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Switzerland Bike Tour 2000
A Photo Journal from Bavaria to Italy
August 9 to September 2, 2000

Welcome to the web site for our 25-day cycling tour in Europe. We flew from Cleveland, Ohio, and Madison, Wisconsin, to Munich, Germany, taking our bikes and panniers. Our bike trip was a 600-mile (930 kilometers) loop from Bavaria to Switzerland, south to the Italian border, and returning to Munich by way of Austria. The following photo journal displays some of the highlights of our self-designed tour.

Our group of five friends biked about 40 miles per day and stayed in quaint, small hotels and youth hostels like this nearly 500-year old chalet in Brugg, Switzerland.
From left: Bonnie Vargo, Pam Galka, Ed James, Bob Parry and Russ Marx.

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Our latest trip to Switzerland in August 2003 can now be seen on our newest web site. It contains great pictures and info about cycling in Geneva, Bern, Interlaken hiking in Berner Oberland, St Gotthard Pass, Bellinzona, Centovalli, Rhone Valley. Click link below will go to the Switzerland 2003 site now complete.
Switzerland Bike Tour 2003

2000 Bob Parry
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