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Chapter 31

"Nick, I need to talk to you" Howie called as the guys were leaving the radio station

"Yeah, I know what you wanna know, but I just couldn't say I have a girlfriend.. not yet, I gotta see what happens first"

"Yeah I understand you, just and if..."

"If she was listening to it? " Howie nodded "Yes that thought didn't leave my head the all interview, but the words just came out, yah know"

"Like, I told them about Trish"

"Well, you watch it buddy, she's not a regular type of girl"

"Yeah neither is Linda, neither is her"

"That must be the reason they got us huh?"

"Got us bad, really bad" Howie added as they both laughed and AJ came behind them and put his arms around their necks

"What are you guys laughing about?" as he looked at them "Oh, women right?, yah know I am THE one to talk about it right?"

"We've heard it, we've heard it" Nick played

"So tell me, AJ, who's that mystery lady you talked about earlier?"

"Hmm, someone special, really special, but.."

"But what?" Nick asked

"Sally is coming on tour with us"

"OHHhhh" Nick and Howie said

"so, you guys see.."

"Yup, she'll be on your trail all the time" Nick said

"She's a great girl, but.."

"You just don't love her" Howie added

"Bingo! hmm I'll just call my woman I already miss her"

"Awwwwwwwww" Howie joked

"Man, grow up D!" he said as he took his cell as they entered the limousine

"ha ha "


"Linda you want something to eat?" Trish asked to Linda who was locked in her room

"No, I'm not hungry"

"But, you have to eat, I did that pasta you like so much"

"I just don't want it, now leave me alone"

"Ok, I have to work, but we need to talk, will you be at the bar tonight?"

"No, I don't wanna go nowhere"

"Linda, listen, you call me later, we need to talk"

"Yeah, yeah...."

"Bye, I'm leaving" Trish said as she picked her jacket and opened the door as her cell rang.



"Hey, How yah doing?"

"Oh, AJ, I'm ok..." she said with a sad tune of voice

"You're sure? you sound a bit down"

"NO, I'm ok! was that all you wanted to know? "

"Hey, no, I missed you"

"Yeah sure AJ.."

"And why are you calling me AJ? You never did that"

"I'm doing it now, see I'm just ..... ughhh"

"What? what? explain woman!"

"Man, I'm just sick of this world, of all the lies, of all the false love.. of of"

"What? what do you mean by that?, are you talking about us?"

"If you understood it that way"

"Listen, I was true to you today, I really had a great time and you're special and ..."

"Listen AJ, special isn't enough, but don't worry I understand, we had a nice time, let's just .. be friends " she said felling like she could die of all the pain it was causing her to say that.

"What?? What do you mean by that girl?"

"It was too good to be truth, and before you break my heart.."

"Break your heart, what do you mean by that? I'll never gonna break your heart"

"How original, huh? AJ, You're engaged, and sooner or later you'll just realize that this was a mistake and you'll go back to her, and I'll be left here with just a broken heart, so it's better for both of us to just end it here, bye" she said as she turned her cell off, and tears started rolling down her face as she quickly cleaned them away and headed to her work.

AJ just stood there not believing what he had just experienced.

"What?" Nick asked

"I guess I screw up, again"

"Welcome to the club" Howie said as he turned his cell off "T isn't answering  her cell, I wonder what's up"

"Man you're sad" Kevin said looking at the three guys at the limo

"Leave it cos, they're just young, in love, and single.."

"Man, don't even know what is it like no more" he said "Shit, man forgot I gotta call Kris" he said as Brian laughed and all the other guys looked like they had just been punched in the stomach.


knock knock

knock knock

"I'm coming I'm coming, I swear if it's you T and you forgot the keys , I'll.." Linda said as she opened the door to her apartment and saw Alicia standing there

"Hey, How are you?" Alicia said "You look like shit girl, what's wrong?" she asked when she noticed the fact Linda had been crying

"Oh, nothing I'm ok, I just had some fever, that's all , that's why I didn't went to school and all"

"Oh, you need anything?" Alicia said as she entered the appartment and sat on the couch.

"No, I'm ok.. just need some sleep and all"

"Linda, why aren't you honest with me?"

"Huh? what do you mean by that?" she asked

"I think I know you, what's wrong?" Alicia asked as Linda looked at her, and she felt that she was about to cry

"Man, it's just me, I'm so dumb" she said as she sat next to Alicia

"No, you aren't girl"

"I'm just so stupid, damn, and I really thought he really loved me, and..."

"Huh? what? who?"

"hmm, Nick, well we've been seeing each other and last night it was just so amazing, and silly me I thought he loved me , and.."

"well girl, he is just a damn player, and I didn't knew you liked him, but , but.." as she covered her face with her hands "He forced me to have sex with him, and well he is big, and I just couldn't " as she pretended she was crying

Linda stood there in shock of what Alicia was saying.

"Man, it was like he raped me, but you know me , I just couldn't go to the police, it would be a scandal and all, and I don't want none of that.. "

"Alicia, you could have tell me.. man Why didn't you?" she asked as she hugged Alicia "Who would believe me? Your friend didn't..." she lied

"What? you told T, and she didn't told me anything?? Man I fell sick..."

"Yeah, you were at school and well I told her to tell you, but I just guess she likes him too, and so.."

"What??? I don't believe this"

"Look, I know you like her and all, but do you really know her? look I'm Alicia, we went to school together"

"Yeah, I thought I knew her, but.. Guess I was wrong."

"Linda, I'm so scared"

"Don't worry" she said as she hugged her "He is not gonna come close to you, neither one of us" she said as she felt herself crying hard.

Chapter 32