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I am glad you stopped by. You are guest # since December 5, 1999.


Welcome to my first Web Page! Can you tell? Thanks to my good friend, Jerome, I was able to put this together with his help.

I am running a ZOO in my home, not really, lol. A zoo is when the animals out number the people in your home. I'd have to say, that is the case here. So there will be lots o' pictures of animals.

Before I begin, please take time when you are done, and check out my links below. If you are against state official confiscating and killing peoples pets, which they are licensed to own, then you will want to help these pet owners of Pennsylvania by checking out their web site. Please let them know you are on their side. Thank you.

This page is mostly about hedgehogs since I am a certified hedgieholic, but first and formost, I would like to dedicate the first picture to my most beloved and favorite pet, Bisquit.

Bisquit lived to be 19 years old! She was loved very deeply and is thought about each and every day

Come see ONE of my addiction, Hedgehogs, (the other is opossums)

Have a Hedgehog That Might Be DIABETIC? Then Meet Tatter.

If you own a hedgehog you
check out this very important information on WHS!!!

about owning your first hedgehog

For those of you that know her,
come see my sweet angel,

My Other PASSION is OPOSSUMS....I LOVE OPOSSUMS. Until I can find the time to make a WONDERFUL page of the opossums in my life and how to care for them, please go to the National Opossum Society for rehabing, medical, and diet information. Diet is EVERYTHING!!!!! Without a proper diet, you WILL KILL THEM....I can't stress this enough.
come see Pippen my first possie (page under construction)

Come See The Rest of The Zoo!!!!

Veterinarian locator and help and ideas on how to care for a sick animal.

Come Meet Me & My Family

Here are a few of my Very Special Friends!

Come and see how my addiction has spilled over into our kitchen.

For the truly ONE of a KIND gifts for the animal lover,
you MUST come see these unique beyond words hand crafted art work!!!.

First let me say, I AM AGAINST breeding of wildlife, exotics, domestic or any kind of animal. There are way too many animals that need good homes. Adopt till there are none. And let wildlife stay free and wild as God intended. Some of these people have kept wildlife or bred, which I am against. BUT I am MORE against killing of innocent animals that are being cared for and that is where I stand. With that said, please stop the killing of domestic, exotic and wildlife in the state of PA.

Save a dog, cat, hedgehog, squirrel, a fox, and MANY, MANY more by checking out these sites below. It is not all about money, but public awareness and letting the state of Pennsylvania know, other states are watching them. Please take a moment and help the people of Pennsylvania save their pets from confiscation and death. With the publics support, meaning YOU, some animals were allowed to live. By making what the state of PA is doing public knowledge, it will only help in saving more beloved pets. Please won't you help as well?

For the most up to date information regarding citizenís stants and how you can help save a pet in the state of Pennsylvania click here. just by reading this site, and spreading the word, you are helping!!!! Please save an earth angels life!!!

Read how the Pennsylvania Game Commission KILLED a family's pet show dog. As longs as people don't speak up, this will continue.

Help Nutkin, the squirrel, come home to the only family he has know for 10 years!!! Thanks to everyone Nutkin was able to come home. Please read how they won the fight against the PA Game Commission!!!

Read how my friend Sandy has been fighting the PAGC for FIVE years now in an effort to save what animals they hadn't killed of hers yet. YOU CAN HELP!! STOP THE PENNSYLVANIA GAME COMMISSION!!! They don't want the public to know. Let them know that WE ALL know what they are doing!

Read stories and how you can help save animals in the state of PA!!!

Great Hedgie Links Below

This is a great site to see and learn about Euro-Hedgies at the Welch Hedgehog Hospital

Here is another site on Euro hedgies as well.

Check out the Hedgehog Hollow

Check out the Denmark Rescue Center. Great Euro-hedgie pictures.


Come Meet The Ferlands. The one who made my web site possible!

To feed an animal, just go here and -click- on the the purple botton that says, "Feed An Animal in Need, click for free". Make sure to BOOK MARK this site and click on it daily. Save a rescue!!!

Learn MORE about Skunks, Rabbits, Potbelly Pigs, Chinchilas and much more by going to

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