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The Life Extension Foundation recommends yearly blood testing to ascertain the benefits of one’s health regimen and to detect any abnormalities indicative of disease. We are offering a wide variety of blood tests and no appointment is necessary. To this purpose, we have put together a package called the Longevity Profile, consisting of the following tests:

If a Life Extension member were to order these tests separately, the cost would be ($885.00) eight hundred eighty-five dollars, but members have the opportunity of availing themselves of the above test package for seven hundred eighty-five dollars ($785.00).

In addition to the above tests, we also recommend that men order a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and women order a CA 15-3 and CA125 (markers for breast and ovarian cancer).

Annual blood testing offers peace of mind and enables one to fine tune one’s supplemental program.

Individual tests are available also.

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