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Magic Knight Rayearth

Evil Minds Inc.'s Anime and Manga Page Magic Knight Rayearth was created by CLAMP. Please enjoy a version of the opening theme from season one of the series!

Update! I have recently added a character information page. Click on the link below to access it. I will be adding more characters and info as I find it.

hikaru umi fuu mokona ferio presea clef caldina emeraude primera aska tatra tarta

The avatars and sprites found here were adopted from Duklyon Cafe.
Character Info

Disclaimer: These images are not my own. They were gathered from various websites over the years and the lists of sites has been forgotten. If you know the original owner of any image contained herein, please e-mail me the name and website of said person so I may give credit where credit is due and create a link to the site. Please be aware that the owner of Duklyon Cafe has a rule that avatars, sprites, and other graphics must be adopted from the home website, not mine. If you like any of these graphics, please click on the Duklyon Cafe link.