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You continue to stroll along the tiny worn path, looking hard to make sure you don't lose the trail. The foliage around you gradually changes from light forest growth to thicker, tightly packed trees and plants. The humidity seems to rise, and even the overall atmosphere changes--no longer quiet seclusion, but more like suspended animation.

"Stop!" At least, that's what you think you hear; it sounded more like a bell clanging than words. You look around to find the source of the noise, and a sing-song whistle draws your attention downwards. There you find a short white equine, no more than two feet tall. It squints up at you with unnerving red eyes, and it's then that you notice its total lack of color--albino?

The creature continues to eye you for a few more moments, then steps back a few paces so you can get a better look at it. "I suppose you've seen a samanayr before?" she intones quietly, head tilting as you regard her. She has insanely long legs, even for a samanayr, and.. wait. Don't they have accents?

"I'm not typical," she continues, taking your lack of response as a no. "If you're looking for an example of my kind you're better off meeting my son, but he's extremely tall for a samanayr, as well. Your best bet would be to go back to Shar and take a portal to someone else's home." She pauses as you blink intelligently.

"I, erm, don't have the accent," she continues, one ear folding meekly down at your undivided attention. "I didn't grow up at Shar or.. in much of a hotspring at all, really. I wasn't around other samanayrs as a youth. My albinoism is a mutation, and, eh.." Both ears are now limp, and she glances about uncomfortably.

"You were about to knock me over!" she suddenly sputters, frowning. "'S'why I had you stop. You guests of the Island really should watch where you're going. There are lots of a creatures here that are *quite* a bit smaller than you and you should be more considerate." You hastily apologize, and she gives a terse nod in acceptance.

"'Tis quite all right. Just be more careful next time. My son's back there if you'd like to meet him." She gestures with her head in the direction of a break in the path concealed by a curtain of ivy, misty steam floating out from gaps in the foliage.

She smiles slyly, slinking around you with her squirrel-like tail moving behind her. "He moved out of our created habitat in the castle /just/ so he could be 'on his own,' but a demon has moved into his glade and a hoard of femmes has taken over the adjoining section, including his new sister. Ironic, ne? He's rarely at home, anyway. Usually out at the Orchard hunting for gods and flirting with the mares." She winks, voice lilting teasingly.

"Seems he's finally settled, too. Got himself a nice song started up. I'm sure he'll make me a Granddam soon." With that, she turns her gaze to the path before her, sauntering down the trail. "Good luck."

Hm.. you never did get her name.

Going back probably wouldn't be too wise. You may continue forward or head towards the clearing.

Name: Ghost of Colors Faded
Call Name: ColorsFaded~Ghost
Dam: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Birthsong: Unknown
Mate/Song: Song of the Sapphire Flame
Offspring: RisingSea~Mist, ArcticSnow~Fall
From: The Rainbow Hotsprings

As a younger adult: