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Wildwood Young Marines
Perspective Young Marine Recruits and Staff members


Young Marine Record Book (YMRB)

Description: This page provides the necessary forms to begin the process of having your child join our program.   Please print and fill out all of these forms prior to coming to our drill site. This will speed up the administrative process and give you the opportunity to check with a doctor on any medical information that may need to be disclosed.


Must be at a minimum of age 8 or maximum of 18 years old.
Be able to take a physical fitness test.
Stand or march for extended periods of time.
Have no allergies that may prevent activities in a camping or woodland environment.


There is an initial fee the first year and an additional annual fee each year.
Make all payments payable to the Young Marine Unit. Personal Checks are authorized. The application fee is non-refundable.


     Youth Application Form
     Hold Harmless Agreement

      Adult Application Form
     Hold Harmless Agreement

Complete the Application Form and Hold Harmless Agreement.
Turn in the completed forms and application fee to the Adjutant’s office.


The application must be completed and turned in to the Adjutant no later than the next scheduled drill. Late applications may result in rescheduling for entrance into boot camp.


Uniforms will be provided from the application fee. All measurements must be submitted to the Supply Officer prior to graduation. No other equipment required.


Female and Male adult Young Marine Staff members are required to submit 3 letters of reference prior to official acceptance into the program.
Also, complete an Adult Application Form and Hold Harmless Agreement and submit no later than the next scheduled drill.   There is an annual registration/insurance charge to participating Adult Staff.


To Be Announced prior to scheduling and acceptance into the program.


All active units addresses can be aquired from the National website.
Bring a valid driver's licence or state ID with you to gain entrance into the facility.


These documents need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  Go to to get the latest Reader for free.
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