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What about my base? Who do they belong to? What's going on?

 -Zero Wing, the movie script          

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Holy crap! A major update within a month or so of an earlier major update! And, one you'll like. The Sprite Rips page has been reorganized. No more 20-minute page loads for us dialup users. Now, there is one page listing all sprite rips by game alphabetically. Much faster and you see only the rips you want to see. Much more sensible. Also, if you have time, stop by Maximum JET. He's my personal friend and has some stuff similiar (or taken) to this site.

Ya know what? Last year, there weren't many sprite rip pages around, so I tried to find as many as possible and put them here. Now, somehow, there are way more than I remember. I'm using this opportunity to get lots of Neo-Geo and CPS2 rips. I'm also going to move my site to soon. They give 100MB of space for free, and I'll use up the 20 MB I've got here soon. I'l keep this up as a mirror for a while.

People, I want your comments! Email me at or use AIM to IM neogiegue. Even if it's just to say 'your page rules' or 'your page sucks'. Tell me what's cool and what's not. But, the Sprite rips and image editing will always remain, unless this entire site bites the dust, and why would it? It's not like I lose money if I don't get hits. It's a win-win stiuation. The net has one more useless page and I pretend I'm cool. That's the way it is.

I like games, espically the rare, obscure, and hardcore varieties. Almost any game made by SNK fits into all of the above. Bad games that are noteworthy of their level of atrocity also are intersting to me. I make references to them almost daily. If you want to see the games you shouldn't ( for your own sake), head there. Now it's in the Misc. stuff page. Betcha didn't know that.

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All stuff on this page may be copyrighted by its respective owner. This is here to save my butt if someone sues and to make my dad happy. If you can read this you must be really bored. Just keep pushing the F5 key until I update the web page or my hit counter passes 1,000,000. bet you can't. I write in little text for no reason other than to annoy you, and yes I can do that. Does anyone care about this text? Squirrels rule. I have been slow between updates because of my current quest to prove that the dollar store is price gouging. I swear they are. Is this a lot of text or what? Not when it's this small. It's been forever since I added to this small text hasnt it? Oh well. I've been busy.