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Chapter 57

"And you remember that time when Spanky ate that bsb tape and she locked herself on her room for a week?" thomas asked as everyone started laughing hard, well everyone but Linda, who didn't thought it was funny at all.

"Ok fine, but I did liked that tape a lot, and if you didn't had forgot to put it back on the place, nothing would have happen"

"ha ha, and Nick you should have seen it, she cried and cried" Thomas added as Linda just sat there by the couch

Mr Schwit started serving drinks all of them.

"And what was it on that tape beauty?" Nick asked

"Forget it, just go on and laugh like everybody else"

"Wait, I remember, what was it that he said?" thomas started as both of their parents continued

"You know I'm not very good with words.." Mr Schwit said

"So, I'll say only one thing.." Mrs Schwit added

"And I'll say it on german"  Thomas then said

"Ich leibe dich" Linda finished as she looked into Nick's eyes

"Yeah, I remember  that Ich leibe dich" he said as he moved close and they kissed.

"Aw kodak moment" thomas said as Linda's parent's started felling a bit uncomfortable

"Well, Thomas, Frederich, come and help me out with the dishes will you?"

"huh? what?" Thomas asked

"Come on!" Mrs Schwit said as she grabbed their arms and literally dragged them to the kitchen

"Alone at last" Nick said moving on top of her and kissing her some more

"Nick, come on I miss you too, but it's my parents house"

"Tell me you never wondered what it was like to do this with me on your parents couch"  he said as he gave her a long kiss

Linda felt her inside born as she felt Nick's tongue playing softly with hers.

"Well, I guess it was better than in dreams"

"Aw I bet it is" he said as they kissed some more.


AJ opened his hotel room's door. The last thing that was on his mind was to come back to that same room. It was if  there on the dark all his ghosts returned to life. he then went to the light  switch turn it on only to see that there was someone laying there on his bed.

"What the hell??"

"Hey AJ,  I was there back home missing you like crazy so I thought what the heck, why don't I join him, so here I am"

"Michelle, I told you this couldn't be, what the hell are you doing here? How the hell did you managed to get in my room?"

"I've got my ways" she said as she walked to him and started kissing him

"No, you just stop it,  you have to leave"

"But AJ I don't have nowhere to go" she said as her eyes started watering

"Shit, how the hell do i always get myself into this? Fine you stay here for the night, but tomorrow you go"

"Ok, now, let me properly thank you" she said as she reached for his jacket and started taking it off

"No, sorry, but no, I'll sleep in the couch" he said as he turned around and left her standing there.

"Damn, it wasn't this time, but you are gonna be mine aj, you wait and see" she thought as she watched him take his shoes off and cover himself with a blanket.


"Well I better get going" Nick said as he got up

"aw I don't want you to leave me"

"come on I call you later, ok?" he said as he gave her a quick kiss on the tip of nose

"Ok" she said as she opened the front door

"Thanks for the lovely evening"

"Oh you're welcome son, I'm glad you liked it" Mrs Schwit  said

"I did, and it was nice meeting you all, but now I really better get going to the hotel, better get a cab or something"

"Ok, so I see you tomorrow?"

"well tomorrow me and the guys have to do this photo shot and then.."

"ok i get it, so at the concert?"

"Oh no, you can come at the afternoon, and then we'll talk ok?"

"Yeah fine" she said a bit sad

"Ok, bye" he said as they kissed


Linda watched him go as he walked down the street to get a cab.

"Gosh I love him so much"

"Well it was one lovely night" Mrs Schwit said to her husband

"Yeah, he seems to be a nice guy"

"He is dad, trust me he is" Linda said


"Mommy, look, I did this just for you" a little girl said as she handed her a drawing "It's me, you and dad, you like it?"
"yeahprincess, it's beautiful"
"Oh wait mommy, I forgot someone"  the girl said as she started drawing some more
"what's that?"
"it's cousin Bennett mommy can't you see it? My boyfriend"
"aw, sorry princess"

"Shit!" Trish waked  up from her dream.

She looked at the couch and saw Howie was sleeping there, he didn't wanted to take the bed, so  had decided to sleep there.

"What the hell was that dream about?" Trish thought as she went to get a glass of water.

She got back in the bed and when she looked at the ceiling she couldn't help a smile when she remembered the look on that little girl's eyes.

"My little girl, my little girl" she said as she turned around and with a smile in her lips she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Chapter 58