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Chapter 37

"Hey Mark, anything for me?"

"Well, bills bills and more bills, and oh yeah, your friend Linda called, she said to you to call her on her mobil, when you have a chance"

"She did?? Oh thanks, I'll be on my little box, ok?" Trish said meaning her office.

"Man, she called me, now I am gonna found out what happened"


Linda sat there at this coffee shop, all she could think of what was Howie had told her, what if he was right and all that was just one big mis understandment? what if, oh no.. She didn't want to think about it, but something inside of her told her that maybe, maybe Alicia could be lying. But why would she do that?
while she was there lost in her thoughts, her cell rang and she looked at it and saw it was the number of the bar.
"Well, I'll give it a try, I'll see what Trish have to tell me"

"Hello" she answered

"Well, it's me, you asked me to call you, so I did"

Linda could see Trish was upset , but she could see she was also worried.

"Well, I just called, because... because I want to hear your side of the story"

"My side of what story? Coz all i could see was that you put me outside, and well I don't even know why you did it, man if I did something at least tell me what it was, don't just push me out of your life like that" Trish said

Linda couldn't help felling sorry her heart was telling her that her friend was being honest.

"But, you didn't tell me.." Linda said as she started crying

"I didn't tell you what girl?"

"You didn't tell me what Nick did to Alicia"

"Huh? Alicia, I knew she had to been on this shit, man listen, be careful with her, I'm telling you she is dark, and there are some stuff you don't know about her, just be careful"

"T, listen I've known her since we were kids, you telling me that I don't know her??"

"Do you?, tell me Do you really know all about her?"

"Yeah, yeah"

"Well did you knew she added something to my drink that night after the concert? Did you?"

"What? you don't know that for sure"

"Well, I don't but I know it was her, I read that in her eyes, and that night, you don't half of the way I felt, lucky enough my prince, arrived..." Trish said as both couldn't help and started laughing hard.

"ha ha , your prince??"

"well I admit it, not just one other regular prince, but hey he helped me, and well I thought I was really gonna die"

"But, she sounded so true, so honest, she couldn't lie about..."

"About what? what did she tell you?"

"Well, she told me, Nick forced her to have sex, he raped her"

"He what??? Man, bullshit, girl yah know I don't fancy Nick's ass that much but I know he wouldn't do something like that, he didn't have to, and sorry but that friend of yours is so secure of herself, like if she is one hell of a fucking star or whatever, and I know she has just been sleeping around... she is a whore"

"Don't say that, she is my friend, and she said she thinks she is pregnant"

"Well, I know you care about her, but I also care about you and that's the reason why I'm telling you this, the last week I've just been around thinking of what the fuck could have happened to you to change this way, but I just had this felling it had to do with Alicia, and so did Nick, and sorry but if she is pregnant she will had some difficulty in finding out who's the father"

"Yeah, seems like you two have been pretty close lately.."

"What do you mean by that??? Man listen to yourself, what have that bitch been poisoning you with? man, yes he has called me a lot, but do you know what is the subject of all our talks? you, you and you... man he is always, man do I miss, the way she laughs, the way her eyes light up when I show up, man... Gotta admit that is well fucking sick sometimes, but listen I know he is being true, and well, you are important to him."

Linda couldn't help a tear when she listened to her friend " I don't know, I just don't..."

"Well I know, I just know"


"Girl common, I have so many things to tell you, I just miss you so much, come here tonight and will talk better about it, ok?"

"You have news, who? AJ, or Howie?"

"Oh, don't go on bitching me, Alex, of course.."

"You know he is engaged don't you"

Trish stood there for a moment ".... yeah, I know, I know"

"Well, never mind, we'll talk about it tonight ok? "

"Yeah sure, ok c yah then"

"And T..."


"I missed you too sis"

"yeah, I know you did. bye take care"

"you too"

Linda stood there looking around the coffee shop smiling, she paid for her coffee and went to her apartment.

"Now I gotta find out what is really happening"


"Hey Howie, it's me T... is Nick around there?"

"Oh sweetie, well Nick is not around here he went out, he had to take care of some stuff about his album and all, but he is really upset, he was intending on talking to you too"

"Well, I've just talked to Linda, and well she told me all that happened, man that is so mad, geeh.."

"I know, I've talked to her too"

"Nick, didn't do that did he?"

"No I can assure you that he didn't forced anyone, in fact I believe she just offered herself like she did.."

"Like she what? Don't tell me you slept with her too?"

"Don't be mad, I just couldn't happen, man it was mad thing, like I was in the man's room, and then the next moment she was there, yah know..."

"Man, sick Howie, just sick..."

"Please don't be mad, it wasn't my fault, I just couldn't help it"

"You man are so weak, but I think I'm just coming to know the true Alicia"

"She is just this sick bitch"

"Yeah and I'm worried about what she could do to Linda, I just think that she has some big issues.."

"Yeah, mental"

"So she fucked any other person known?"

"Yeah, I think she and Bone had something too"

"Huh with AJ?" Trish asked "Now this is gonna get personal" she thought

"Yeah, but you know AJ, he is just so easy" he said as he laughed a little and noticed that Trish wasn't saying anything

"T? you there?" he asked

"O yeah, just thinking about this all , this is wild, well can you guys come here tonight? "

"Oh, well I guess so..."

"Fine, Linda said she would come so we will get things clear"

"Ok, bye"


"And Trish?"


"Are you mad about that thing with Alicia?" he asked

"No, chill, I got it"

" ok, c yah later "


Chapter 38