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Wildwood Young Marines

Frequently asked Questions

Where is your unit?
We are located at 1089 East 9th Street Cleveland, Ohio in the U.S. Naval Reserve Center. 
Does it cost any money to join?
Yes.  Each Young Marine has to pay an annual dues fee for insurance and membership.
What are your Drill Dates?
Jan 4,5; Feb.1,2; Mar.1,2; April 5,6; May 3,4; Jun 7,8; Jul 5,6; Aug 2,3; Sept 6,7 ; Oct 4,5; Nov 1,2; Dec 6,7 at 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
Do you have to have any special equipment?
No.  All equipment such as ALICE packs (backpack), tents, canteens, cartridge belts are supplied by the unit.
Do you have to have a parent that is in the Marines or prior military service for your child to join?
No.  We are open to the public.
Can I, as an adult, be a member even if my children are to old for the program?
Yes.  We have staff members whom volunteer and their children do not belong to the program or have graduated from the program.
Do we need any special uniforms or articles of clothing?
Yes.  The Young marine uniform is a camoflage uniform modeled off of the USMC and can be ordered through our supply office.  Boots, and covers (hats) can also be ordered through the supply office.
What are the days that my child will be required to come to the unit?
The Wildwood Young Marine must drill on the 1st weekend of the month. 
When and how long is boot camp?
During boot camp they will be required to come every drill for 4 months without any absences and will only drill on the 1st weekend of every month.
I am not prior military but I want to help.  What can I do?
You do not need to be prior service to be part of our Parent Support Group.  You can also volunteer for help in our Medical department or even our Galley.
What is the Parent Support Group?
This a group of concern parents that share ideas on raising kids as well as assist the Wildwood Young Marines with fund raising activities and Community Service activities for our communities.
What kind of meal are the Young Marines supplied during their time at the unit and how much is it?
We prepare a hot meal for our troops and the cost is $2.00.
Is the Young Marines just for young men?
No.   We are open to young ladies as well as young gentlemen.
How much is it? What do I need for my child to join?
Our costs are $145.00 initially and $44.00 every year after your first year. Please go to our Recruit Sign-up page for the documents that you will need to bring with you for signing your child up for our unit.

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