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The hardest language to learn, they say, is english. Aren't you glad you got that one down as a child? Learning hebrew is easy. There are only 22 letters and no capitals, so you have your work cut in half already. Isn't that nice?

First, learn the alefbet. When you master that, then play Alefbet Go. Next, learn the letter sounds and the hard part is over. After you have the alefbet down, it is time to practice new words. Learn them with the vocabulary links, guess them with hangman, and search for them with .....Wordsearch. When you are really good, try to unscramble them from Word Scramble. It may take some time, but I think you will enjoy the journey.

Alefbet Vocabulary Hangman/Search If You Are Really Good
Review the alefbet *Remember to read from right to left Your first ten words w/ study ~ Hangduke ~ Word Scramble
Memory with the alef bet ~ Hebrew Survival Kit Interesting format. ~ Another Hangman ~ Spell the picture
Hebrew Print
~ Scramble Puzzle
~ Word Match
Hebrew Script
~ Scramble Puzzle
~ Word Match - Animals ~ Word Search - Israel Cities
Now play AlefBet Go Lots of words here in a
~ Multiple Choice format.
Now pick up some fonts and visit some Israeli pages.

The links with the " ~ " were created by Dr. Nurit Reshef. Go to her homepage to visit all her other creations.

Bible / Torah

Here is a place you will enjoy. From this page you can go to "Blessings" or "Torah Portions".

  • Read the hebrew;
  • check your pronunciation with transliterations;
  • hear the sound of the language;
  • and even learn vocabulary.
Because... each blessing or parsha is written in english, hebrew, transliterated hebrew and even has audio.

Here are some fun and helpful things to purchase:

  • Get Dr. Seuss or Curious George in hebrew from Blue and White Direct.
  • Order Derech Binah, the primer I use to teach beginning hebrew, from Behrman House.
  • Get some help learning hebrew with Davka software or visit Dor l' Dor fror my favorite software, the mousepad I use, and some great T-shirts.
  • My favorite place for everything jewish is Jewish Source. Request a free catalogue.

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