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Dedicated to the Men of the 14th Ohio

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1877 Reunion
Reunion of the 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment, held at Maumee, Ohio in 1877.
The wrought iron fence and graves within Riverside Cemetery can be seen in the background.
Photograph courtesy of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, Toledo, Ohio.

I am not a reenactor, and this is not a reenactor site.
I do, however, have friends who are reenactors.
If you are looking for the 14th Ohio Reenactment Company,
please visit them at

Click Here to Visit the 14th Ohio Reenactment Company

The Fourteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment was Northwest Ohio’s first regiment raised for the Civil War, and was that state's first unit to see action – near a small Western Virginia town called Philippi. This book is the only official history of that regiment ever written. It was originally published in 1881 and for many years was out of print. Regimental historian Kathleen A. Jones has now transcribed this book, including its rosters, added notes and illustrations, and is once again making it available to the public. Also included in this edition is new material originally prepared as presentations and featuring various aspects of the regiment. Available in both paperback ($12.50) and downloadable EPUB Ebook format ($4.99).

The Men of Battery H is unique among Civil War regimental histories. It focuses on the individuals who made up the Battery and is a compilation of biographical and genealogical information for each of the men who served this unit. The book is illustrated with over 250 photographs of gravesites, as well as wartime and post-war portraits. With the sesquicentennial of the Civil War upon us, what better way to remember these men than by making this information available to genealogists, descendants and researchers alike. This book is 396 pages and can be purchased from Lulu(R) in three different formats - Paperback ($20.00), Hardcover ($30.00), and as a downloadable Ebook ($4.99). Follow the links to preview the book and to order your copy today!

Other publications available

Table of Contents

Battle Scene

Click Here for a Brief History of the Old Fourteenth
This section contains an short history of the 14th OVI--3 months service and 3 years service-- taken from Clark Waggoner's History of the City of Toledo and Lucas County, originally published in 1888.

An Outline History of the Regiment
The history of the regiment presented in outline form. The information comes primarily from Dyer's Compendium, with a few other sources used to complete the picture.

Toledo Answers The Call
The story of Toledo, Ohio in the months prior to the outbreak of hostilities, from the summer of 1860 to the formation of the first Northwestern Ohio regiment -- the 14th Ohio -- and its departure for western Virginia.

Camp Scene

Selected Letters
This section includes letters written by and about members of the regiment that appeared in local newspapers. They are divided into the following subsections:

Letters from Camp

  • "Sumter" Letter dated May 8, 1861
  • "Sumter" Letter dated May 14, 1861
  • Isaac Sherwood Letters,Part 1
  • Isaac Sherwood Letters, Part 2

  • Two Soldiers

    Letters from the West Virginia Campaign of 1861

  • Letter by George Duncan Forsyth
  • Two Letters About Philippi, dated June 5, 1861
  • Two More Letters About Philippi

    Letters from Camp Wild Cat

  • Letters by Rev. Raffensperger
  • Letter by Lt. Josiah Jonson
  • Letters by M. M. Goulden

  • Battle Scene

    Letters from Chickamauga and Chattanooga

  • Sept 23rd Letter Written by "N"
  • Sept 30th Letter Written by Pvt. Augustus C. May
  • Nov 30th Letter by "Drumhead" on Mission Ridge

    Letters written by Captain Henry G. Neubert

  • Bivouac on the Chattahoochee River
  • Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia
  • Campaign in the Carolinas

  • Henry D Kingsbury

    Henry D. Kingsbury
    It was through my research into Henry D. Kingsbury that I became interested in the 14th Ohio. I spent many hours pouring through reels of microfilm and writing to places far and wide in search of records. I even made the drive to Brunswick, Ohio to see where Henry grew up. This short biography is the result of this labor of love.

    James B Steedman

    Biographical Sketches
    This section contains short biographical sketches of various members of the 14th Ohio Regiment. The sources are primarily local history books published during the late 19th century. More bios will be added over time.

  • James Blair Steedman
  • George Peabody Este
  • Isaac Ruth Sherwood
  • Artillery

    Battlefields of the 14th OVI
    This section is not finished. It will include articles and pictures pertaining to some, but not necessarily all, of the battles and campaigns in which the 14th OVI participated.

    How Toledo Learned About the Battle of Chickamauga
    Ever wonder how the local newspapers covered the war. I picked one battle, Chickamauga, to give an idea of what the folks back home were hearing.


    Prisoners of War
    A list of the men of the Fourteenth Ohio Infantry who were prisoners of war. By honoring these men we pay tribute to all Americans who have suffered as Prisoners of War.

    A special page dedicated to the men who died at Andersonville, Georgia.

    Flag & Wreath

    Northwest Ohio and the Civil War -- Other Regiments
    The Fourteenth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry may have been the first regiment from Northwest Ohio, but certainly not the only one. During the course of the American Civil War, Northwest Ohio supplied soldiers either wholly or partially for at least thirteen other units. Included here are short capsule histories of some of these units, primarily infantry regiments, but also cavalry and artillery. These histories come from a local history book published in 1888. No attempts have been made by the author of this web site to verify or substantiate any of the information presented in these histories. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to pursue their own avenues of research.

    Flag & Flowers

    Links and Suggested Reading
    Included in this section are links to sites associated with the 14th OVI as well as books that can help you learn more about the regiment and the theatre of war in which they fought.

    Other Websites:

    Greater Toledo Civil War Roundtable

    Toledo Civil War Roundtable

    If you are interested in the Civil War and live in the Toledo area,
    or just passing through, please give us a visit.
    This site will tell you who we are, what we do, and where we meet.

    Touching the Past

    Charles Hibbard

    This is my genealogy page.
    Included among its many pages is the story of my great great grandfather,
    Charles Ambrose Hibbard, who was a private in Company I, 67th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

    Home | Regimental History | Selected Letters
    Biographical Sketches | Henry D Kingsbury | Battlefields
    Prisoners of War | Other Regiments | Links and Reading

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