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Blur smiles as you start to follow her and she disappears into the adjacent clearing. You push your way through the vines and stop to regard your surroundings.

This side of the clearing is much larger than the other, for one thing. the spring that you've just made your way around was apparently only part of the pool; a large sculpture of rocks continues upward from the watery depths, leaving several waterfalls in its wake and forming a smaller, elevated pool at its peak. You notice a little stone path curving around it like a screw to the top. How the water continuously flows out of the pool without affecting the water level is unknown to you, but you suspect some of Sarnah's magic to be at work here.

The rest of the clearing seems quite a bit more comfortable than the other side. Two hollow logs are here for reclining samanayrs, each with a couple of nests made inside. You also spot a hammock-looking contraption or two dangling from the tree limbs, swaying gently in the breeze.

There's only samanayr here, however; a small, fragile looking mare paddling laps around the little pool. "Gyreetings, Shift," Blur calls, making her way into the clearing and leaning wearily against one of the logs. "I byrought a visitoyr." The mare, not even the slightest bit tired from her exercise, slows and makes her way to the edge of the pool facing you. She pulls herself out of the water, shakes her head to get some of the bigger droplets off, and finally turns to look at you.

She is bright, blood red, with three black stripes running across the front of each of her legs and black hoofs glistening beneath them. Even her eyes are that deep crimson, though her full mane and tail are colored with a rainbow.

She gives you the same once-over that you've given her, and she nods in approval. "Welcome to ouyr gyrove, visitoyr. I am Shift of Flowing Time, though you may call me Shift." She smirks.

"I suppose you've been told about my histoyry?" she guesses, tone droll. You blink, unure of what she's referring to, and she actually looks surprised. "Well! No one's yreally suyre how I came to be, exactly. I know that my payrents ayre fyrom the oyriginal Song of the YRainbow, which has long since dispeyrsed. Thus.. I am an anachyronism, defying time." She flicks one of her ears absently, as if it seeming to have time travelled isn't that big of a deal. Blur clears her throat, and you shift your attention back to her.

"This is wheyre I actually stay, though Mist is fayr too stubboyrn foyr his own good. He loathes Twist and yrefuses to yield his glade to him." She heaves a sigh and seems obviously concerned about the other stallion. Could she perhaps.. have feelings for him? "Oh, well. Not much I can do about it now. Otheyr samanayrs will be taking shelteyr in this part of the gyrove soon. Foyr now, though, I think that we should go." She tilts her head in a gesture towards Shift, who has already slipped back into the water and appears rather contemplative.

"She woyrries about heyr family moyre than she'll eveyr let on. It's just so.. odd. She must have quite a stoyry to tell, if only she could yremembeyr." She gazes at the other mare with pity, then shrugs and points out the grove's exit to you.

You start to walk towards it, parting the ivy and stepping out onto the trail, but pause when you catch movement out of the corner of you eye. You t urn to find an albino mare moving almost silently through the ivy and watching you with a wary red eye. She winces when your gaze meets hers, straightening and proudly lifting her head. Isn't that the mare you met earlier?

"State youyr business, travelleyr," she commands with a light chirp, looking quite dignified for her size. She's smaller than the mare that you first met, and you note that her voice carries the samanayric accent. Her mane and tail, also, aren't as wild and bushy; in fact, they resemble Mist's.

"Are you Mist's daughter?" you blurt out, and she crouches down again, ears pinned back.

"No. I am his sisteyr. It just so happens that I inheyrited my dad's statuyre and my motheyr's coloyring." She smiles wryly. "Mist is a geneyral blend of my payrents, and I'm just a clash of the two, the result of a battle of which tyrait belongs to whom." She gives a short, sad little laugh, and you're once again amazed by the musical tones that always color samanayrs' speech.

"I'm not neayrly as populayr oyr byrash as my byrotheyr, eitheyr, but that's not too bad; I'm not suyre I'd welcome eitheyr of those tyraits." She nods her head, suddenly serious again. "I am called AyrcticSnow~Fall. 'Twas veyry nice to meet you. Maybe ouyr paths will cyross again in the futuyre." She turns and starts slinking back into the greenery, and it isn't long before she's gone.

Name: Shift of Flowing Time Fall of the Arctic Snow
Call Name: FlowingTime~Shift ArcticSnow~Fall
Gender: Female Female
Age: Adult Adult
Type: Normal Normal (Albino Mutation)
Sire: Rainbow'sCall~Catcher BloomingLily~Fire
Dam: UmbraStreaks~Runner ColorsFaded~Ghost
Birthsong: Song of the Rainbow I Song of the Sapphire Flame
Mate/Song: Song of the Final Sunset None
Offspring: None None
From: The Rainbow Hotsprings The Rainbow Hotsprings