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Ah! My Goddess!

Evil Minds Inc.'s Anime and Manga Page The Ah! My Goddess! page. This manga was created by Kosuke Fujishima. The song for this page is "Try to Wish" from the Ah! My Goddess! The Movie original soundtrack.

If you've ever wondered what the basis for Ah! My Goddess was, view A Brief History of Norse Mythology below.

belldandy belldandy ah my goddess belldandy belldandy skuld peorth

A Brief History of Norse Mythology: The Basis of Ah! My Goddess!
Magic Knight Rayearth

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Disclaimer: These images are not my own. They were gathered from various websites over the years and the lists of sites has been forgotten. If you know the original owner of any image contained herein, please e-mail me the name and website of said person so I may give credit where credit is due and create a link to the site. Note: The yellow toned picture of the three goddesses was a scan from my manga collection.