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Chapter 32

"So, and what about that new pack of drinks we were expecting?"

"They're here already" Mark answered

"Great, so I guess I'll just go to my office, the boss is coming tonight and I just ain't felling very well.

"You look a bit down, what's wrong?"

"Man, I just didn't had a good night of sleep"

"If you don't want to tell me, no need to lie me"

"well.. sorry, I should have know better,  just I don't really want to talk about it"

"You know I'm here when you want to talk ok?"

"Ok, thanks, you're great, I'm just so lucky for working here"

"yeah, we are lucky to have you too"

"Thanks, i do my best, I''l just go to my office now"


Trish walked to her office and as she opened the door, a terrible pain hit her on the head and she almost lost her balance.

"What the fuck?"

She slowly walked to her office and she sat on the chair, she was having difficulty to breath and her heart was beating liek 10000 per minute.

"Shit, no, not again, man I'm so sick of this, I'll call my mom" she picked the phone as she dialed that so familiar number.

"Hey mom, it's me again, I just felt again... I'm scared.. you know what happened the last time, this happened. .......No latetly I've been normal, like I havent felt anything, and like nothing, but I just got into the office and I felt dizzy and well took me a few minutes to get my breath back....... Yeah i know, granny was this way, but I just don't want this, I just wanna be normal, don't wanna fell this strange, and everytime it comes I just try to forget all about it.. but now..... Mom remember last time I felt this way uncle David had an accident, and the time before, my friend Sandra, always people I cared for.. I'm just scared mom, I don't want any of these I never did... yeah thanks, make sure everyone is safe back home... I'll call you later. Bye.. Love you!"

"Man, I'm scared" Trish said to herself


"Hey it's me... She bought it, now it's your turn, go to her place ..... yah know what to do.... good luck" Alicia turned her cell of as she looked up at Linda's apartment window, this was gonna be so easy.


"Oh shit, who is it this time?" Linda said as she went to get the door "Oh it's you Ryan, how did you knew where I lived"

"Well, I've got my ways, i just thought I could come to payyou a visit, didn't knew if you were at school orsomething, but I came anyway" he lied

"Oh, so come in"

"Are you ok?  You don't look that good"

"Yeah, my world just went down, but that a sit" he stepped inside

"Well, I'm here if you wanna talk"

"Oh, well, it's ok, I don't fell like it"

"Are you sure?", he said as he put his arm on her shoulder

"Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok"

"You know you've got me here for what you need" he said moving closer to her, as she started felling unconfortable

"Yeah, i apreciate it, so tell me how's life back in old germany?" she asked trying to change the subject

"Things were a bit grey, so I decided to go find the reason of my life"

"yeah, so you're dream is music, nice"

"No, I came, after you Linda, I always did love you, I'm just sorry I screw things up, I'm here with my heart wide opened, asking you for a chance, to prove that I can really make you happy"

Linda stood there some minutes wondering if she could believe the words he was telling her, she had trusted Nick, and all she got was that heart ake, but Ryan...

"Please" he said as he hugged her really close

"well, ok" she finnally agreed

"Man, i love you so much Linda" he said as he looked at her and started kissing her

"Ryan, stop, let's go slowly" she said as she got up "It's better you go now" she said as she opened the door "I've got a head ake, and I need to get some rest"

"well, ok sorry"

"No, it's ok, I just really need some rest, I'll call you later"

"ok honey, he said as he gave her a quick kiss"

"Bye" she said as she closed the door and she sat on the floor.

"What is happening to me God? Why did I fall in love with that creep?"  warm new tears started rolling down her face, was it possible to fell bigger pain?


"Howie, do me a favour will you? Can you give me Trish's number, I gotta call her, gotta now if linda listened to that interview"

"If I were you I wouldn't do that, I wouldn't give him you're woman's number,man lok at him..." AJ said as the guys stood there after a meeting they had with the BBc directores about a live perfomance they were foing to do.

"Nah, I know Nicky boy wouldn't do nothing with Trish.." he said as she took his cell of his pocket and leanded it to Nick

"ewww she's your girl, no way, man, no way, we have a promisse remember ? never to mess up with any of the guys girls?" said Nick as he started searching for Trish's number

"Yeah, sure I remember it, I was the one who brought it up" answered AJ

"I think I'll just called her to the bar"

"yeah, it's the best"


"Hey Mark, wazzup? it's Nick .... well is T around there? I need to talk to her... sure, I'll wait"


"I gotta find out if what Alicia told me is truth, i better call T, she has a lot to explain" Linda thought as she went and picked her phone and dialed the number of the bar.

"Hey Mark, so is T there?.... oh she is on the other line talking... to who?.... oh Nick Carter?... nah don't tell her I called, I'll talk to her later.. bye"

"Man, it's truth, all she said, all she said."


"Yes Nick, we were listening to it, and man you really did it this time"

"But she had to understand it, I just..."

"Well I know that, but she's special, and she can be easily hurten, so I guess  you gotta clear things up"

"Yeah, i'll do that, you know T..."


"I really don't wanna loose her"

"I can fell that, I really can fell it"

"Thanks, you know? you aren't that bad after all"

"Ain't I? oh you know little of me, and like I told you once..."

"Ok, girl calm it down, ok' look Howie is here he wants to talk to you"

"Nick, don't I've got a lot to do, i just.."

"Hey Trish, how are you darling?" Howie asked

"I'm ok, I guess and how are you?"

"yeah, I'm fine, just i think we have some stuff to clear out, you know, we really need to talk"

"Yeah, I know"

"So, I'll see you tonight?"

"Yeah sure"

"Bye, "


Trish stood there looking at her cell, what could she do?

Chapter 33