You Know What I Hate

This is just my rantings & ravings. This "You Know What I Hate........" is: mosh pits. As anyone who read my Everclear concert review they know I had to move from there floor because a pit formed behind us and kept knocking me forward. So, here's my rant: WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MOSH AT AN EVERCLEAR CONCERT? What the hell is wrong with people? Seriously, Everclear makes me wanna jump up and down and bang my head a little, but not mosh. Who does that? If you want to most go to Ozzfest. There was a little kid about 10 years old up there that probably got messed up. Honestly, I don't understand moshing at all. It's like "Man, I'm really diggin this music (something that used to be communal by the way) so I'm gonna punch you in the face." I guarantee that some people just like to go to shows so they have someone to hit. Damn crackheads.

Ok I'm done now. Questions, comments, you know the drill, email me at the address below. And if you want to reread your favorite YKWIH's click here. TJ/Deech