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Chapter 39

Linda woke up, her head hurted like hell, she opened her eyes as she saw she was tied up to her bed and Alicia and Ryan were there looking at her.


"No, no, you are gonna stay there till you learn  to behave like a good girl" Alicia said as she went next to her with a knife and started putting it down on Linda's face and Ryan stepped outside.

"You know, you have such a beautiful face, such a lovely skin " Alicia said as she started rubbing the knife up Linda's neck to her cheek "It would be such a pity to hurt it"

"FUCK YOU, YOU ARE JUST SICK!!!" Linda yelled, but inside she was just scared

"DON'T YOU YELL AT ME!!" Alicia said as she smacked her on the face and Linda started crying helpless " Friends don't yell at each other"

"I'm not your friend anymore, that's for sure" Linda said spiting the blood off her mouth on Alicia's face, as she cleaned it with a hand.

"Don't.. don't say that.." Alicia said as she sat on the floor next to the bed and started shaking like a scared little girl.

She stood there for some minutes, Linda saw that she really had problems, mental problems, and in one way she couldn't help felling sorry for her, it was as if all the lies were just because she wanted a friend.

"Linda, please say you are my friend, please" Alicia cried a couple of minutes later

"I.. I.." Linda was speechless

"Look, I know.." Alicia said as she got up and grabbed Linda's thirst "We will be blood sister, then you will not be able to leave me, because we will be sisters"

"What, what the hell are you trying to do, are you out of your mind??? Alicia stop"

Alicia took her hand and draw a line with the knife as Linda yelled in pain.

"No, please" she cried as she saw it

Alicia was out of her mind.

"Now, no one can take you away for me, not that bitch Trish, neither Nick, no one, you are just mine, mine!!!"

Ryan had just came in, but he stood there by the door, watching as Alicia united their bloods.

"Ryan, please help me" Linda cried with fear on her teary eyes

"Well, you had it coming, you just had it coming, you thought yourself as always too fucking good, like you were some kind of a princess or whatever, now you are gonna suffer, like you made me suffer with all your indecisions, with all your nos " he said with an angry tune of voice "Oh noo Ryan, not now, no Ryan " he said " I BET YOU NEVER SAID NO TO THAT JERK"

"Man, you are so sick both of you" Linda cried as she looked at her thirst and saw that the bleeding hadn't stopped.


Nick stood there by Linda's apartment not knowing either if he should knock, or just forget about it, maybe it was just foolish all of that story of Linda being in danger, and well maybe she didn't want him to be there.

He took a deep breath as he rang the bell.


"Shit, damn it who could it possibly be?" Ryan said

"Maybe it is that bitch, Trish man we gotta teach her some manners" Alicia said as she got up and headed to the door

"No , stop it is better not to open the door, you don't really know who it is"

Alicia came back to the room as she put a sock on Linda's mouth.
"Now you be a good girl, and be quiet shhhh"

Linda was out of strength.


"Shit, I knew it was just bullshit, she isn't even home" he started walking as he stopped.

"Better call her, maybe she didn't hear the bell... LINDA? ARE YOU THERE?" he called next to the door.


"Oh my, it's Nick, man I gotta ask for help" she thought. Fear was all over her, as Alicia stood there next to her.

"I just have to do this one move, just one" she thought as she went with her feet and hitted the lighter on the bedside table making a loud noise.

"Shit, YOU  BITCH!" Alicia yelled smacking Linda on the face.


"Shit what the hell was that noise? man T as right" Nick said as he went back and started kicking the door locker with his foot, till it was wide open and he saw Ryan standing there as he heard Alicia yelling on Linda's room.

"What the hell is happening here??" he asked

"Don't move, just leave or you'll regret it"

" I don't think so" he said as he started walking towards him, as Ryan took off a knife as hit nick on his left arm.

"Fuck, you  bastard" He said as he smacked him with his right and Ryan felt right on the flour with his head and lost his senses.

Nick looked at his arm and saw it was bleeding, but he got up and went to get Linda but what he saw made him froze dead.

Alicia was there on top of Linda, threading her with a knife, he could see Linda was unconscious, or maybe .. oh God no... maybe she was dead. As he saw the sheets soaped with blood his heart missed a beat.


Alicia looked at Linda and at the knife she had in her hand, "Oh it wasn't me, you got to believe me Nick, it was Ryan, he was mad and.."

"Spare me the shit will you, leave her alone.."

"No, she's mine, no no" she said as he hold on to Linda's body

"What crazy shit is that Alicia? Leave her alone or I'll call the cops"

"No, No, you don't understand Nick, we are now sisters, and we can't be apart from each other you know.."

Nick was desperate the sigh of Linda in that mad woman's hands, it was all so unreal, just like a bad dream he wanted to wake up from. He started slowly walking towards not wanting to scare her.

"Look, Alicia I know you care for Linda, you would never do nothing to hurt hurt right?"

"... no...."

"So, look, give me that knife and well let's take her to some hospital you see she needs help"

" but then she'll leave me, and she'll forgot all about me" she said as she started sharing some tears "And then I wont be able to protect her and who knows what could happen to her" she said looking at Linda as Nick took a move and grabbed the knife she had on the hand. and took her on the floor.


"Oh no, I don't think so, you need some help, serious." he said as he tied her up with some piece of a sheet.

He then looked at Linda, she had no colour on her face and he was scared, scared of what could have happen to her, scared she would leave him and he would have lost all he ever wanted. A single tear rolled down is face.
He started gently untying her arms and legs as she moved a little and his heart felt a spark of hope.
"Nick..." she called

"Hey sweetie I'm here, don't worry, everything is gonna be ok, don't worry, ok?"

"... I love you..." she said as she went unconscious again.

" I love you too"  He took her in his arms. "Now don't worry, you'll stay here forever"

Chapter 40