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During the process of fine-tuning my gift of clairaudience after I became aware of it, I gleaned knowledge about this process in increments until the whole picture became somewhat less murky. There seems to be a lack of information within mainstream society about this rare and wonderous gift, thus my real purpose here is to help educate. I have incorporated much I have learned into a explaination of sorts for you. Hope you find it informative, somewhat entertaining, and worth the visit to my site.


First in explaining how this feat is possible to any extent we must cover a slight discussion on energy. All things in the universe exist as a form of energy. Some energy vibrates at a slow level of frequency and creates density, such as this desk that I sit at. Since there are many rates of molecular vibration, this energy may be formed into either something solid or something invisible like air and thoughts.

With this in mind, realize that all things in the universe has it's own unique energy patterning. The slower rate of vibratory speed creates our dimensional world. However, there also exists vibratory rates that are so fast that we can not see what exists there. (Our atmosphere being a prime example!) There are dimensional worlds within fields of vibration so fast that we cannot comprehend them, but they are there nonetheless.

Channeling, sometimes referred to as mediumship, is nothing more than the ability of sensitized individuals to tune into the higher frequencies of these realms of existance. This is accomplished through the channel's tuning their own mind energy enough to allow a connection with those realms of higher frequencies and the enegry emanations of certain entities.

All have the potential for this ability to a limited degree. We all receive input through and into all three levels of our mind. The human mind consists of these three levels:

1) Conscious Mind-- Normal daily awareness. Level of decision making abilities and processing of outer stimuli. The level we are most familiar with.

2) Subconscious Mind-- Storehouse of information from conscious mind. Filter and storage area for things taken from and or sent back to consciousness. Also stores outside stimuli that our conscious minds do not choose to deal with

3) Superconscious Mind-- Level of intuition, spiritual connection, and higher knowingness not derived from previous facts or external input. Seat of all psychic powers and processing.

In a mediumistic person, this ability to focus into the superconscious mind is more developed. As they say, we use only 10% of our minds. Some are born with this advanced development, and others must achieve it through practice and perserverance.

All mediumistic skills are a development of a from of telepaty. Telepathy is the term for mind to mind communication without the use of words. The channel receives thougths/feelings/images directly from the minds of those who reside in the higher realms of vibration. The eletro-magnetic energy field of thoughts is perceived by the channel and translated through the channels senses or vocabulary. The Vulcan Mind Meld from the Star Trek series is a humourous, yet well known, example of telepathy.

At this juncture I must say a word about the difference of a "psychic" (as commonly held by mainstream society) and a channel. In my opinion there is a very subtle difference. Both a psychic and a channel have the skill of tuning themselves to the energy emanations from the unseen. Many psychics may also be a medium and many channels are also psychic. The main distinguishing point of reference is whether the person may attune to the mind of another entity. It might make more sense to use the analogy of the medical profession. Doctors should all have the same basic skills, but each can develop the basic skills into a further specialization. Therefore, as both psychics and channels use "psychic" energy to accomplish their tasks, they tend to specialize in one or the other direction. However, as with every attempt to catagorize anything as ethereal as this, there are always exceptions to the rule!! :)

On the following pages we will discuss the types of channeling and psychic abilities that exist. So, turn the page and read on!!