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Chapter 34

Trish arrived at a little hotel near by, and after she said goodbye to Nick and Howie she went straight to her room, it had been one long night and all she dreamed of was of a hot shower and a good bed.

The shower she had taken care of, but about the bed, well it wasn't a princess bed, but  she just needed to sleep, maybe a good night of sleep could clean things out, could make that bad felling she had go away.

That was what she needed, some peace, and a good night of sleep.

Nick was turning around in his bed, there was no way he could sleep. He then picked his mobil and dialled AJ's number.

"AJ, are you awake?"

"What kind of question is that dumb ass, I'm talking to you ain't I?"

"Yeah, but like it's.." as he looked at his bedside clock "it's 4.15, man"

"so?  I just can't sleep Nick, I've been wondering here, I'm going nuts, I can't sleep"

"Yeah Bone, me neither, You should see what happened in Linda's place, man me and Howie we went to take Trish home and then all her stuff was at the door, Linda throw her out, and she left the strangest note, about me and Trish, and, I just... damn"

"Seems like big shit.. what a mess"

"Yeah tell me about it, worst then getting yourself into problems is being there and not even knowing how or why"

"Yeah, I'm sorry for you my boy"

"Yeah but I guess I deserve it, man the stuff I've been doing lately, hugh.. and now a girl shows up and I really like her, and well it's my fault.."

"Common Nick, don't ok? I'm depressed enough for an army"

"Oh, yeah, your secret girl, right?"

"Well nothing secret about her, she is just someone really special"

"Seems like those are the worst kind, look at me, and look at Howie, but well at least they are still friends.. well but look at me"

"Friends huh? And what does D think about it all?"

"Dunno, dunno, but well I guess he likes her a lot, and well it is gonna be hard on him"

"Man, damn hour we started this tour, damn hour we end up on bloody foggy London"

"Man, you are pissed"

"Yeah, I'm pissed coz I just can't take the music of her laugh of my mind, because when I close my eyes all I can see is her beautiful eyes, because I'm engaged with a woman I don't love but who I don't want to hurt, because....."

"wow I think I gotta it now, man never thought I could see you that way"

"Yea I never thought I could fell this way"

"But , I guess that is nice"

"Yeah, I think that too, and I ain't gonna give up on her, no way"



"ha ha "

"yeah now I gotta go"

"Yeah I see, good luck Bone"

"Yeah thanks, bye"


Nick turned his cell off as he looked at the clock again, it was now 5.00 am.

"What the hell is Bone gonna do at 5 am?" he then laughed "He is one crazy dude" he said as went back to his bed

"Gotta find a way to find out what's wrong with Linda... At any cost"


AJ got dressed and got his cell and jacket.

"It is now or never" he thought as he closed his hotel door behind him.


Linda couldn't sleep either, she had cried all afternoon and  all night through, she still couldn't eat a thing, in 24 hours she had faced the sweetest and the bitterest. She felt love and now she faced hate, all the hate she felt for the world, for Nick, for the ones who disapointed her.

Alicia was sleeping now on Trish's room, they had talked and talked, and every single time she told her the way Nick forced her to had sex with him she felt even more sick with herself, she told her he was drunk, and that he hitted her , but Linda just didn't want to believe that, she couldn't face the fact that the same guy that was there laying next to her in the bed earlier, was the same that did that to Alicia.

"I will never forgive him, Never!!!" Linda said sited there in the dark of her room


Trish woke up of her dream with the sound of her cellular.

"Shit, man who could it be at this hour?"

"Hello?" she answered

"Look, before you hang on me just listen, I'm here on a damn street of London, and all i want is to talk to you, clear things out.."


"No buts you just give me your address and I'll be right there"

"I don't think that's such a good idea"

"I don't care what you think, this time I'm just gonna listen to my heart, and do what it tells me too, and at this moment he is telling me that I gotta find a way to go after you, and right now I would chase you to hell if that was necessary"

Trish stood there for a while, still half awaked, confused with those words,


"Ok, ok, I am at this hotel..."

"Ok, I'll be there in a sec!"


Nick still wasn't sleeping, in his mind thoughts of what's and if's were running wild.

"man, if Bone went after his happiness, I just can't stay here doing nothing, shit time to play fucking Romeo" he said as once again he picked his cell and dialled Linda's home number.

"Hello?" Alicia answered

"Alicia? what are you doing there?"

"Nick, don't call me no more, LEAVE ME ALONE, LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled as she turned the phone off

"What the fuck, that girl is into something, and I'm gonna find out what it is"


"Who was it Alicia?" Linda called from her room

"It was Nick, again, man he doesn't leave me alone always threading me, I'm scared" she lied

"Don't worry, everything is gonna be ok, I'm here for you" Linda said


 "Oh, come on in AJ" Trish said opening her hotel room

"Hey, nice pjs" he said laughing a little of her Pink panther pjs

"Man, bare me, what were you expecting? that I would be here waiting for you all dressed up?"

"Well, not really, you look sweet that way" he said

"Yeah yeah, are you coming in or what?"

"Yeah, man yeah" he said as he stepped in

"This isn't properly a 5 star hotel, but take a sit, or better sit there by the bed"

"Yeah, thanks" he said looking at her suitcases there in the flour "What's up with this hotel shit? What are you, on tour or something?"

Trish laughed a little "Nah, I'm just on the move, I'm trying to find a place of my own" she lied

AJ sat there at her bed, as she went under the covers.

"Forgive me, but I'm cold, you can talk"

AJ, smiled as he looked at her face, that girl was so at ease with him, like if she had new him forever, like  they had some kind of connection, that was crazy shit, it was almost like she could read his mind...

"So, you're here to look at me, or what? If so, sorry but I really need my sleep"

"Nah, man I need to talk to you"

"So talk"

"Man, why are you always on defensive girl? man you drive me wild"

Trish let out a big laugh.

"Man, AJ don't I let you come here as friends, nothing more, it's just that"

"Do You wanna be my friend? " he said looking at her eyes " Tell me honestly do you want JUST to be my friend?"

Chapter 35