When do I get the next issue?

Issues are shipped on a quarterly basis --every three months.





 If you ordered your issue after the most recent shipping, E&A will attempt to send the most recent issue or start with the next issue if no copies of the the most recent issue are available. Quality invertebrate articles never go out of date. For example: you send in your subscription in May, E&A will send the March issue first --unless there are none left-- in which case you will not get your first issue until June. If you already subscribe you will not receive duplicate issues unless requested. If you have copies of issues and have not previously subscribed, note issue to begin (if you have Dec. and subscribe in February you may receive another Dec. if you are not a previous subscriber and it is not noted and that issue is not sold out). Issues can be returned (in original condition -do not fold in half) for a better copy or if a duplicate is received because it was not noted.

A 1 year subscription consists of 4 issues. Once 4 issues have been received, the subscription is expired.

Regular magazines are shipped first class. Except for out of country subscriptions, magazines should be received before the end of the month.


Returns are only accepted if unopened. Refund less shipping.