Welcome! My name is Amber and I'm glad you managed to find my site, Conspiring Chickens. I first got introduced to chickens back in 1995, when I was 9 years old. My dad and I got our first batch of eggs, and we incubated them in our basement. That is where it all began. Since then, I have never stopped learning about and raising chickens. I love to pick them up, pet them, feed them snacks, and just watch them. Raising chickens is very fun, but there is a lot to learn. I started this website when I was 12 (16 years ago!), hoping to find other people who liked chickens as much as I did. I definitely found them. Over the years I have loved hearing from other chicken-lovers and giving any advice I can. If you are looking for information or for an answer to a question try my "How to..", "Info", and "FAQ" pages. If you still have questions after checking those pages, just shoot me an email at aalanders@hotmail.com (Please put "chickens" in the subject so it doesn't go to junk mail!) Thanks and enjoy!

Last updated: 9-13-2015