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Darkside Of Oz

Created by Ted & Steve

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Welcome to our page. This page was created for all of you looking for evidence that Pink Floyd's 1973 release of "Darkside Of The Moon" and the 1939 release of "The Wizard of Oz" have some kind of a connection. This connection is the fact that you can watch "The Wizard of Oz" and listen to the CD "Darkside Of The Moon" and notice that they are synchronized. What we mean by this is that if you start the CD at the MGM Lion logo screen you will notice that the music on the CD matches perfectly with the things that are going on in the movie. Beats and guitars match almost every movement of the characters in some parts. Music shifts to different moods while the movie follows along perfectly. As soon as something exicting or dramatic happens to the character's, the music's mood shifts to match the scene so perfectly that it's alomst scary. While the musical matches are not too easy to fully pick up the first couple times you view the "synch", you will definetly notice the lyrical matches. The lyrics of "Darkside Of The Moon" play the most important part of this whole connection. Alot of the lyrics actually seem to cue the characters to make actions in most parts. For example: the lyric "leave, but don't leave me" is sung just as Autie Em motions to Dorothy to go away because she is busy.As Dorothy is leaving, the lyric "look around" is sung just before Dorothy looks back at Autie Em. Sometimes the lyrics narrate the storyline of the "Wizard Of Oz". As crazy as it may seem, it's almost as if Pink Floyd wrote and composed this album to go along with the "Wizard Of Oz". We have searched the web and found many pages on the topic explaining the things that match up, but none having all the things that we have found ourselves. So we decided to create this page with a COMPLETE list of things to look for while watching the movie and listening to the CD. We will list each and every match between the movie and the album in full detail.

First off, you must have the CD version of "Darkside of the Moon" or this will not work. Set your CD player on repeat so that the CD repeats itself when it is over. That's right, the CD plays a total of 3 times before the movie's end, matching up all the way through! Next put "The Wizard of Oz"in your VCR and get ready to push play on the CD player just as the MGM Lion roars for the third time. You have to make sure you get it exactly right or some of the enjoyment will be lost. Some CD players have a delayed starting time so you might have to experiment around to determine the correct starting point for your player. Try pausing the the CD at "0:00" on track one and simply press unpause at the third lion roar.

We suggest that you watch this without our list first and discover the evidence for yourself, then check back here for all the stuff you may have missed and watch it again. Be sure to add this page to your favorites. We also reccomend printing this list out so you will be ready for everything that happens and when it happens.

The Evidence

The detailed list of things you will see (scroll down)

Thealbum cover connection -- The cover art of the album holds a strange reference to the "Wizard of Oz"

The Pulse cover connection -- This 1995 Pink Floyd release has clues hidden in the cover art.


Now for the COMPLETE list of things to watch for. The way we have this list setup is quite simple. To the left we have lyrics in blue and in quotations (" "), and to the right is the occurance that happens while the lyric is playing. A detailed paragraph is used for occurances that are not lyrics...confused yet? Well, don't worry, you should understand what we mean while looking at the list (don't forget...only lyrics are in blue).

"Speak To Me"

1) As the opening credits are showing and the camera pans through the clouds you will hear helicopter sounds giving you the feeling of flying. The cash register sounds heard represent the money spent on the cast and crew. You will know if you have the "synch" lined up right if the change from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe" occurs as the credit for producer "Mervyn Leroy" appears on the screen. You will also know if your synch is accurate if Dorothy appears running down the trail at approxiametly 1:46 on the CD. The first coincidence you will notice is a triangle hanging from a tree that resembles the triangle on the cover of "Darkside Of The Moon".


2) "leave, but don't leave me" - As Dorothy chats with Auntie Em, the lyric happens just as Auntie Em motions to Dorothy that she is busy, causing Dorothy to turn around and walk away from her.

3) "look around" - Dorothy tuns her head and looks back at Auntie Em.

4) "choose your own ground" - Notice the man sitting on the ground, and how the wagon falls to the beat.

5) "all you touch and all you see" - Dorothy touches the man and the man looks at Dorothy.

6) "dig that hole" - The man points to the ground as if he where telling Dorothy to "dig that hole".

7) "the work is done" - The man hits his hand with the hammer as the word "done" is sung. If the word "done" does not hit exactly when the man hits his hand, then you have timed the synch wrong and should start over for the best results. It's difficult to find the exact starting point for the CD.

8) "balanced on the biggest wave" - Dorothy is balancing on the fence.

9) "race towards an early grave" - Dorothy loses her balance and falls off of the fence. At the exact moment she hits the ground the music's mood takes on a "panicy" effect. Also the lyric "race towards an early grave" could be a reference to Judy Garland's untimely death. She died in 1969, the same year a man was put on the moon- hence, the "Darkside Of The Moon".

"On The Run"

10) A faint female voice in the backround starts to jibber as soon as Autie Em starts talking, and fades out as she quits nagging.

11) In the next scene where Dorothy is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", notice her look up at the sky as soon as the airplane sounds start on the CD. She also follows one with her eyes as it flies by on the CD.


12) The chiming bells at the beginning of "Time" are heard as Ms. Gulch (the Wicked Witch)rides up on her bike and fade as she gets off.

13) In the next scene,there are too many things that happen to list them all. Just watch carefully as you notice almost every movement of the character's matches perfectly with the sounds heard. For example, notice the sound heard every time Dorothy turns to face somebody, and how the drums match the movements of Dorothy and Ms. Gulch. Watch Dorothy play the drums with her head(the way she nods it) and Ms. Gulch play them with her basket(when she hands it to Dorothy).

14) "kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown" - Toto jumps out of the basket and "kicks around on the ground" with his paws as he runs back to Dorothy.

15) "waiting for someone or something to show you the way" - Dorothy is "waiting" by the window for "someone" (Toto)to show her "the way".

16) "tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain" - This lyrics describes Dorothy's feelings of boredom and dissapointment at the time, so she decides to leave home.

17) "ten years have got behind you" - Notice the camera is behind Dorothy. Also, how the music changes with the scene.

18) Notice that the song playing is called "Time" and on the fortune teller's sign are the words "Past, Present, Future",which are the three phases of time.

19) While the song "Time" is still playing observe the skull above the fortune teller's door, possibly reminding us of how little "time" we have on Earth{?}.

20) Notice the music change as Dorothy leaves the fortune teller.

"The Great Gig In The Sky"

21) The next ten or so minutes could very possibly be the best part of the synch. Notice the beat kick in when the wind picks up. The music playing gives the scene a more exciting feel than the original sound could. The tornado gets a "lazy" look to it with the music. Notice the music get a "dreamy" feel to it after Dorothy gets hit with the window and lays on the bed. Notice the woman's sceaming voice pick up every time someone or something floats by the window. Dorothy waves to Autie Em as the woman on the CD says "hey, hey, hey", and the woman's voice starts to calm down as the house lands and Dorothy starts to calm down also.


22) The cash register sounds start up as soon as you see Dorothy in color. The sounds represent the money spent on the Technicolor technology. Dorothy starts walking as the music to "Money" kicks in.

23) "think I'll buy me a football team" - As the camera pans through Munchkin Land, notice how the swirl in the Yellow Brick Road resembles the football helmet of the St. Louis Rams.

24) "money, get back" - Notice after this lyric is sung how the Munchkins "get back" into hiding.

25) "keep your hands off of my stack" - Dorothy drops Toto.

26) "don't give me that do-goody good bullshit" - You see the Good Witch appear for the first time in her bubble.

27) "I'm in the high fidelity, first class traveling set" - This lyric is sung as you see the Good Witch "traveling" in her bubble, which is certinly "first class" if you're a witch. Also notice the sound heard as soon as she appears in human form.

28) - It appears that the Good Witch is playing bass with her wand(the way she moves her fingers up and down it).

30) - Notice one of the Munchkin's groove across the screen to the beat.

31) The Munchkins start to dance as the music's beat picks up. Also notice the way their dance matches perfectly with the rhythm.

32) - Notice the soldiers marching perfectly with the beat(mostly when they bring thier arms to thier chests).

"Us And Them"

33) - The music takes on a sad effect after the Munchkin pulls out the certificate of death.

34) "us and them" - "us" represents the ballerinas and "them" possibly represents the pieces of paper they pull out. The ballerinas dance perfectly to the beat.

35) "me and you" - "me" representss The Lollipop Guild and "you" possibly represents Dorothy when they point at her, although it dosen't occur right on cue. Also The Lollipop Guild dances perfectly to the beat.

36) "forward he cried" - This lyric is sung as Dorothy turns and faces forward. Also the Munckin's appear to be conducting the music.

37) "black" - This lyric is sung as you see the Wicked Witch for the first time.

38) "blue" - This lyric seems to represent Dorothy(she's wearing a blue dress) although the lyric dosen't hit right right on Dorothy's camera shot. We seem to think this is so due to a later occurance in the movie.

39) "and who knows which is which" - This lyric has two occurances of the word "which" at the same time you are seeing two "witches" on the screen. Perhaps they mean who knows "witch" is "witch?"

40) "down" - This lyric is sung as the Wicked Witch's sister's legs are pulled "down" under the house.

41) "it's only round and round...and round" - Notice when "round and round" is sung Dorothy lifts her heels to show her ruby slippers, and does it again when the 3rd "round" is sung.

42) "haven't you heard" - The Good Witch bends down to whisper in Dorothy's ear.

43) (a) "it's a battle of words" - The two witches are clearly having a "battle of words"

43)(b) - ""listen son said the man with the gun" - The Wicked Witch appears to be making a gun shape with her hand as she points to Dorothy and the Good Witch.

44) "and out" - This lyric is sung as the Good Witch turns back into a bubble and leaves.

45) "It can't be helped, if there's a lot of it about" - This lyric is sung right before Dorothy is saying "My, people come and go so quickly"(read her lips).And there sure is a lot of coming and going about, isn't there?

46) "with" - Dorothy starts down the Yellow Brick Road.

47) - Notice Dorothy start to skip faster down the road just as the music picks up. Also the lyric "out of the way, it's a busy day, I've got things on my mind" is sung as Dorothy is skipping down the road, representing Dorothy's thought's. Maybe the lyric should have been written like this: "Out of her way, it's a busy day, she's got getting home on her mind"(??).

"Any Colour You Like"

48) Notice the music change from "Us and Them" to "Any Colour You Like" with the scene change.

49) The music takes another change just as Dorothy steps into the field where the Scarecrow is.

50) The drums match almost every fall the Scarecrow takes.

"Brain Damage"

51) The song "Brain Damage" starts up just as the Scarecrow begins to sing "If I Only Had a Brain".

52) Some people say that the wha-wha guitar sound has a connection to the way Dorothy and Scarecrow talk while sitting on the road. We haven't really noticed this ourselves, but figured we should add it to the list anyway. See if you can notice the connection.

53) Notice the music pick up as the Scarecrow sits up and leans toward Dorothy.

54) " I'll see you on the darkside of the moon" - Dorothy and the Scarecrow start to skip down the Yellow Brick Road. Also notice the drums, right after this lyric, match the way the Scarecrow trips perfectly.

55) Notice the talking tree play the symbols with his hand and the Scarecrow playing the drums by the way he waves his arms.


56) "all that you see" - This is sung just as Dorothy and the Scarecrow see the oil can.

57) "all that you taste" - This is sung right before the Tinman gets a "taste" of the oil.

58) Notice the heartbeat start up as Dorothy pounds on the Tinman's chest and puts her ear up to it as if she were hearing the heartbeat. This is where the CD ends and starts over for the second play(that is,if you have "repeat" on... and you should!!).

This is not the end of the list...just the end of the 1st playthrough of the CD.CLICK HERE for page 2 of the list.

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