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Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
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Photo Contributed by Kevin Corren

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Sony's Feedback Page - Sony's websight feedback page. I think if everyone asks for live MO it might make it more likely to come out. So send some feedback to these guys! Remind them over and over that LTS was #5 on the downbeat jazz chart the first few weeks it came out., Tell them again and again MO has always been a big seller and the release of live material will surely sell just as well as everything else they have put out before! Send snail mail too:

Sony Legacy
C/O Seth Rothstein & Steve Berkowitz
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022 - four years after I made this page, the official site finally is up!
Tour Dates - Performances that JM will be playing this year.
Pages of Fire - It's back! Made avalible by Dave Marshall and Andres Didrik, the father of the original PoF.
Tour Info - From Christian Pegand Productions, JM's official agent.
Tour Info #2 - From
Paul Stump - Web page for the author of a new bio about JM, you can send him some feedback if you want.
Paperback Bio - Info on how to order the JM bio "Go Ahead John : The Music of John Malaughlin" by Paul Stump. (Price: $18.95)
Meeting Of The Spirits [VIDEO] #1 - Info on a video you can buy with Larry Coryell, and Paco De Lucia.
Meeting Of The Spirits [VIDEO] #2 -, where you can buy the video on line.
Meeting Of The Spirits [VIDEO] #3 - A third describing this JM video that is NOT a bootleg!
Ebay/JM - Great place to look for collectible JM material like hard to find CD's.
Ebay/Mahavishnu - As above for Mahavishnu.
JM/HerbieMPEG - Very rare movie clip! (File size is over 8MB)
JM MPEG's - A page with JM video files you can download.
Massimo's Sound Files - Rare and obscure JM performances.
Massimo's WBTG Page - One Word member Massimo Morrone now has the leading page for JM info, called When Blue Turns Gold.
Mahavishnu Music Book - Sheet music of the MO, currently out of print, but now on the net. (Made avalible by by One-Word member David Marshall)
Massimo's Sheet Music - Massimo has some great sheet music of music played by JM.
JM Sound Files - More sound files of JM's music from the CD "Remember Shakti".
JM / Hendrix - JM talks about Jimi Hendrix, the wailing-est bluesman I ever heard! 0
JM / Carlos - Love, Devotion and Surrender Web: info about the LP made by JM and Carlos Santana. (Maintained by Pierrot Jain)
Welcome - Info about the LP made by JM and Carlos Santana. (Maintained by Pierrot Jain)
JM/Carlos MP3 Page - MP3's from CENTRAL PARK NYC MARCH. 8,1975.
JM/Caros Forum - A forum about JM and Carlos.
JM/Shankar Page - Great page for two great artists.
JM Analysis - A detailed analysis of JM's music. (Maintained by One-Word member Alex Bunard)
Mahavishnu MIDI -  MIDI files and info about JM (Maintained by David Marshall)
Massimo's Homepage - MIDI and MP3 files from One-Word member Massimo Morrone, owner of the leading JM web!
Billy Cobham's Forum - Great forum of the ex-MO drummer, he often responds the same day to any questions you may have.
JM / Holdsworth - A forum about the question, who is more influential: JM or Allan Holdsworth?
I Music BBS -  Good forum for JM.
Massimo's Photo Gallery #1 - For Remember Shakti's performance @ Patrimonio, Italy July 24, 1999.
Massimo's Photo Gallery #2 - For the JM, Elvin Jones, Joey De Francesco tour July 25 1996.
Massimo's Photo Gallery #3 - For the Free Spirits tour featuring JM, Joey De Francesco on hammond organ & trumpet, and Dennis Chambers on drums from July 10, 1995.
Massimo's Mahavishnu Gallery - Great photos here from my persoanl favorite band of all time!
Massimo's WBTG Gallery - Ths comprehensive gallary from Massimo who has created by far the leading JM web on the whole net!
JM Guitars - Info on JM's luthier, Abe Wechter.
Album Covers - A directory of CD covers JM played on.
JM Discography - The best discography I have seen for John's music by One-Word member Johann Haidenbauer.
Discography #2 - By One-Word member John McCullagh.
Discography #3 - Great discography from allmusic.
Discography #4 - Yet another discography of JM's music.
Discography #5 - Still yet another discography by One-Word member Jim Sheppard.
Discography #6 - Still yet another JM discography.
Discography #7 - As if 6 werent enough, heres another one for you.
Legacy Recordings - Sony's websight, the people who released the last MO LP.
LTS Liner Notes - Liner notes that appear on the new MO release of The Lost Trident Sessions.
LTS Info - Info and reviews of the new MO release "The Lost Trident Sessions". Includes several follow up letters I recieved from people involved with recording and management of the MO at the time, an essential read!!!!!!
The Reawakening - Info about the Discovery of The Lost Trident Sessions. - has a great page about the new MO release.
LTS Review #2 - A review that appeared in a recent guitar mag (provided by Pierrot Jain).
Preview LTS - Listen to a preview of  The Lost Trident Sessions before you buy it.
Montreux Jazz Concerts - Do a search about JM and get info on players and set lists, contributed by Larry Diroll.
Montreux Jazz Concerts #2 - Another web site devoted to The Montreal Jazz Festival. Contrtibuted by Julian F. Derry.
Montreux Jazz Live Broadcasts - A page that does live broadcasts over the web. Contrtibuted by Julian F. Derry.
Massimo's Interview Page - A complete directory of all interviews my web doesn't contain.
Massimo's Reviews Page - Great source for rating JM's CD's in case you can't decide which one to get...
MO2 Review - A review of the second Mahavishnu Orchestra featuring Jean Luc Ponty (v), Michael Walden (dr), a string quartet, etc. The performance was in Sydney, Australia from 1975.
HOT Review - A review of John's LP "The Heart of Things"
MO Reviews - Reviews for Mahavishnu, a web maintianed by John W. Patterson who writes new fusion reviews for
Two Sisters - Transcribed by the talanted jazz/classical guitarist Gilbert Isbin. This site also contains the scores of "Naima" (Coltrane) and "Blue in Green" (Evans/Davis) once played by JM. Gilbert also includes lessons and scores for his original compositions on this page, I might also add that I now maintain Gilbert's website and we have been adding material and a regular basis.
Remember Shakti Review - From the JVC Jazz Festival in N.Y.C. by Bill Milkowski.
1999 Vienna Jazz Festival - Details of the performance, a quick time video file, and an interview with JM and Zakir Hussain, contributed by the great Johann Haidenbauer.
World Food Day Concert - World messages from JM, Paco, and Al.
JM Overview - A good overview of JM's career and music.
JM Links Page - Not nearly as comprehensive as this one.
Downbeat Bio - Awesome web from Downbeat, leading Jazz magazine!
Rolling Stone - Rolling Stone Magazine's page for JM
JM Tabs - More guitar tabs of JM's music.
MIDI Page - More MIDI files of JM's music.
More MIDI - Still more MIDI files of JM's music. target="new"
Sonicnet Bio - A good bio from sonicnet, a fine web for fusion artists.
JM Reference - Another JM reference page from The Europe Jazz Network.
JM Reference #2 - A rough guide to JM.
JM Bio - Another JM bio from visionx.
Mahavishnu Info - General Mahavishnu info.
AXON Synth Page - An ad for AXON, a synth JM uses, he looks happy!
Guitar Trio - Sound files for real player from the LP, "Friday night in San Francisco"
Guitar Trio Review - Review of JM, Paco, and Al DiMeola.
Nylon-String Jazz Guitarists - A Tribute and Web Reference Source by the talented guitarist Jeff Gower.
Scalloped Guitars - Info about scalloped guitars and their players. Most people dont even know what a scalloped guitar is...
Indian Fusion - Info on Indian / Jazz fusion.
Beyond The Limits - Another great MO page worth viewing.
ECM Records - JM's ECM discography.
Sound Files - Still more JML sound files.
CD now bio -  A nice bio from cd, who sells many of his CD's.
Time Remembered - Info on "Time Remembered", a LP dedicated by JM to the music of pianist Bill Evans. (Note: the article is written in French)
Transcriptions by Lucas Pickford
Verve - Great web from JML's label, Verve.
Yahoo! John - Yahoo's page for JM.
Katia & Marielle Labeque - Katia was of course JM's wife for a while and played on "Mahavishnu", "Bello Horizante", "Music Spoken Here", and played several stunning duets for Guitar and Piano with JM on the B side of "The Mediterranean Concerto" LP.
Jerry Goodman - I finally broke down and made a page for Jerry. He means too much to me for him not to have his own dedicated web!
Jean Luc-Ponty - Ex-Mahavishnu violinist Jean Luc-Ponty's official web sight.
Jean Luc-Ponty Discography - Discography and comprehensive links for the great violinist. - Its finally here! The official web about ex-Mahavishnu keyboard player Jan Hammer. There are some really interesting Q&A's written by Jan himself in this web run by former Mahavishnu manager Elliott Sears who is apparently responsible for the Lost Trident Sessions release.
Unofficial Jan Hammer - Unofficial web about ex-Mahavishnu keyboard player Jan Hammer.
Narada Michael Walden - Amazing drummer from the second incarnation of The Mahavishnu Orchestra who played on "Visions of the Emerald Beyond".
Billy Cobham - Ex-Mahavishnu drummer Billy Cobham's official web sight.
Billy Cobham Interview - For your real player, contributed by Rod Sibley.
Trilock Gurtu - Web for the amazing drummer who played on "Que Allegria" and "Live at the Royal Festival Hall"
Rick Laird Interview - A very recent interview with ex-Mahavishnu bassist, Rick Laird.
Jonas Hellborg - Ex-Mahavishnu bassist Jonas Hellborg's official web sight.
Bill Evans - Web for the sax player on "Adventures in Radioland"!
Dennis Chambers - Page for the ex-P funk beatmaster who played on "Heart of Things" and "Tokoyo Live".
L Shankar - A great web about the ex-Shakti virtuoso, L. Shankar.
Jack Bruce - Official web for the bass player who played with JM in Tony Williams lifetime and even before that!
Otmaro Ruiz - Great page for the keyboard player of the most recent "Heart of Things" tour.
Metthew Garrison - The bass player on "The Heart of Things" has a great web page. New photos of JM, lessons, and a great links page! Matthew is the son of jazz legend Jimmy Garrison who played with John Coltrane, Whoa!!!
U.Shrinivas - Remeber Shakti's Mandolin player who replaced L. Shankar.
Sri Chinmoy - Info about JML's former spiritual guru, Sri Chinmoy.
Doubleneck Replica - Robert Dullam has created a hand-made custome doubleneck replica of the guitar Rex Bogue gave to John McLaughlin in late 1972. The guitar is available for sale.
Mahavishnu Project - Group of musicians formed to perform the music of Mahavishnu, featuring the amazing Steve Hunt on keyboards who used to play with Allan Holdsworth!
JM Tribute Web - Sound files of JM's music played by his fans. (Maintained by One-Word member John McCullagh)
Massimo's Tribute Page - Massimo's vertion of the tribute CD page.
Tribute - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, Kevin Corren.
Tribute #2 - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, Jonathan Crone.
Tribute #3 - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, Marco Anderson.
Tribute #4 - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, John McCullagh.
Tribute #5 - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, Dave Marshall.
Tribute #6 - Homepage for Tribute Project contributor, Scott Steele.
Tribute #7 - DARVAK, A fusion trio who recorded the JM composition "Marbles".
Tribute #8 - Page from Julian F. Derry who did a version of "Zakir".
Tribute #9 - Five Other Pieces(+ 2), A page made for musicians Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins, and Jim Black who did a version of "The Dance of Maya ".
Tribute #10 - Bill Berends & The Soh Band Trio Live - did versions of "Meeting of the Spirits" & "Birds of Fire" that you can download. Jens Johansson played with Bill's band Mastermind, on the CD's "Angels of the Apocalypse" and "Excelsior". Look for the Mastermind link on this page for more info.
Tribute #11 - Paul Richard's California Guitar Trio is on tour playing "The Dance of Maya" by Mahavishnu, this is a diary of his adventures.
Continuum - Fusion band who covers the great Mahavishnu tune Celestial Terrestrial Commuters
Gilbert Isbin - An acoustic guitarist highly inspired from JM's My Goals Beyond phase, his music touches my soul and is definately worth checking out.
Trio A Grande Vitesse - Two guitarists and one flute player from Heidelberg,Germany influenced by the acoustic music of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Piazzolla and others, so check 'em out already!!!
MYNTA - World fusion band from Sweden and India that features acoustic guitarist Max Ahman, and Fazal Qureshi who happens to be the brother of Zakir Hussain.
MYNTA LIVE - Recorded by The Swedish Broadcasting Corporation on March 20, 1998.
Sandy Freeze - Web page of One-Word member Sandy Freeze.
Nick Naffin - Homepage for One-Word member and acoustic guitarist Nick Naffin.
Scott Andrews - Homepage for One-Word member Scott Andrews.
Electric_Son - A page for the band of One-Word member Omar J. Cayasso
Big Sky - A page for the band of One-Word member Steven E Sklar.
Soul Patrol - A web maintained by One-Word member Bob Davis.
Rare Recording - Info for a LP by Sandy Brown called Hair At It's Hairiest from 1969.
Rare Photo - A rare photo of JM.
Rare Photo #2 - Another rare photo of JM.
Rare Photo #3 - Yet another rare pic of JM (scroll down).
Rare Photo #4 - Still yet another rare pic of JM.
Rare Photo #5 - Still yet another rare pic of JML other than the last one.
Rare Photo #6 - Still yet another rare pic of JML other than the last one.
Rare Photo #7 - Ditto as above...
Rare Photo #8 - Ditto as above...
Rare Photo #9 - Ditto as above...
Monaco - Info about Monaco, John's home. 

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