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Tarantulas, praying mantids, rhinoceros beetles, scorpions, butterflies and slugs and other beautiful small creatures are detailed. Dedicated to promoting the hobby and offering a forum for all invertebrate enthusiasts. A one-year subscription is $19 US or $26 international. Subscription includes Invertebrates-Magazine physical copies mailed to the address provided. Text images normally B/W (color covers, sometimes color plates). Membership fees and backissues can be paid with Paypal.

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August 2023: hypomelanism in Heterometrus, return to Mecynorhina part II, giant clams Tridacna gigas, freshwater crab book and curious creatures exhibit reviews.

April 2023: fern eaters Oreophoetes peruana, the magnificent emerald cockroach, return to Mecynorhina, and diplopod mite relationships.

December 2022: Violet Ridged Milliped, Rainy Season in Orlando, Palearctic flower beetles, Tafalisca eleuthera bush cricket, and arthropod teratology Part IV.

August 2022: Porcellio expansus "witches potion", Amblypygid imports, butterfly atrium Hershey, headlight click beetlesPyrophorus life cycle and arthropod teratology Part III.

April 2022: Lasiodorus striatus tarantulas,Parthenogenetic whipsiders, green spot isopod, slender-legged camel crickets, Tylobolus uncigerus life cycle, and Holst's beautiful milliped.

December 2021: Hyllus jumping spiders,Solifuge mating in South Africa, insect safari Orlando, Malaysian crescent katydid, the large green phasmid Diapherodes gigantea and arthropod teratology update.

August 2021: Ethiopian singing crickets, colorful stink locust breeding, U.A.E. Insects 2, safari in middle America, and a case against parthenogenesis in Heteropteryx.

April 2021: Insect, arachnid, and crustacean teratology conjoined segments, samurai helmet beetle, fluorescent striped spirobolids, and U.A.E. insects.

December 2020: Tridacna and Hippopus Giant Clams, African Camel Spiders, Titan Isopods, Tortoise Beetle Breeding, Poe's Gold-Bug, Pachnoda iskuulka in culture.

August 2020: Hemiphileurus illatus larval description, Horsehead Grasshoppers, Twisted Clowns or Armadillidium hybrids, Tropidacris collaris and Japanese beetle supplies.

April 2020: Gynandromorphy, Cry of the Suzumushi, Cracking the Glomerid Code (pill milliped husbandry), featured polyxenids, and tour of a Japanese pet shop.

December 2019: Part II Eudicella breeding, Yellow Dragon Isopods Porcellio expansus, greatest Eleodes spinipes, Mushi-Sha's Cetoniine book review .

August 2019: Beetles of the genus Eudicella, giant arthropods at the Shedd, Scolopendra dehaani centipede featured, mushi commercial husbandry materials.

April 2019: The Deroplatys mantis genus, buckeye butterfly life cycle, Medusa's sisters starfish, speckled banana roach, Rhopalomeris Pill Millipeds.

December 2018: Socotra Island Blue Leg Baboon Monocentropus balfouri, White-lined Sphinx Moth development, Heteropteryx dilatata decades, tiger hisser, Harlequin Pill Millipeds.

August 2018: West African amblypygid Damon medius, chrysomelid beetle breeding, Parathelphusa pantherina teneral mating, yellow cave isopod Porcellio bolivari, and the national insect zoo.

April 2018: Sri Lankan bark mantis Humbertiella ceylonica oothecae, Taiwanese leaf cockroach Rhabodoblatta formosana , longest lived diplopod Apeuthes ex. Thailand, warty glowspots and the Towuti crab.

Dec. 2017: Pebble mantids in the genus Eremiaphila detailed, Hadogenes troglodytes scorpion husbandry, Hepatus epheliticus, and the Giant Blue Milliped Acladocricus from the Philippines.

Aug. 2017: Photo Stacking, Uca Kreisel Tank, Sphodromantis gastrica detailed mantis manual, Blaberus colosseus, Ornate Isopod Porcellio ornatus, and an invert jelly preview.

April 2017: Lichen experiment -Extatosoma tiaratum, the genus Cyriocosmus, larval description Phileurus truncatus, Geosesarma reproduction part II, Henschoutedenia flexivitta review.

Dec. 2016: Neocloeon laboratory culture, Acanthoscurria geniculata part II, novel feeding report for Mecynorhina, a cicada summer, and mating and breeding Geosesarma sp.

June 2016: Goliathus regius in the wild, Acanthoscurria geniculata part I, Parcoblatta americana culturing shiny isopods, and Glomeris pustulata development.

Dec. 2015: Arachnologist, Harpalus ground beetles, Brachypelma smithi in captivity, Gonatista grisea Grizzled Mantis care, Glomeris pilliped molts, and a katydid morph.

Sept. 2015: Vinegaroon growth report, Haania sp. moss mantis, the mistaken Hagfish, Eurycotis lixa, Paraplecta sp. "little Kenyan" cockroach, featured Costa Rican wandering spider.

June 2015: Iridopelma Bark Assassin Bug, Greater Cleveland Aquarium, Indonesian Assassin Mimic Cockroach, Featured giant Palmetto Weevil

March 2015: Leptoglossus zonatus reproduction, Horrid King Assassin Bug, Sicarius sand spiders, Black Corsair, Formosan Assassin Mimic Cockroach, Featured Milkweed Assassin Bug.

Dec. 2014: Breeding Hadogenes troglodytes, First report of an albino julid milliped, a predatory stink bug review, Breeding 107 Heterothele villosella, Ergaula pilosa big black beetle mimic, Audubon Insectarium in review."

Sept. 2014: Paratemnopteryx couloniana Little Goblin, Land of the Cicadas, Project Polyphemus part II, Phasmid update, , Euthyrhynchus floridanus featured.

June 2014: Megagyndes innata development, The CBG (invert displays), Project Polyphemus, featured Thai micro crab, Desert Hairy Scorpion ecdysis, Atrax Robustus in Australia, Eublaberus sp. "Pantanal."

March 2014: Phrynus barbadensis reproduction, The World of Norm Gershenz, Summer of Coleoptera part 2, featured Scolopendra dehaani Yellow spotted domino cockroach

Dec. 2013: Scolopendra hardwickei development, San Francisco Insect Zoo, Emperor Scorpion Success, featured Aphonopelma sp. "Roswell", Beetle Summer, Simondoa Extinction?

Sept. 2013: Tarantula tube caging, Dr. Crawley's Insectarium, Typopeltis stimpsoni Japan's spectacular Vinegaroon, Culturing Lithobiomorpha, Featured Spider Beetles.

June 2013: The somewhat mega Megasoma pachecoi, A World of Insects part 2, pillbug cockroaches, featured invert Avicularia versicolor, peach pillbugs and other color varieties (Armadillidium)

March 2013: Indonesian double shield mantis, A World of Insects part 1, a rhinoceros beetle, Holconia insignis huntsman spider, Phoetalia pallida pallid cockroach, "giant" springtails in culture, the Amblypygi molt.

Dec. 2012: Teneral mating in the Dictyoptera, Theraphosa blondi part 2, The Gisborne Cockroach, Sibylla pretiosa cryptic pretty mantis, Eurycotis opaca yellow margined, Euchaetes egle Milkweed tussock moth.

Sept. 2012: carmel dragon phasmid, Theraphosa blondi the largest tarantula?, Alien Queen in your bug room Part 2, Blaberus boliviensis cockroach, dermestid beetles, Cassiopea jellyfish feature.

June. 2012: Alien queen in your insect room Part 1, Filipino Orange Tarantula breeding, Rusty and Flameleg Millipede comparison Trigoniulus, Vonones ornata tropical harvestmen, Eurycotis opaca "sunset".

March 2012: Latest amblypygid imports part 2, overview of captive breeding the Mysore Ornamental Tarantula Poecilotheria striata, summer of butterfly caterpillars, Danaus plexippus growth study part II.

Dec. 2011: Breeding barking tarantulas, whipspider imports 1, Danaus plexippus growth study I, central Florida invertebrates, Oxyhaloa deusta cockroach, millipede book review, killer glowworm feature.

Sept. 2011: Emperor scorpions 2, Tiger Ornamental Tarantula first hatch, shield mantis, Hunting Scolopendra heros, Bombyx mori silkworms, Dorylaea orini cockroach update.

Sept. 2011B: (Alternate Cover) Emperor scorpions 2, Tiger Ornamental Tarantula first hatch, shield mantis, Hunting Scolopendra heros, Bombyx mori silkworms, Dorylaea orini cockroach update.

June 2011: Genus Pandinus 1, Blaps giant darkling beetles, small butterflies, S. heros subspecies 2, micro beetles 3, Macropanesthia, American Tarantula Society conference, Dysdera crocata isopod hunters.

March 2011: Ultrasonic bug hunting, flat millipede reproduction 2, giant stag beetles, Scolopendra heros subspecies 1, micro feeder beetles 2, flat horn hissing cockroach, Scorpions of the World book review, marbled crayfish.

December 2010: Atta cephalotes 3, D.C. & microfauna search 2, cracking the Polydesmid code 1, tarantula spiderling care, communal mantis rearing, micro feeder beetles 1, river orb weaver.

Sept. 2010: Leafcutter Ants 2, vampire crabs, pseudoscropions, Brazilian black and white tarantula breeding, D.C. & microfauna search 1, Eurycotis floridana, giant tiger beetles.

June 2010: Clown beetles, breeding Avicularia versicolor, Rainbow Dung Beetles, Leafcutter Ants 1, Archiblatta roaches, Macrobrachium sp. red claw shrimp.

March 2010: Anthia giant ground beetles, gargantuan tentless tent caterpillars, Goliathus 2, Asian Arboreal tarantulas 1, Pacific Beetle Mimic Cockroach, Northwestern Forest Scorpions.

December 2009: Cobalt Blue Tarantula Haplopelma lividum, windscorpions, goliath stick insect, Goliathus beetles 1, Lobster Cockroaches, crimson and black giant millipedes.

September 2009: Spider web stickiness, Sidespotted Whipspiders, Polyphemus Beetles, insect preservation, Cryptocercus cockroaches, whipscorpion book review, Hyalophora cecropia moths.

June 2009:Grophus limbatus scorpion, Idolomantis 2, Malaysian bluefemur tarantula breeding, Arizona collecting 2, regal jumping spiders, Green Banana cockroaches.

March 2009: The Devil's Flower Mantis 1Idolomantis diabolica, Triops tadpole shrimp species, Ozopore update, Arizona bug hunting 1, giant American walkingsticks, glowspot cockroaches.

December 2008: Millipede toxifabricants, wasp keeping 3, Chinese Mantis, Aphonopelma moderatum tarantula reproduction, Hermit Beetle, Wide Horn Hissing Cockroach, giant Columbian ramshorn snail.

September 2008: Green Potato Beetle, wasp keeping 2, Tityus scorpions, communal tarantula housing, Ivory Millipede Chicobolus spinigerus breeding, Macropanesthia, giant deep-sea isopods.

June. 2008: Iridopelma hirsutum tarantula, Albino Narceus americanus millipede, Mammoth Tusk Beetle, wasp keeping 1, Macleay's Specter, Death's Head Cockroach, leopard slugs, pseudoscorpions.

March 2008: Mating Scolopendra heros, Breeding Psalmopoeus cambridgei, scutigerid centipedes, inverts in assisted therapy, Heterometrus Asian forest scorpions, giant cave cockroaches, Hawaii inverts 2.

December 2007: Hawaii invert expedition 1, tarantula cage construction, Horse Lubber husbandry, widow spiders, giant Panchlora, tarantula book review, bug festivals.

September 2007: Bluefang Tarantula Ephebopus cyanognathus breeding, substrate fermentation, Mecynorhina beetle hybridization, Parabuthus husbandry, Texas Unicorn Mantis, Pseudomops septentrionalis, insect book review, Tobacco Hornworm.

June 2007: Tityus falconensis scorpion, Philippine leaf insect, Malaysian earthtiger tarantula, Western stag beetle breeding, mechanical eggsac turner, Ornate Velvet Roach, stick insect book review, Thai rainbow millipede.

March 2007: Curlyhair Tarantula breeding, Rhopalurus junceus husbandry, Promethia moth, Safari in Mexico II, "skeleton stick", Zebra Cockraoch, scarab beetle book review.

December 2006: Mastigoproctus giganteus, Peruphasma, Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, safari in Mexico, epiandrous glands, domino cockroach, Goliath birdeater tarantulaTheraphosa blondi.

September 2006: Trapdoor spiders, Ceanothus silkmoth, Arachnid phobia II, Bulldog beetles Dicranorhina, African flat rock scorpion Hadogenes, Dorylaea orini.

June 2006: Mexican Fireleg Tarantula Brachypelma boehmei, Madagascan Fire Millipede Breeding, the Ghost Mantis, Spider Phobia I, giant click beetle.

March2006: Feathertail Centipedes Alipes, Hercules Beetle, Rhinoceros Cockroach, Sungaya inexpectata, raising fruit flies, Poecilotheria metallica Gooty Ornamental.

December 2005: Cynthia Moth, Rainbow Stag Beetle Phalacrognathus muelleri, huntsman spiders, Cameroon Red Tarantula, millipede book review, Neobarrettia katydid.

September 2005: Wandering violin Gongylus gongylodes, Congo black millipedes, Damon breeding, Collecting in Usambar II, Brazilian pink tarantula Pamphobeteus sp., phasmid book review, Mexican Jumping Bean.

June 2005: Lazy tarantula breeding, Xylotrupes mightiest beetle, Collecting in Usambar, tarantula book review, banana slug, glossy giant black Tanzanian arboreal pinkleg millipede, tarantula prey experiment.

March 2005: Nephila Golden Silk Spiders, Ceratomantis sausurii, Haaniella muelleri "marbled jungle nymph", tarantula basics, Elephant Stag Beetle, stag beetle book review.

December 2004: Archispirostreptus gigas African Giant Black Millipede breeding, Carrion beetle Necrophila, "baboon" tarantulas, birdwing butterflies, Lasiodora parahybana tarantula, Brunner's Mantis.

September 2004: Genus Eublaberus, land lobsters Eurycantha, terrestrial isopods, new insectarium, Beyer's Jewel Scarab, Red and Black Cockroach, Housing Poecilotheria, tarantula book review.

June 2004: Giant waterscorpions, collecting in Ethiopia, Carolina Mantis, Shipping arachnids, Mecynorhina beetles, raising Daphnia, bug book review, Peurto Rican yellow and black millipede, center poster.

March 2004: Sphaerobothria hoffmanni tarantula, Southern Unstriped Scorpion, Malaysian Deadleaf Mantis, Porcelain Cockroach Gyna lurida, assassin bugs, scorpion book review, moth flies.

December 2003: Aularches miliaris grasshopper, hissing cockroaches, breeding Euchirine scarabs, making kinshi, Indian Ornamental Tarantula Poecilotheria regalis.

September 2003: Linx spiders, breeding Goliathus beetles, Otomantis boxer mantids, breeding Columbian Lesserblack Xenesthis immanis.

June 2003: Emperor scorpions Pandinus, butterfly gardening, Odontolabis giant stags, Eastern Hercules Beetle Dynastes tityus, Phormictopus cancerides, phasmid book review.

March 2003: the Orchid Mantis Hymenopus coronatus, Greenbottle Blue Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens tarantula breeding, entomoholic adventures in Costa Rica, the Monarch Butterfly.

December 2002: Cockroach reproduction, Narceus annularis, Anisomorpha two striped walkingstick, scorpion reproduction, stick grasshopper, entomology atlas book review.

September 2002: Giant Huntsman Holconia immanis, Breeding buffalo beetles Eudicella, pet snails, Harlequin Flower Beetle, stag and rhinoceros beetle book review, invertebrates in Arizona.

June 2002: Tarantula molting, Triceratops Beetle Phileurus truncatus, Breeding Damon diadema, finding caterpillars, Ferocious Water Bug Abedus herberti, mantids book review.

March 2002: Giant Silk Moths (Atlas & Argema), Giant vinegaroon, The Orange Treespider Tapinauchenius gigas, Jungle Nymph, Genus Lasiodora, Ghost Mantis Phyllocrania paradoxa, Amazon Insects book review.

December 2001: Tarantula housing, scientific names, Giant Darkling Beetles (Eleodes), Fishing spiders (Dolomedes triton), phasmid book review, Gyna capucina.