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Now on to my favorite addiction, HEDGEHOGS!!!!!

This is my sweet hedgie Charlotte Mae. Charlotte Mae is an Algerian Chocolate colored hedgie. She is one of the cuddliest hedgie we have. She will give kisses on your lips and do hedgie splats in your lap. In these pictures, Charlotte Mae is exercising. Charlotte Mae has WHS (Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome). There is no cure and the out come is always fatal. WHS is not contagious since most of the research being done on WHS seems to point to hereditary defects in the genes (basically breeding related hedgies to one another). If you would like to know more about WHS Or would like to donate to the WHS research committee being held out of Yale please click here to learn more about what can be done to help our little hedgies with
, or e-mail me for more information regarding WHS.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Charlotte Mae doing her "hedgie splat". I just love that big pink butt. The hedgie next to her is Butterbean.

More Pix of Sweet Charlotte Mae


Here is Tommy and Charlotte Mae's meeting for the first time in Washington. Tommy belongs to Laura L. Tommy also had WHS

Here is one of our beloved babies, Trooper. Trooper is an Algerian Chocolate colored hedgie too. Poor Trooper had WHS and only lived to be about 5 months old. He was a real sweetie. On the one picture, notice his silly crooked smile. He would always smile when I would talk to him.


Here is our hedgie Butterbean. Butterbean is an Algerian Chocolate colored hedgie as well. Butterbean is a sweetie too! She will huff when you get her out of her pig-loo (hedgie house). I just scoop her up and plant little kisses all over her furry face and she stops huffing. She's my, "I wanna be a huffy pog, but I'm really not" hedgie. She is all pretend.

Here we are scruffing the Butterbean. Scruffing a hedgie when they are relaxed is not harmful to them at all. After all, if they didn't like it, they would ball up and we would get the heck poked out of us!

This is Tuffie our Apricot Hedgie. Tuffie is extremely huffy and very sharp! Tuffie seems to really like his bath time and this is the only way he will let us see his adorable face. Tuffie is a Ruby Eyed Apricot hedgie. The bottom picture is Tuffie floating on his back! I don't think too many hedgies can do that trick.

This is Precious our Chocolate Chip hedgie. She is a rescue hedgie. She is about 3 years old and is missing some teeth. I named her Precious because she has never bitten any one, EVER!! When I hand her a mealie (mealworm) she will take her tiny paw and try to paw it out of my fingers like a little kitten. She is so precious so I figured naming her Precious would be fitting.

Here is Precious eating a mealie (mealworm). She is the only hedgehog that I know who will take her paw and paw the mealie out of our hands then eat it. We are trying to get a picture of this, but she is faster than the camera.

We got Belly Boy from Washington. We are Belly Boy's fourth home. Lucky for Belly Boy, all of his former homes were very good homes.

Belly Boy is supper sweet and friendly. He is so careful to take a mealie from my hand and not bite me. He definitely is a kisser. He just loves to give kisses. We did not name Belly Boy, He came w/that name. We aren't sure why he was given this name either *L*.

Poor Belly Boy, as you can tell from the first picture he has bucked teeth! It is rather funny to see a hedgie w/bucked teeth! Not only does Belly Boy have bucked teeth, he also has bulgy eyes and is skinny! Poor little Belly Boy. I am sure in hedgie world he would be considered a homely little hedgie! As much as we try to put weight on him, he still stays pretty thin. He loves to eat and wheels all the time. No matter what, I think he is adorable!

After we changed his diet, his bulgy buggy eyes went away and he looked more normal, like a button eyed hedgie instead. Once again, DIET IS EVERYTHING when caring for ANY PETS exotic, wild or domestic.

This is the latest picture of Belly Boy doing a hedgie splat! He is a character!

Our newest hedgie addition is Dublin. I am not quite sure what color she is, but I do know this, she is a cutie. Dublin was given to us St. Patrick's Day, so hence her given name. We found out later that Dublin was born on the same day that Charlotte Mae passed away from WHS. Maybe she was a gift to us from Charlotte Mae?

Here is a baby hedgie at about 4 days old! Sorry these pictures are not the best.

Here are some baby hedgie at about 1 week old. His eyes are not open yet.

Even before their eyes are open they do the hedgie self anointing trick.

Here is a close-up of a 3 week old baby hedgie curled up in a ball. He is a little smaller than a golf ball. Isn't he adorable?

Here is just a "few" things from my miniature hedgehog collection.

To learn more about hedgehogs I highly suggest that you sign up to a hedgehog mailing list. Below are the three biggest hedgehog mailing lists around. You will meet great friends, learn about hedgehogs and laugh.

If you would like to join the hedgehog mailing list go to Yahoo and do a search for Hedgehog_Help, the MUST have of all hedgehog owners. It is like the "911" of hedgie help and networking. Lots of medical help on this list. Also by going to Yahoo you will find lots of hedgie lists to join and meet new friends.

These are great lists that are entertaining, educational and a great help to all hedgie owners.


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