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Chapter 33

"Man I trusted her, I fucking trusted her" Linda said as she was walking around the room, she was about losing it all as the phone rang.

"Maybe it's T it's better the machine get it" she thought as she sat at the couch

"Hey Linda it's me Alicia, I know you are there, please pick up"

"Oh hey"

"Hey Linda, I'm scared, Nick has been calling me threading me not to tell anything, and I think I'm.."

"You think you're what?"  Linda asked as she felt Alicia crying

"I didn't want to tell you, but I think I'm pregnant"

"YOU'RE WHAT???" Linda yelled into the phone

"Well, I'm late and I'm never late, Linda I'm so scared he wants to hurt me" she lied

Linda felt like someone smacked her in the stomach, the beautiful dream she had lived was now a complete nightmare.

"Alicia, hear me, move in with me, I'll kick Trish out, and you come and live with me, I'm gonna help you"

"You're sure? man , thank you, I can't rely in noone, i don't have any friends, you're my only hope"

"Yeah, you pack and come right here"

"Thanks friend. i'll come right away, I'm so scared.." Alicia said

"Don't worry, c you then"

"Bye" Alicia said as she cleaned away the false tears and behind her Ryan started clapping.

"If I didn't knew I could never tell you were lying"

"I WASN'T LYING!!!" I was just acting" she said

"Dam good actress you are, and she felt for it?"

"Of course she did, of course she did!"


Later that night

Howie entered the bar with Nick, the other guys decided to stay in the hotel, Brian had still to make up for the time he had lost, Kevin was home sick, or better saying wife sick, and AJ said he had an head ache, that was new.

"Hey Mark"

"hey Howard"

"So, where is Trish?"

"Hmm, guess she's around there, today this isn't really crowdy."

"And linda, did she came?" Nick asked

"No, she didn't.."

Nick looked disappointed.

"I'll go there and talk to trish, be right back, please Nick, behave, ok'"

"Don't worry D I'm ok, I just need a drink, Mark please give me a beer"

Howie walked in-between the crowd towards her office. he then knocked in the door.

"Trish, can I come in?"

"Yeah sure, hey Howie"

"Hey" he said as he saw a man standing there with her

"This is my boss"

"I've told you before not to call me that.. hey I'm Steve"

"Howard, Howard Dorought" he said as he they shacked hands

"Oh you are on a group, aren't you?"

"Yeah I am"

"The Backstreet boys, yeah I like your music"

"Oh thanks"

Trish I've been hearing some rumours that they hang here, but well I never believe it, why didn't you tell me something huh?"

"Well, i guess, i never thought it was important"

"Oh you didn't, so you are the reason of all the crowdy movement, huh"

"Oh, Steve I don't think so, I think it's coz of Trish, she is a great professional, and she picked a nice band an those amateur nights, are just amazing" Howie said as Trish started laughing remembering of that night

"Yeah, I have an eye for this things, and this girl is just a jewel, sometimes a pain in the ass, but a jewel" he played

"Yeah I know that" Howie said as he looked at Trish and smiled.

The night went on normally, Trish and Howie talked, she explained to him what she was felling, that she wasn't sure of what she felt for him, she knew she liked him a lot, as a friend, and he understood but said he would do anything to win her heart, and all he wanted was a chance. She didn't answered it, she felt bad about it all, so she said it was better for both of them to be friends for a while, he then asked he wanted her to go with him on the tour.


"Yeah, look this isn't like the other , we will just do a couple of shows everywhere and you know simple, and I want you to be there if not as my girlfriend, as my friend, so?"

"Well, I'll think about it, I'll just think about it"

"Well fine by me, at least you didn't just said No at my face, common me and Nick will take you home"


The three arrived at the door of Linda's apartment, only to see all of Trish's suitcases, and a couple of cds, and Nick's necklace with a note:

"What the hell?" Trish said as Nick took the necklace and started reading

"What the fuck? Look Trish" as he leaned her the note and she read.


I trusted you, never thought you could be this way, not telling me the truth if you wanted to be with Nick, you could tell me, no need to lie to me.

For all you did, I guess i just can't trust you no more so I asked you to leave and never talk to me again.

Give Nick his fucking stupid necklace and tell him, he's lucky I don't  sew his ass, he is just the most disgusting human being on the face of earth.

"I don't believe this shit, what's wrong with this girl?" Trish said

"Man, i knew she would be angry with me, but this?"

"AND WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE TO DO WITH IT?"  Trish yelled as she went and knocked on the door "LINDA OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!! COM'ON!! "

"Ok something is wrong" howie said

"Linda, honey it's me Nick we need to talk, open the door please" Nick said


"I'll go Linda, but I promise I'll come back, you have a lot to explain miss" Trish said as she asked the help of the two boys and picked her luggage.

"I guess I gotta find an hotel, or something"

"Why don't you stay in our?" Howie asked

"Nah, I'll get something , simpler, and cheaper, I'm sure we are gonna clear things soon, Nick I really don't know what happened but I think it isn't just that interview... it has more to it"

"Yeah, I agree with you.."

Chapter 34