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Chapter 38

"Alicia?" Linda called as she entered her apartment. No one answered, so she closed the door and went to her room, as she walked there she heard some strange noises, so she went to check out on Alicia on the room she was staying.

She opened the door and what she saw made her fell sick, Alicia was there with Ryan, both of them naked , and she just looked like one wild woman, on top of him , turning and spining.

"Oh shit" she said as they stooped and Alicia looked at her

Linda then closed the door, and went to get her keys to just go out of that place but Alicia came chasing her and locked the door, so that she couldn't go out. She was there in front of her all naked, she didn't even had the decency to put some clothes on, and  Linda never felt that sick in her entire life.

"Let me go, let me go" she yelled

"No, listen Linda this isn't what you think"

"Don't tell me Ryan was forcing you to have sex too, you are just sick, and I want you out of my apartment!!!"

"You aren't doing that, you care a bout of me, we are friends, you wouldn't.." Alicia said as she started shaking and for the first time Linda felt really scared of her.

"Friend? just leave me alone" she demanded

"Where do you think you are going?" said Ryan who came from behind her and grabbed her arms "You are staying here with us"

"No, leave me alone!!!!!!"

"Look, honey you are just too nervous, you need to calm yourself down"

"I'll tie her at that chair" Ryan said

"No, take her to the room, and tie her at the bed"

"YOU two are just fucking SICK!!! Leave me alone!"

"Shut UP!" Alicia said as she hitted Linda on the face and she lost her senses

"Go and put her on the room, this wasn't suppose to be like this, but let's do it her way"

Ryan nodded as he took Linda in her arms and went to the room.


Later that night...

"So where the hell is Ryan?" Trish asked the guys of the band

"we just don't know, he hasn't said a word"

"And don't you have his cell number or something?"

"Well, it may sound strange or something but neither one of us does. we just meet for the rehearsals and then here, he is always with his girlfriend and al, we never see much of him"

"Girlfriend? you know her name?"

"Yeah, I've heard he call her a couple of times, her name is... Alicia, that's it, like that cute singer"

"Oh my God"


"Nothing, nothing, can you play without him?"

"well, I think we can adapt the songs without him"

"Fine, I'll go and check on something, you guys get ready" she said as she took a step and started felling dizzy, and next thing she was on the floor.

"Trish? You felling ok? shit, man go on and call Mark or something"  one of the guys said

"of course"

He went to the bar, and called Mark.

"Mark listen. we were talking to the boss, and well she felt dizzy and now she is laying there in the floor shaking and shit" the guy told Mark as Howie stood there listening

"Oh Shit, Lyona take care of this"

"I'm going with you" Howie said

"Me too" Nick added

They made their way to backstage.

"Shit, look at her, what's wrong sweetie, man" Mark asked

"Oh, no, what happened?" Howie asked worried

"It is better we take her to her office or something" Nick said

"yeah" Mark took her on his arms "She is all shaking, Jesus what's wrong with her?"

They made their way to her office and Mark put her on the couch, as she started shaking even more, and rolling her eyes.

"Shit, man she looks like she is possess or something" Nick said

"Shut up, NICK!!" Howie yelled as he sat next to her and hold her hand

"I'll go get some wet towels"

"Trish, honey, listen to me, what's wrong"

"Man, maybe it was better we take her to an hospital or something"

"yeah" Howie said looking at her as he felt helpless

"Here" Mark handed Howie some wet towels and as he cleaned her face she started calming down,

"Man, she is so hot" Howie said as he put a hand on her forehead

"Maybe she has a fever or something"

"Linda..." she said as she slowly opened her eyes

"No, Linda is not here T, it's us" Nick said as she opened her eyes

"Nick... listen to me, Linda is on danger, please go help her please, trust me, I know what I'm talking about, I can fell it, she is on danger, and 'm scared for her"

"Oh shit, are you some kind of physic or something?

"It's a long story, please go as fast as you can"

"I'm going, I'm going"

Nick.." Howie called as Nick was on the door ready to leave " Be careful, there is something in this all story that just doesn't smell good"

"yeah, I know,  I'll be carefull bye"


"Now Trish, what was all this about?"  Howie asked as she got up on the couch looking better.

Chapter 39