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Total Picture Count: 268


Welcome to Images from the Moon. I have dedicated my time to recollect Manga Pictures from the "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" series (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon). The archive nowadays is pretty much complete, but just for the record when I began this site I only had 36 pictures in total! Only two sections existed: Pictures of the scouts in their civilian form and pictures of the scouts in Sailor Fukus. It was called "Images OF the Moon" because I had made a mistake when writing the text for a banner.

This is version 6.2 of Images from the Moon. Featuring Sailor Venus! The picture can be found in the Inner Senshi section of the site. I bet the site looks good in any browser and in any resolution. Because the layout is just a simple set of tables. But it was made with 800x600 resolution and Internet Explorer 6.0 and 16 millions colors.

From now on the layout will stay the same, but from time time I have decided to change the feautured Sailor Scout. This is the third feautured sailor and I got to pick it.

Feautured Sailors:

Sailor Mars - capture
Sailor Mercury - capture


This site won't be updated anymore.


Its a little obvious by now i wasnt intelligent enough to create the manga stories fo Sailor Moon. The lovely Naoko Takeuchi did, so in other words she owns everything Sailor Moon. And greedily gets all the $$$ (x).(x) - I want some of it!