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Chapter 36

A week later...

It was the guys last week on London, they had take the chance to go, and do some minor performances in other british cities.
Nick, was driving himself nuts, he had called Linda everyday  ever since that night, but he never got the chance to really talk to her, and he was worried sick.

By the other hand, Trish was also worried with Linda, it  had take her some days to try to find her and try to found out what was happening, but when she did it, she saw it was impossible. She had called several times, and nothing, she even went there to her apartment, she knew Linda was there but no one came to the door, she then decided to go and try to catch her at college, but it was helpless, a teacher told her that Linda hadn't come to school in a week, and that so wasn't Linda's thing.


"Shit I thought we were never gonna make it here" Howie said

"I guess, we aren't so dead after all, look at that crowd" Brian added

"Yeah, fells nice though.."

"Yeah, you bet, well I'll go to my home, Leigh is expecting me"

"awwwwww, so everything is ok now?"

"well, it has been one of the greatest weeks, hmm well, expect for or honeymoon and that once we went to.."

"Yeah, yeah, so you are ok, I'm happy for you"

"Yup, thanks" he said as the guys walked at the hotel hall, then he saw her

" hey D. Isn't that Sally?"

"Oh, guess it is, wonder if Aj knew she was here"

"I don't think so..."

"Hey Brian, Howie, how are you? Can you please explain to this geek that I'm AJ's girlfriend and I'm just asking the number of his hotel coz  I want to go there, he thinks I'm some kind of freaky fan"

"Sorry Miss, we have to be sure first" the security guy said

"It's ok, I'll take it from here" Brian said

"Oh, so how was your trip?" Howie asked as they walked to the elevator

"Lousy, I just want a bath and my man.." she said "Is he upstairs?"

"No, I don't think so, he had to check some stuff"

"Oh, ok."

"Oh you're back!!" said Trish as she opened the door and AJ was standing there.

"Man did I missed you" he said as she jumped and put her legs around his waist, she had just come from the shower, had a towel around her, and her hair was still wet.
They started kissing as he closed the door and with her in his arms, he headed to the bed.

"My woman is all clean and fresh, hmmmm"

She laughed, "So how was it there?"

She put her down on the bed, and sat next to her.

"Well, you know the usual, I just missed you a lot"

"Well, we saw each other yesterday morning"

"Yeah, but every moment I spend apart of you, I miss you like crazy" he said as he jumped on top of her and they were both laughing

"Oh Alex, that is creepy"

"Well can't be original all the time huh? But, enough talking already, come here" he said as he went to hod her and she backed out

"No" she said jumping up and down on her bed

"Oh, don't you make me go after you"

"Come and get me if you think you can" she played

"Oh, you are so into too much trouble" he said as he jumped to get her and she started running around the room.

"Oh, I'll get you" he said chasing her


"Hey Alicia I'm going out now" Linda said as she got her purse, she had been closed on her place for a week now, and after all she need to get some sun.

"You think? I think it's better you don't leave look I made you some lunch"

"Thanks but I really want to go out, and stop acting like my mom" she said as she closed the door behind her

"Shit she is turning against me, I can't let that happen" Alicia thought


AJ arrived the hotel a couple of hours later, Leticia told him she had to go to work, he told her he would take her there, but once again she didn't let him do that. After all that had happened there was still a couple of things that he had to found out about her.

"Hey Bone all smiley ain't you'" Kevin said as he saw his friend

"Yeah.. guess I am" he said laughing inside

"Guess you know who is here huh?"

"Huh? what? who?"

"Well, your fiancée man, you didn't knew?"

"Shit, I knew she was coming but not this soon, man, damn"

"Well, she is here and waiting for you in her room"

"K, thanks kev"


Linda walked the so familiar streets of London and it was almost as if it was the first time she did that.

The last week, she had been like dead for the world, and now she was taking her first footsteps. All she wanted was to pass I rubber on that last week, forget all about what happened, all about T, all about Nick, all...

But that would just take some time.


Nick was staring at his mobil, he couldn't stop thinking he had to find a way to talk to Linda, but all he tried was hopeless.

"Hey Nick what are you doing?" Howie asked peaking at the door

Nick woke up from his gaze "Oh  noo, nothing"

"Well, talked to Linda yet?"

"No" he said "I just don't know what else to do"

"Give it a try now"

"Well, I've been trying and it is always off, don't think ..."

"just a give it a try who knows?"

"well, yeah ok.." he said dialling her number till he heard it was calling "Shit D. You talk to her"

"Huh? Common"

"No, D if she sees it is me I'm sure she will not speak to me, common"

"Hello?" a week voice answered

"  Please" Nick mouthed handing Howie the cell

"Hey chica how are you doing? long time no seen, well I missed you"

"Oh, Howie I haven't been that well..."

"Well I can see that in your voice"

"Well, how did you think I would be after all that happened"

"Alll that happened? Don't know what you are talking"

"Oh , please Howie .. don't tell you didn't knew about..."

As she gave him all the details about the story Alicia had told her.

"WHAT?? And you believe it?"

"Of course I believed it, she sweared"

"Look, Linda listen, if other person told me that, then maybe I would think about it, but let me tell you I don't trust that Alicia, and I know Trish better than that"

"Howie I understand you have feelings for Trish, but I know better than that"

"Linda, this has nothing to do for what I fell for Trish, do you really think Nick that Nick would ever do that to someone??"

"I don't know.."

"You don't? But  I do, I know that is just bull shit, sorry but you should not believe everything they tell you"

"But... "

"No, I know this week just has been like hell to Nick, and you don't know how much it hurted him to know you were on pain, take good care girl, I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but I just think you should hear the two sides of the story"

"I dunno, I just dunno, but anyway thanks Howie,  you are one great guy"

he laughed a little "yeah yeah, I've heard that"



"So what  did she tell you, what?" Nick asked Howie as he turned the mobil off and handed it.

"You'll never know, you'll never know"

Chapter 37