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The Trebuchet Page

Pictures are courtesy of  Usa-Kusa

The Trebuchet Page  Akronalpult  Pics

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Welcome to the Trebuchet Page!


    The trebuchet is a engineering marvel developed in the middle ages.  It is a type of catapult designed to throw stones on precisely a high trajectory path  to a target (usually a wall or a castle).  It uses a counterweight instead of twisted roped to accomplish this. 

    This page contains high graphic images it takes a very long time to load on conventional modem. So you have two choices to view this page, get a modem with a larger bandwidth or wait!  

    I am of no responsibility to what you do with this information I provide. So if you chose to build one of these dangerous machines YOU USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! These devices involve parts that move forcibly at high speed (most people do not need me to tell you this but here it is for the idiots out there) THESE ARE DANGEROUS!! I do not provide these diagrams and pictures with the intention of using these devices to hurt, maim, destroy, kill, punish, damage, paralyze, mentally damage, scare, or scar people or property. This includes causing general chaos (or siegeing) your neighborhood. This information is provided to give people the chance to have fun with produce (old lettuce is quite fun to throw) on Sunday afternoons. 

    Basic construction is complete for this site, fine tuning is now in progress. More information is to come shortly! 

All graphics and videos on this page are courtesy of Usa-Kusa. Thank You.

Trebuchets Rule

This page was last updated on 01/30/02.

Trebuchet Guy :-)

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