You Know What I Hate Archives

To be honest I'm not really sure when I originally wrote these. I do know that they are in order of when I posted them and that I am missing a few. So, check out the archives, I'll be putting a few old ones up each week (or so).

Numero Uno: Boy Bands

Boy Bands. Ok now I know what some of you are thinking, "you're just jealous of all their screaming female fans." Well that's partly true. But the thing I hate the most is that people are calling them "bands." First off in order to be in a "band" you have to play an instrument. That's my definition. None of these "boy bands" play instruments. Second, they should not be put in the same category of real bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, or The Doors. And on that note I also hate how people say that these boy "bands" are "the greatest thing ever." May I remind everyone that the same was said about New Kids on the Block & Menudo. All of these "bands" faded into obscurity, with a few members returning in this time of pop filled crap all over MTV & the radio. It angers me that groups like Backstreet Boys or N'Sync have albums selling better than bands that have a lot of talent like Green Day, Everclear, or well anyone that plays instruments & dosen't suck or a one hit wonder.

YKWIH The Sequel: LFO

LFO. I hate their damn song "Summer Girls." It's everything i hate about pop crap rolled into one song. I can't believe that anyone likes this horrible song, but of course it's on MTV's Total Request Live at about 8 or 9. I made the mistake of turning on MTV during the day last week & had to listen to this cursed song. This is just another example of dumb teenagers in America being brainwashed by MTV and the record companies. The absloute worst part of this song is the line: "Chinease food makes me sick/I like girls who where Abercrombie & Fitch." MY GOD those are the absolute worst lyrics in all the history of music. What a bunch of rich white kids trying to be a hip hop group. Damn i hate this song.

The Third One: Girls

Girls. Now don't get me wong I love girls, I just don't like how they act at this age (15-18). It's not the cattieness or the bitchiness I'm talking about either, it's the relationship stuff. Maybe it's just the girls I know or that my friends know, but why do they think that just going out and having a good time is such a big deal. I've asked a few girls out and they said no, because they wanted to "just be friends." That's the biggest bullshit excuse ever, but it works I guess. The thing that really bothers me is when you're not really good friends with the girl and they use that excuse. Like going out with a guy is that big of a deal (well it is, if it gets more serious, but you know what I mean). It's not like you're asking them to get married, you just want to go on a few dates ot whatever. OK i'm sure that didn't make a lot of sense but I'm sure you were getting sick of seeing my rant on the whole Millenium thing (hey I've been busy).

Number Four: Betrayal

Betrayal. According to the dictionary that I have in my lap betrayal is defined as "violation of trust or confidence." Well to understand why betrayal bothers me so much you must understand that loyalty is one of the most important qualities to me. If a person is considered a friend I think that they should at least honor that relationship with respect and truthfulness. The old addage about a friend will stab you in the front comes to mind. I realize that this probably dosen't make alot of sense and is fairly short but it just really pisses me off when someone betrays me, that's all. I'm done now.

Five: Being Human

Being human. Okay, this one needs some explaining. I envy animals, especially my cat. My cats have it made, they lie around the house all day, eat, sleep, and play around all day. That would be great, but I have to be human....damn. The second part of the opening statement, is that, if I wasn't human, then I wouldn't be feeling these damn emotions that I've been feeling lately. Emotions such as longing, confusion, and a basic need for companionship. Now I know that these emotions may be felt by animals, but I also don't think that they know they are feeling them or that the emotions are as strong. There have been many, many crazy thoughts running through my head lately, mostly pertaining to females. It's driving me kinda crazy. Of course I realize that it will probably end soon and that I will move out of the current funk that I'm in, but that time isn't right now and that's when I'm writing this. So that's that. Questions, comments, or any other remarks?

Sex (err Six): Writer's Block

I'm sure you're all as glas as I am that I finally decidd to change this damn page. Part of the reason that I hadn't was because I'm just not that pissed off and angry anymore. The other part is that I had a case of writers block. I really hate this because (as some of you may know) my current goal in life is to become a writer. This writers block that I seem to have has affected all the aspects of my writing (short stories, poems, longer stories, and of course the site). I'm not even sure if it is, in fact, writers block or a sevre case of laziness focused only on my writing. I have many, many ideas that I think would make excellent stories, I just don't take those ideas and form then into actual stories. Well, as you can see I'm obviously not as angry as I used to be, this tiraid is over (if it could even be called that).

7: College

Yeah, I know this whole college thing is supposed to be the time of your life or something along those lines, but I'm not getting that vibe right now. My classes aren't that difficult, I could probably pass without doing any real work. That's not the problem of course. The problem starts Friday night and ends Sunday morning. The dreaded weekend nights. Now I know I used to complain on this site about how much I disliked Toledo, my hometown, but I realize now that I took it and all of my friends for granted. It's very difficult to find people around here who don't go out, get trashed, and party. I personally don't drink for reasons that I really don't know myself, but I don't and that's the thing. I have met some cool new people, but they drink and like to go to the dreaded frat parties. I did attend one of these parties a few weeks ago and all it was was a bunch of people standing in a smokey hallway (it was a BIG hallway though) drinking. Gee, how fun. Luckily two out of my three roommates don't drink at all and one of them also doesn't like those parties. SO we hang out in our room a lot. It's cool to just hang out, but it get's incredibly repetative after a few weekends. I have met a girl though, who doesn't drink and doesn't like the parties and she doesn't mind just hanging out and that's very cool, but of course she's going home this weekend which sucks for me but is awesome for her. Have a good time by the way if you're reading this.

Ocho: Being Sick

I have recently come down with quite a nasty virus (or something, remember I am defintely not a science major). Whatever I have started off not so bad, it was just a little sore throat. Well that evolved into a big sore throat and intense body aches. I was taking these wonderful pills to take care of the body aches, but I can't not because I'm running a slight fever. Today is the third day of my sickness and I can say, without a doubt that it hurts to do everything. My back is killing me and head is all stuffy. I started getting a runny nose last night which continued through my roughly 9 hour day of classes and work. I almost didn't go to class, but I had a lot of stuff to turn in. It wasn't really that bad except for the dull pain that has become my wearied existence. Well, I think I'm going to go to the Health Center tomorrow, maybe they'll put me to sleep. On the bright side though, Em has been a wonderful nurse (but not quite as good as my mom, she's a real nurse, and my mom :) Oh yeah, sorry about the huge lack of updating on this page, I am enjoying college much more than I was when I wrote that particular entry.

Nine: Distance

And no, I'm not talking about the distance between here and the corner store or even the distance from here to school (2 hours for me). I'm talking about the distance between my love and I. It's just too damn far and it's too damn hard. I wish I could just run to her and see her every day and night like before. I wish I could cry on her shoulder when I need to and that I could be her shoulder. I know I love her and this is a test that we're both passing with flying colors (those colors may be black and blue, but hey, we're still passing). Anyway, it's only a few weeks till I get to see her, thank God for Barry's so I have money and thank God for airplanes (tho I would walk to her if I had to). I'll be there soon darlin :)