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Created 4/03/2000

I have always loved the movie,
Gone With The Wind!
I wanted to make a webpage
for a long time
but couldn't think of how
or what to put on it.
I finally thought of what
to put on my gwtw page!
Globes! *L*
I have taken various gwtw pictures.
and made the globes.

I have become extremly busy
making Linkware Graphics and designing websites
Therefore, I have discontinued the adoption of my globes
You can use any globe you want
With These Stipulations
YOU MUST link back to this site.
Use the globe graphic at the bottom of the page
or just a link will be fine.
Before you decide to claim any of my globes as your own,
or do not want to link back to me
Read the information from this website

The Goddess Art Of Jonathon Bowser
Victorian Globes
Gone With The Wind Globes
My Christmas Globes
Princess Diana Globes
My Angel Globes

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Graphics and Globes
Shari's Designs
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Shari's GWTW Globes

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Thank you Dawn! What a nice surprise.
This award is fantastic!*S*

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Graphics and Globes
Copyright Shari Becker
All Rights Reserved