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Chapter 30

"Hey Howie, what are you doing here so soon, I thought you and Trish were going out.."

"Yeah I thought the same too, ..."

"So what happened?"

"she just wasn't home, guess she didn't received the note or something"

"Yeah, that's it... he said conforting his friend

"But guess who was there at their place?"


"Nick, and looked all happy"

"What? he and Linda finally .."

"Guess so, at least someone is happy."

"Man, Howie, common, let's check on Brian and Leighanne or something"

"You think so?" he said raising one of his eyebrows

"hmm... ok you've got a point, but look let's get lunch ok? the two of us"

"And where is J?"

"He went out"

The two boys looked at each other then they said "Chicks!!"

"yeah must be, I thought it was serious with Sally"

"Nah Kev, I know AJ, and he really doesn't love her"

"Yeah, but he is very grateful to her"

"Yeah, but that isn't love... and by the way how is Kristin"

"Oh boy, do I miss my woman.. I guess she's ok, we talk like 5 times a day, but man I really miss her"

"See that is love"

"Yeah guess so"


"So.." AJ said

"So.." Leticia said miming him

"When will I see you again?"

"Hmm, whenever you want Alex" she said moving closer to him. They were now walking around the park holding hands, both of them looking like they were on cloud n 90000

"So you say where you work, and I'll pay you a visit"

He said as she backed out, and AJ noticed it.

"What's wrong honey? Why don't you want me to know where you work or where you live?" he said holding her chin

"well, coz , well maybe you wont like what you'll find out"

"Man, girl, what's up with that shit? man you know me better than that, I don't care where you work at, or what kind of job you have, I'm really liking you, and I just asked you that so that I could be closer to you, but if you don't want to tell me, just don't..."

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, it's just that ..."

"Man I got it.. You're a drug dealer huh?" he joked and Leticia cracked out laughing hard

"See, I made you laugh, and I love the sound of your laugh"

"Yeah, you made me laugh"

"Ok, so, let's just forget about it babe, you tell me when you're ready, I just want to spend some time with you, let's see what happen ok? one day after the other"


"Now come here" he said as he hold her close , and Leticia felt a tear roll down her face.


Linda narrating

Now I know what heaven fells like. and like the song goes: "Baby you're all that I need, when you're lying here in my arms, it isn't too hard to see, we're in HEAVEN"

It just fells so right, like it never felt before.

I'm here standing on my  bed, thinking of all those good moments we went through here, looking at the necklace he forgot here, holding a pillow. It still has his smell, I know he left, but I never was so sure of someone being with me, it is as if, he never did left me, like he was laying here with me at this moment.

This was the Nick I did imagine like, all my fan dreams, all my fantasies, the sweet look in his eyes as we made love, the tender words, all, all like I imagined, and man the sex. that boy is fire, I'm still here trying to catch my breath, but it's  all so perfect.


"T, where were you? Howie came here looking for you"

"Man, don't just don't" she said as she went by the sofa and started crying

"Aw sweetie, I'm sorry what's wrong?"

"I'm in love" she cried out

"But that is no reason to be like that is it?"

"Yes it is"

"So you're in love with Howie, you know he likes you a lot and.."

"No, I'm not in love with Howie, I'm in love with AJ!"


"Yeah, and every time I fall in love things just don't work out, I can't be in love not with him not with anyone" she cried louder

"No, sweetie, love is a nice thing, common, I'm sure things will work out, you just have to clear things out"

"No, Linda look at me, I'm in love with some boy band dude who is engaged with some girls named Sandy or sally or whatever, and by the other hand his best friend loves me and thinks I'm his own fucking girlfriend, so tell me how will things work out?"

"They will, don't worry" Linda said as she hugged Trish, and Trish started crying harder


"Common Bone, you're late, what's up with hat cheesy smile?!" Kevin asked

"Wouldn't you like to know, ha ha" he said as he went by Howie

"Man that girl is so amazing" he told Howie

"Well, leave your sexual details to yourself, ok Bone?"

"Man it's nothing like that, dude, no sex involved, well just some kisses but nothing more"

"Well that's new. So who is it this time?"

"That girl I helped remember? She's like amazing, she has this sweet side of her, and by the other hand she's all strong and determinated, a survivor, I bet she has been through a lot of shit on her life"

"Oh independent woman huh? Be careful mine is like that, and now I'm in deep shit"

"Problems huh? we'll talk about it later ok?"

"Common guys we have like 5 minutes to be there"

"Hey we're going we're going" AJ said


"Common Trish, Nick told me the guys were gonna do an interview for some radio station let's go on and hear it, like the old times, we are now officially just fans ok?"

"Yeah sure" Trish said as Linda tuned the radio on

DJ: We are here with the Backstreet boys, well doesn't really makes sense anymore calling you guys boys, because you are all now man, some married.
Kevin, Brian any Backstreet babies any soon?

Kevin: who knows who knows? Kevin said as he took a look at his cousin

DJ: "Yeah, ok, so, and what about the rest of  you guys, who's marrying next?"

AJ: "I guess maybe that will be me, coz well I'm engaged but who knows, who knows?"

"SHIT you heard that Linda, you fucking heard that??" Trish asked as Linda nodded

DJ: Oh you're engaged, that is nice, but fans we still have Howie

Howie: Oh not really I found someone, dunno what will come from there but I really like her a lot, and I hope the fans will understand it, as they did with the rest of the guys"

"OH well I guess he was talking about you" Linda said


DJ: I'm sure they will, and good luck for that

Howie: Thanks

DJ: And what about you Nick, don't tell me like the rest of the guys you have found someone?

Nick: well.. no, I'm still single girls there is still hope for the Backstreet boys

DJ: Oh I see, so and tell me something about the new album..

Linda went on and turned the radio off.

"Linda?" Trish called "You've gotta understand it, he just can't officially confirm he is seeing someone, man he is the damn cutie of the group"

"Linda? Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine I just need to be alone" she said as she went to her room

Chapter 31