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Chapter 58

"Trish?" Howie called as she turned around "me and the guys have a photo shot now, you can call Linda and see if  she can helps you get a doctor ok? and in the afternoon we go to check on things"

"Howie you don't need to worry i can go alone, don't worry"

"Listen, I meant what i said last night, now you go and have some rest"

"Oh shit" she said as she got up and ran to the bathroom

"Well, morning sickness huh?"

"Shit, shit shit"

Howie smiled as he went to check on her "are you ok?"

"yeah, I think I am now,  man this bites"

She said as Howie started laughing  a little.

"look, you order  something to eat and I'll try to get over here as soon as possible"

"Eat? you gotta be kidding"

"No, you gotta eat come on" he said as he helped her out to the room

"Don't worry D. I'll be ok, I'll just call Linda now, you can go"

"you sure?"

"yeah, yeah, you need to go"

"Ok" he said as he gave her a quick kiss on the forehead "You have my number if you need anything, ok?"


"take care" he said as he closed the door behind and Trish started dialling Linda's number

"hmmm... hello?" a sleepy Linda answered it

"Linda? it's me Leticia"

"Oh , it's you T"

"Are you sleeping?"

"Not anymore"

"ha ha, ops sorry about that"

"It's ok, what's up?"

"hmm well I need your help, I need to see a doctor"

"What? are you ok, you bleeding or something?"

"No, no, but I need to check on the baby if  he is ok and all, so I thought if you could help me out, suggest me any"

"Sure, I can call the family doctor he is just great."

"Ok, so can you see if he can check on me this afternoon?"

"well, I can try"

"Thanks, Howie is coming with me"

"Howie? huh? I don't get it"

"Well, I told him I was pregnant, and at first he thought it was his"


"Exactly, but then I told him that well, it wasn't and that what i had with the child's father was something that belonged to the past"

"and what about him?"

"he is just, too nice, I can't help felling guilty and all, but he said he is helping me out with this, so I'll leave when you guys go back to USA."


"yeah exactly, I just don't deserve it, he is just too sweet"

"yeah  Sweet D:"

"yeah, so how was it last night?"

"It went ok, well besides the fact all my family started telling Nick every single thing I was embarrassed of, but well seems like they all got along pretty well"


"yeah, so listen I'll call Dr Peterson now, and then I call you back ok?"

"K, thanks"

"No problem"

"so I see you tonight at the concert?"

"Yeah of course"

"C yah then"

"Yup, bye"


"What's wrong D? Come on focus" Kevin said at the photo shot

"Sorry, lost myself there for a moment, I'm back I'm back"

"Finally" AJ shot back at him as he just looked at AJ not sure of what to say

But Howie could only think of Trish and of that kid she was expecting. Was he doing the right thing? of course he couldn't just abandon her, and well he liked her so much he would do anything just to have her next to him, and he wasn't letting her go away like that.

But what about the kids father, and if he came back? no, no he was just part of the past. So should he give it a try?

"HOWIE!!!" AJ called again

"Yeah, sorry"

"Please can you bring your ass down here for a minute? " he shouted back

"I'm here, I'm here"

"You were very lucky,  he can sees you at 3.30 pm, is it ok by you?"

"yeah, Howie  called me a while ago saying that they would be over like at 2, so I think it's ok"

"At 2? aw I think I'll surprise someone"

"awwwww Nicky boy huh?"

" hi hi hi"

"well thanks "

"You tell me all about it tonight ok?"

"K, k, bye"


Linda  laid back as she looked at the poster she had there in the ceiling.

"aw, this is gonna be fun" she said as she giggled a little


"I thought we were never getting rid of that  shit" AJ said as they walked in the hotel

"Tell me about it" Brian agreed

"One more, "nick look at that side" and I was gonna put his camera so up on his ass it would reach his brain" Nick said as the guys started laughing

"I'm on to some lunch who 's  with me?"Nick asked

"Well Leighanne is upstairs you know"

"And I need some rest" Kevin said

"well I have some business to take care of" Aj said

"And I'm going out with Trish" Howie said as Nick stood there all alone as the rest of the guys entered the elevator

"Fine, just leave me, I'll have lunch on my own" as he  walked to the restaurant

When he arrived there he froze as he saw her sitting by a table, at first he pretended he hadn't seen her but it was too late he had to go by there and talk to her.


"Nick! Aw it's so nice to see you again after all this time"

"What are you doing here?"

"Well haven't lunch can't you see?"

"I mean here in germany"

"Well, the producer from my new album  has a studio here so I'm staying here for a while, I've heard about your tour, seems like you guys are a hit again"

"hmm, well it has been ok, and how's your album going?"

"It's going ok, thanks, but look why don't we have lunch together? I hate to eat alone"

"I dunno"

"Come on, for the old times, here sit" she said as he took the chair and sat next to her

"well, I guess it's ok, what are you having?"

"well just a salad, I'm on a diet you see gotta be on shape"

"Yeah, I remember that about you"

"well, some things never change, but in the other hand, people can really change for the best, trust me and after all I've been through I really had to change"

"I'm happy for you"


Linda arrived the hotel, she asked in the reception if he was in his room and someone told her that he was at one of the restaurants so she decided to go there to make him a surprise. Little she knew.

She walked as her eyes were searching for him, then she saw it.

"Yeah, and Nick, I wanna ask you to forgive me" she said as she hold on to his hand "For all the wrong I did to you, I'm really sorry" she said as she started crying .

Was that the same girl, that made him suffer like he did? No it didn't seemed like.

"look, its forgiven and forgotten" he said as he hugged her "Don't cry"


"bastard" Linda said as she watched the two of them hugging "Always comes back running to that bitch, I was just a hobbie an entertainment while she didn't arrived" she felt tears running down her cheek as she just turned around and got out of the hotel.


"Well, I've found someone I really care for, and with  who I want to be for the rest of my life" he said as he cleaned her tears.

"Oh, I'm glad"

"Yeah, she is just all I ever needed, and well I'm happy, she makes me happy, and I honestly hope you find someone like that some day"


"yeah, but right now I gotta go and call her, ok?


"Thanks for the invitation, but I just can't"

"I understand"

"bye, good luck on your new album"

"Thank you"

Chapter 59