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Online short courses in disease prevention and values. State-approved continuing education suitable for nurses, social workers and others.

Provide online continuing education courses aimed at improving the knowledge base of interested nurses.

Virtual Nursing Center - Martindale
Extensive guide which provides dictionaries, online journals and CE credits, courses and tutorials, nursing procedures, and case studies.

WorldOrtho Online
Includes clinico-pathological case studies, Q&As, lecture notes, abstracts from landmark literature, discussion forum and trauma column.

American Pain Society
This multidisiplinary educational and scientific organization aims to advance research and treatment for people in pain.

Resource for continuing education in nursing. Features accreditation details, information about subject areas, and publications.

Continuing Nursing Education
Advice about independent study, correspondence courses, upcoming conference, and seminars. From the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Critical Care Nursing Bookstore
Books and exam guides for CCRT/critical care nursing. Hand picked.

Dow Hickam Pharmaceuticals
Company that specializes in burn and wound care. With wound care guide, product information, journal resources, and Q&As for professionals.

Educational Resources Inc.
Multi-faceted, educational resource that focuses on the specific needs of the student nurse, the LPN, the RN, and the nurse educator.

Fitzgerald Health Education Assoc.
Provides certification examination review seminars and educational materials for nurse practitioners.

Food & Nutrition Information - US
Huge resource hosted by the Agriculture Network Information Center. Contains professional and consumer info covering a wide range of topics.

Contains consumer information about diseases, psychiatric health, nutrition, and drugs. Subscription required to access some areas.

Hospital Infections Program
Infection control in hospitals and clinics includes info on nosocomial infections and management of infection outbeaks .

Human Anatomy On-line - InnerBod
This educational site doesn't have the complexity of "Gray's Anatomy", but it's lots of fun.

International Clinical Educators
Provider of postgraduate continuing education programs for PTs OTs and nurses. Details upcoming courses and offers online registration.

JaLor Medical References
Locate pocket-size medical reference systems for nurses and nursing students. Links to the top-10 nursing sites.

JAMARDA Resources Diversity Trng.
Specializing in cultural diversity, ethnic and religious training, lectures, workshops and reference material for health care providers.

Johns Hopkins' group aims to improve women's and family health. Includes info about family planning projects/training for health professionals.

Kansas Continuous Learning Project
Offering continuing education, discussion groups, and other web resources to all nurse practitioners.

Online Continuing Education courses which meet CE requirements for California RNs and in other states, from $20 per course.

Master of Nursing Course Online
Open learning environment course may be undertaken from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Online continuing education forum, with case presentations and interactive quizzes for earning CME points.

Offers classes in resort locations as well as travel study for reasonable prices

NCCE Home Page
National Center of Continuing Education provides provides over 60 accredited CE home study courses for license renewal.

NMHC Library:
Hosted by North Memorial Health Care. Contains information to assist nursing staff and allied health professionals.

Nurse Oncology Education Program
Statewide Texas cancer education program designed to educate nurses on cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Nurse To Nurse
Monthly newsletter that examines disease processes, procedures, and other pertinent clinical information. View a sample issue online.

Offers training resources for nursing staff development educators including self-study packets, CD-ROMs and continuing-education materials.

Site designed by and for nurses features a continuing education section, nursing quotes, a bulletin board, classifieds, and humor.

Nursing - Administering a Z-Track IM Injection
Lists the basic dos and don'ts of properly administering a Z-track IM injection.

Nursing - Administering an Intradermal Injection
Presents steps for giving an intradermal injection. Includes a to-do and a not-to-do list.

Nursing - Admn. Urokinase for Catheter Clearance
Provides a guide to catheter clearance including a description of two types of occlusion, preparations for clearance and related articles.

Nursing - Choosing the Right Vascular Access Device
Look at 15 questions to be used to assess patients' needs and consider their type of therapy before choosing the proper vascular access device.

Nursing - Drug Challenge
Offers a test on the ingredients of combination drugs, challenging the reader to match drug ingredients and indications to their names.

Nursing - Drug Challenge, June 1999
Test your knowledge of combination drug ingredients by matching five name brands to five paragraphs listing ingredients and common uses.

Nursing - Drug Challenge, March 2000
Pop quiz on matching combination medications' names to their corresponding ingredients and indications.

Nursing - Drug Challenge, May 2000
Test knowledge by matching the names of five combination drugs to their ingredients and clinical function. Answers provided.

Nursing - Learning English/Spanish Phrases
Furnishes a variety of translated words and terms in areas like clothing, anatomy, colors, numbers, greetings, background information and time.

Nursing - Tips & Time Savers
Read nurses' tips on topics such as helping visually impaired patients, administering I.V. to children and others.

Nursing - Tips & Timesavers, Nov. 1998
Peruse letters sent in by nurses from across the US offering shortcuts and modified techniques to improve the quality of care.

Nursing - Tips and Timesavers, Dec. 1998
Consider these tips, sent in from nurses around the country, to expedite and facilitate a caregiver's work load.

Pain Net, Inc.
Provides public information about pain management programs, and offers education programs and practice development for doctors.

PDR CE Courses
Information on a series of six hour courses for health professionals on ADD being held in Florida, California and Nevada in 1997.

Reproductive Health Online
ReproLine offers up-to-date reproductive health and family planning information and training materials, including presentation graphics.
Offers courses and programs for continuing education in the nursing field. Includes employment resources and accreditation details.
Continuing education provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing demonstrates ways of earning CME credits online.

RNdex Information Products
Learn about bibliographic databases which provide citations and abstracts from nursing and case management literature from 1992 to present.

SpringNet's CE Connection
Providing nurses with continuing education opportunities online. Over 240 contact hours available, with 5 new CE articles added every month.

Stroke: Index
Online tutorial on CVA for families patients and rehabilitation professionals. Includes history, clinical picture and acute care.

Student Nursing Links
Contains anatomy and physiology and CPR links plus resources on nursing education, home study, journals, organizations, uniforms, and jobs.

Survival Card
Handy dosage medication cards give instant calculations of medication dosage requirements. Available for NICU/Pediatrics and L&D.

TMC Nurse Anesthesia
Online brochure from Truman Medical Center on graduate program in nurse anesthesia which leads to CRNA certification.

Transcultural Nursing
Aims to promote the understanding of transcultural issues in nursing. Contains basic concepts, message board and case studies.

Univ. of Melb. Australia - Nursing
Information about this online masters by coursework conducted via Melbourne university. Students throughout the world may apply.

WWW Virtual Library: Medicine
Searchable index of biosciences, a list of biomedical sites, and a history of science, technology, and medicine.

Hypnotherapy Course & Tapes
Professional and master course in hypnotism and hypnotherapy on cassette tape. Instructors are H.Koblenzer, M.D. and G.V.Warrebey, Psy.D.

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