 2 ft.

MILE "244"

Craig Pt. Anchorage is in Mile Hammock Bay, to starboard at red marker "66". Entrance to the bay is over a 5 ft. bar. The depth inside is 8 to 10 ft. with a tide of about 2 ft. The holding is good if you can get the anchor set in the clay bottom. The bay is part of the Marine Corps complex and civilians are not allowed ashore.

MILE "284"

Wrightsville Beach Anchorage is to port as you head south through the bascule bridge. Green marker "29" is the first of a series of channel markers to lead you to the Otts Channel. Follow the channel until red marker "16". Avoid the shoal as you turn to port, then anchor between the channel and the fixed bridge. The bottom is sand and good holding. The tide is about 2 ft. You can come ashore on the public property near the bridge or get permission to beach your dinghy further south of the bridge. One of the churches owns part of the waterfront property. Laundry and groceries are a within a short walk.

MILE "295"

Snows Cut Anchorage is south of the ICW. Leave the ICW at red marker "161" and turn to port at red marker "4". Anchor in 15 ft. of water over a good-holding sandy bottom. Tide is about 1 ft. here.

MILE "310"

Dutchman's Creek is one mile south of Southport at green marker "5". Turn to starboard and anchor in 12 ft. The bottom is soft and fair holding with a tide of over 4 ft.

MILE "341"

Calabash Creek meets the Little River at green marker "119" Turn to starboard, stay in the middle of the creek and anchor in a deep pocket behind the island. The tide is over 5 ft. with a swift current in the creek. The bottom is good holding. Shallow draft vessels can continue about 1 mile further to the town of Calabash, famous for its seafood.

MILE "403"

George Town Harbour to starboard at red marker "30". Leave the ICW and follow the harbour markers to marker "J". Stay to the right and continue until you are off the town clock where you can anchor in 8 to 12 ft. The bottom is soft, fair to good holding and tide is about 3 ft.

MILE "416"

Minim Creek Anchorage on the western side offers the best protection. Enter after red marker "4". Favour the far shore and you should miss the shoal. Anchor around the bend in 8 to 12 ft. The bottom is good holding and the tide is about 3 ft.

MILE "435"

Harbor River provides an anchorage with a swift current. Turn to port at red marker "48" and round the bend. Set your anchor in 13 ft. of water over a good-holding sand bottom. Set two anchors here and you will swing less when the tide changes. The current runs about 3 knots with the tide and tide height is about 4 ft.

MILE "451"

Whiteside Creek is to the starboard, just ahead of red marker "96". Stay in the middle of the creek and anchor in 11 ft. just abeam of a small stream on the starboard. The bottom is mud and good holding. The tide is about 5 ft.

MILE "461"

Inlet Creek, to starboard, is a quiet anchorage with little traffic. Turn just after green marker "119" and anchor in 11 ft. The tide is about 5 ft. The bottom is mud and good holding.

MILE "469"

Charleston Harbor Anchorage is just before the Municipal Marina wall and after red bouy "4". Tuck in off the channel and set two anchors. The bottom is mud and good holding. Tide here runs 3 knots and rises 5 ft. Inside the Municipal Marina is a public boat launch ramp with docks. You can tie your dingy here but be considerate of others and leave space for those boats being launched or hauled out. The Marina restaurant has a small store with staples. If you require groceries, you can make use of the local transit system, which is quite inexpensive. The bus to downtown Charleston is a short walk from the Municipal Marina.

MILE "487"

Church Creek Anchorage is off the Wadmalaw River to port at green marker "77". Continue along until you are abeam of New Cut Landing and anchor in 15 feet. This tranquil anchorage has a hard bottom which holds well. Tide is about 5 feet.

MILE "493"

493 Martins Point Anchorage should be entered by turning to port after red marker "98" and following the coast of Wadmalaw Island till abeam of green marker 97". Watch the depth and feel your way around the shoal. Anchor in 15 to 20 ft. The bottom is good holding and the tide is about 5 feet.

MILE "502"

Fishing Creek is to starboard just after the Whooping Island bridge at red marker "132". Keep the marker to starboard as you turn in, stay in the center of the creek and anchor in 15 ft. at the bend. The current is about 1 to 2 knots. The bottom is good holding and the tide is about 5 feet.

MILE "512"

The Ashepoo River is just past the Fenwick Cut convent to the waterway .Good depth and good holding towards the north shore. Get well clear of the waterway and be prepared to rool with the traffic. Not my favourite but it breaks the Charleston to Beaufort run.

MILE "536"

Downtown Beaufort is a short dingy ride from Factory creek depth is 10 to 12 feet and good holding in the mud bottom. The tide is about 7ft with severe currents through the Harbour .

MILE "565"

Bull Creek is located to starboard just before marker #34 . Proceed up stream favouring the right side once past a small stream on the left anchor in 12 feet of water. The bottom is mud and good holding tide is 7feet .The Hilton Head Light is visible on a clear day from here.

MILE "584"

Herb River is at marker #37 on the right . Favour the left side on your way in and anchor in soft mud. The tide here is 7 feet . We chose to stay at the Thunderbolt Marina a friendly place provisions and good laundry facilities .

Mile "595"

Moon River is after marker #74 and before marker #75 . Favour the left side to enter and anchor off Marsh island in 9 feet of water .The bottom is mud good holding and a 7foot tide.

Mile "614"

Kilkenny Creek at marker #107 is to the right. Favour the right side when entering and anchor in 15 feet . The bottom is mud and good holding.

Mile "646"

New Teakettle Creek is past marker #172 on the left . Make a wide turn to avoid the shoal on the left side and proceed in untill the ICW is out of sight . Anchor in 12 feet of water the tide is 7feet and mud bottom is good holding. MILE "666" or "676"

Frederica River loop on and off the ICW at marker #229 at the north and marker #242 in the south . You can anchor off the Fort Frederica National Monument in 12 feet of water .Holding is good in the mud bottom and the tide is 7 feet .

MILE "702"

Delaroche Creek is to the right off the Cumberland Dividings at marker #58 . Take the centre of the creek in and anchor in 12 or better depth. *MILE "717"

Fernandina Beach Harbor Anchorage is off the ICW between marker #24n to #26n . Anchor in 8 feet of water and avoid the shoal an the west shore. Tide is 6 feet and the bottom is soft mud .The Florida Welcome station and marinas offer the traveller a pleasant chance to refresh and reprovision.

MILE "726"

The South Amelia River provides a pleasant anchorage between marker #39 and #41 . Ease in to the east shore and anchor mile above the Harrison Creek . Water is 10 to 15 feet deep with a mud bottom and tide is 5 feet .

MILE "765"

> Pine Island anchorage is at marker #25 turn to port and proceed about of a mile off the ICW . Anchor in 12 feet of water the bottom is soft mud and good holding. Tide here is only 2 feet.

MILE "777"

> St.Augustine is after the Bridge of the Lions . Anchor off the Municipal Yacht Pier well clear of the channel and the west shore to avoid the shoals. The bottom is hard and difficult to get a bite on, set two anchors up and down stream for a 4 foot tidal change. The current here is swift and its not uncommon to drag anchor if not set properly, use plenty of scope.Groceries are 6 blocks west on King st across from the post office. You can tie up your dingy at the floating dock.

Mile 800 - 810From: Dalton W. Williams "The scariest part of the whole trip was going through Palm Valley. It is a 10 mile strip after St Augustine and before Jacksonville. If you have to go through there, watch your depth gauge and don't go through at low tide. We unknowingly went through at low tide and there is barely 6ft of water then. I am told there is 10ft at high tide. We draw 6ft, so it was a very stressful 10 miles. There was nothing but mud, a little water and dry crab traps all around us."
According to the note on the chart
"The channels are subject to continual changes. Entrance buoys are not charted because they are frequently shifting in position"

John Reynolds / Gypsy Dreams
MILE" 982"

Another nice anchorage a few miles south is on the S side of the Jensen Beach Bridge. As long as you don't get to far W near the shore there is plenty of water. Just tuck yourself in amongst the assortment of derelict vessels. There is a city park right there at shore to tie up your dingy. Jensen beach has a bit more character within walking distance. There is a big Publix grocery easy walking distance and many shops & restaurants along shore. The main part of town is about 4 blocks S of the bridge. If you can find a place to tie up there it would be more convent to dingy there rather than beach your dingy in the park. There is a big Boat Yard there along with bait & tackle shops so you should be able to find a spot. Sorry I left before I checked everything out. I will be back though. It looked like a fun place. A few good-looking pubs right there.

At the risk of overcrowding a favorite spot, don't miss an overnight anchorage at Peck Lake. It's a wide spot on the ICW just S of the St. Lucie Inlet. A Beautiful little anchorage with a narrow strand of State Park beach between you and the Ocean and a wonderful long strand of beach that goes all the way to the inlet. Across the inlet from the point is some of the most expensive real estate in Florida. If you want to walk an empty beach this is a pretty good spot. There are always a few sunbathers near the access point but walk a little ways and you'll be by yourself. Just on the W side of Peck Lake is a very fancy development that has a little store with limited supplies but ice. You'll see their little shuttle pontoon-boat taking people back and forth to the beach. MILE "832"

Halafax River, Daytona Beach just north of marker #45 east side off the channel anchor in 7 feet of water. The bottom is soft and good holding tide is 1 foot .

MILE "878"

Titusville Harbor at last report was allowing only 24 hour stop over in the harbor. There are 2 marina here one with a lift and shopping across the street.

MILE "885"> You can anchor south of the bascule bridge at Addison Pt. You will find 7 to 9 feet of water either side of the bridge . Pick the best side for the weather. Tide in this area is almost nil bottom is mud fair holding.

MILE "914"

Indian Harbor Beach is after marker #102 and almost to the bridge turn to port and head across to the harbor entrance. Favour the right entering and anchor in 12 feet of water .Tide is minimal and the bottom is soft. There is a dingy at the marina and shopping at a near by mall.

Mile "951"

> Vero Beach marker #137 is on the port side guide your self into the channel and follow the markers into the harbor. Anchor north of the marina in 10 feet or better water . the bottom is mud and good holding no tide .I bought some chain on special at the marina and did a good impression of Jacob Marilee getting it back to the boat.

MILE "1014"

> Lake Worth at marker #27 turn to port and follow marked channel off the ICW and north into a quiet anchorage. At the northern end you can beach a dingy and follow the road for a short walk to a well supplied mall. Bottom is soft and good holding.

MILE "1018"

>` Peanut Island at Lake Worth Inlet is after marker #43 follow the south shore of the island past the Coast Guard station and around the west side to anchor in 10 to 15 feet of water . The bottom is sand and good holding. Set your hook and expect to swing when the tide change. You can dingy to a park on the west shore of the ICW and its a short to the highway to shop. This is a good anchorage to get ready to make a crossing of the gulf stream to West End in the Bahamas.