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Going back to our analogy of medical specialization, the world of channeling contains four different mental avenues of receiving information. These utilize only the mind of the channel to send information. We will learn shortly about forms of physical channeling.

The four differing mental means of gathering information are:

A) Clairvoyance-- The ability to "see" images as given to the inner mind. This ability takes place in the 'psychic' or 'third' eye located under the pineal gland. They may be fleeting, or seem as real as true vision. Sometimes they are actual scenes, or often are symbols to convey an idea without the use of words. Those with this ability can often see the forms of those of the spiritual realms.

B) Clairaudience-- This is the ability to hear sounds, music, names, "voices" and facts from the higher realms. The channel hears the information and translates or repeats it. Often the channel will "hear" the emotional inflections that are given with the words that they hear. This might be perhaps the clearest form of spiritual communication since it does not rely upon visual or feeling interpretation. It is most usually what is being said directly from the world of spirit.

C) Clairsentience-- This is the ability to sense when spiritual entities are around, to KNOW what is being expressed or needed, to KNOW things that one should not not know with already given information, to KNOW the emotional feelings of the spirit. It is KNOWING something with such certainty that you rely upon this knowing.

D) Inspirational Reception-- The ability to speak, write, compose, invent, and create through the reception of thought forms from the higher realms. It entails receiving the thoughts and channeling them through into an inspiration for form of some sort. Many of our great composers, artists, and musicians have had this ability. Many of thre greater inventors may have also had this ability.

We will cover the types of physical channeling abilites on the following page. Also to come are personal stories about the use of some of these abilites. The best part is yet to be discovered: How to try and access your OWN gifts on a conscious level!!

** Above quote is from ARCHANGEL ARIEL. Unfortunately, I do not remember the channel's name. Any help with this?? Contact me!


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