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Chapter 29

"Baby bye bye bye"

Came from Trish's radio alarm clock.

"Shit what's wrong with this fucking radio stations?" she turned it off as she saw it was 10.05.

"Man gotta get ready, soon, man I slept like..." as she tried to count it "I slept 4 hours!!! man I must look like shit" she said as she tried to look at herself in the mirror "Bingo! I have a date with Mr Alexander Mclean, and well I look like fucking Frankestein daughter or something"

She took a shower and got into one of her old T-shirts as she headed to the kitchen.

"Man I need food" as she opened the fridge and went to find some yoghurt

"Hey.. Good morning" Nick said as Trish hitted with her head on one of the inside parts of the fridge.

"Shit, fuck.. damn" she took her head off the fridge just to see Nick on his boxers laughing at her

"Man what are you doing here?"  she asked

"Well I was kinda hungry, and Linda is kinda hungry so I came to see what you girls have to eat around here"

"I'm not asking about that, I mean you here, at our place"

"Well, can't you picture it? or do I have to make you a drawing?"

"Look mister" Trish said pointing a carrot at him  "You better don't mess up with my girl, I know she's all that innocent and all, and she has this golden heart, but you just ain't playing with her, and breaking her heart or I'll personally kick your ass so bad, you'll wonder where it went"

Nick raised his hands up "Man, I hope that carrot isn't loaded girl"

Trish couldn't help but laughing, as she looked at the carrot that she had on her hands "I'll let you live this time.. But if you screw things up You'll regret it.. I promise, You're gonna regret it badly"

"Look T..."

"Don't call em T, she does and I swear if she starts talking like you, man I'll hunt you... "

"I've heard it , I've heard it... But like I was telling you Trish.."

"call me Leticia, Miss Leticia" she said as she sat on the counter

"hey neat name, but like Mademoiselle Leticia..." he joked

"Hey watch it boy"

"Can I speak for God's sake????"

"Yeah.. I guess so"

Nick took a deep breath " Man, I know, I've got my problems, and well seems like lately everything good I have I just screw it all, but well I guess with Linda it is different, she's special, and well I admit it, at first I just wanted her to be one night thing but, I just couldn't, every time I saw another girl I just started thinking about her smile, the way her skin touches mine, her smell, the look in her eyes as we.."

"I got it for God's sake Nick.. "

"Yeah anyway, I think she is really what I needed  to change, and last night, well it was so amazing, it was almost like she was this little helpless creature that needs me to survive, and I never had anyone like that in my life, someone that really needs me, for what I am, and even though I've did so much shit to her, she just kept there and well, I guess I should give it a try"

Trish stood there a few minutes, she could see that deep inside of him he was behind true, and well when she looked at his eyes, all she could see was a hurted boy, trying to grow, that truly needed someone who loved him.

"So,? "

"Hmm.. I guess I'll give you a chance" Trish said as she took an apple and walked towards her room.

She looked back "Just.. Nicky boy please.. No walking around the place in boxers, if you want you do whatever shows you want to Linda, but man, I've seen your ass too many times on her posters, so I don't need to have that mental image on my head"

"Admit it, you like it"

"You little crap" she said as she throw him the apple she was eating  and it hitted him on eye

"Shit.. I guess you like them more latin huh? like Howie"

"Yeah you bet it"

"you know he likes you a lot..."

"yeah I know" she said as she walked to her room and she saw Linda there in the corner, crying

"What's wrong honey?"

"he, he is just so amazing"

"You've heard us huh?" Linda nodded

"Well I guess he isn't that bad after all, now I gotta get ready, got something to do"


"Well not really"


"Wake up honey" Brian called

"Huh? what?"

"Hey Leigh honey, we gotta get up, have some breakfast.."

"hmm, I'm not hungry, I think I have a better idea" she said as she turned to face him and put her arms around his neck

"Gosh, I love you so much Leighanne"

"I love you too, and I missed you so much"

"I'm so sorry, I think I can't apologize enough for trying to put you apart"

"For a while I gotta confess I thought you didn't love no more"

"No, Leighanne don't you ever think that away, I love you more than life itself, and I promise you I'll make everything to make you happy"

"Just, never leave me, ok?"

"I wont" he said as they both started kissing.


"Hey Nick, we have to get off bed eventually yah know that"

"Hmm.. let's see, we have some coke, and we have  ice cream, and we have.. ops run out of chips, no problem I guess we can find another thing to do, huh?"  He said as he started chasing her around the room, as she tripped and fall in the bed.

"Are you ok?" he asked

She was laughing hysterically by now

"Yeah, I am, just enjoying ha ha .. ha ha your worried face.. ha ha"

"Oh you little.." he said as he started tickling her everywhere

"Stop, Nick please.."


"Comon.. ha ha.. I can't take...  Nick . hi hi.. Stop!"

"yeah, you deserved it" he said as he stopped

"So, we still have the vanilla icecream"  he said a couple of minutes later as they were both laying there in her bed looking at the ceiling.

"hmmm, nice idea, but let's just talk ok?"

"Ok" he agreed


"shit, she isn't coming, I knew it" AJ said as he looked at his watch and saw it was 11.15 "well long time since I've last been stood up, well damn I guess I've never been"

He started walking around, at the park, it was nice there, nothing like it back home, but still nice. He then saw some girl running down the street, and when she waved to him , he knew it had to be Leticia.

"Hey.. sorry I 'm late, damn I'm always late" said Leticia out of breath

"It's ok, well actually I thought you weren't coming I'm glad you did"

"What and miss a date with THE Alexander Mclean, you gotta be kidding"

"Good, coz I was almost losing my confidence out there" he said as he took a look at her, she was wearing some dark jeans, a sweater and some tennis, nothing simpler, but she looked damn good, with her hair up on a pony tail and that smile on her eyes.

"So, where are we going? No way I'll go to Macdonalds to eat breakfast, even I can do better then that"

"damn, how the hell did you knew my plans?" he joked

" well, guess news travel fast when you're a BSB, comon I know this place and  bet you're gonna love it"


"So you see, I always like wanted to be a doctor but now, honestly I have my doubts" Linda said as she and Nick were on her bed, eating icecream and talking

"But why? man I never really had a properly education, I know singing is my life, and I really love what I do, even though it has some shit I just ugh, but I would like to had the chance to yah know, go to college, and do all those stuff I didn't had the chance to do, and like you would make a great doctor"

"You think?"

"Like, look at us, I'm here telling you about all my problems and all, and you're such a great listener, and I bet you're great with kids.."

"hmm.. sometimes"

"Yeah, and like I think you would do a great pediatrician" he said as he gave her some icecream and it fell to her neck

"Ops, I guess I've gotta clean that up" he said as he started licking that icecream on her neck, and Linda couldn't help the little moans.

knock, knock

Knock, Knock

"shit, the door, Nick.. comon I gotta see who is it"

"hmmm, you taste soo goodd"

She laughed "Man I gotta see who it is"




"YES! brb!"

Linda went to get the door, as she saw Howie standing there with this enormous bouquet with a big card saying in big words SORRY.


"hmm, where's Trish?"

"She isn't home, she left, said she had some stuff to take care off"

"But I left a note telling her that I was going to pick her up."

"Maybe she didn't got it, or maybe she had to work, you know how are stuff on the bar"

"yeah" he said looking disappointed

"Linda? Who was it? why are you taking so long?" Nick called from the room

"Huh?  Is that who I think I am?"

Linda nodded "Comon in"

"Hey Linda, comon" Nick walked in the living room "Shit D"

"Shit D? Man do I have a new nickname I aint award off?"

"Nah, just wasn't expecting you here"

"Yeah I bet you didn't"

"You guys talk I'll have to go to the kitchen for a second"

"K  honey"

"Honey?  like is this the Nick I saw yesterday?"

"Nah, well, guess I'm the new Nick Carter"

"So nice to meet you sir" Howie said as he got up and shacked his hand

"So you came for Trish?"

"yeah,  know you two don't get along very well, but..."

"Nah, she's ok, Good Luck buddy"

"huh? Are you ok? Oh no, an alien took over your body, man get off my buddy's body!!!" He joked shaking Nick's body

"Man, watch it, it's me , geeh, you latino, man I'm ok, just I guess, never thought a woman could change my life this way"

"yeah, I'm glad she did, coz well you were really losing it, but Nick, be careful, coz for what I've seen Linda isn't like every other girl"

"I know, she is special, and fragile, and she needs me, yah know how precious is that? To have someone that needs you, that you can care for?"

"Yeah, I think I know that felling, I'm happy for you" he said as they hugged and Linda entered the room

"Awwww you two look so cuteeeee!"

"Geeh Linda, comon stop it" Nick said

"ha ha ha, yeah just showing some love, so Nick don't forget we've gotta be at 1 at that radio station, so it's better you be at 12.30 in the hotel"

"Damn I forgot all about it"

"Yeah, head on the clouds huh?"

"Guess so, but don't worry I'll be there"


"C-yah" Nick said as he hold Linda in his arms "So where were we?" he said as he kissed her

"Guess we were around here" she added


"Man this is nice" he said as he took a bite of his chocolate filling donut

"yeah I knew you would like them, well I actually love them, this lady she does all those great cookies and cakes, it's her way to win a living, and she is great at doing it, every time I have a chance, I come around here I know she is always here trying to sell them"

"Hmm I could see you like them ,you bought, how many?"

"well, let's see, I bought 4 chocolate crisps cookies, and well two  pieces of apple pie, and one of cherry"

"oh, I see, guess your on a diet right?" he joked as they both sit on the grass

"Oh ain't you funny.. "

"Oh I know I am"

"Smart ass"

"Oh yeah?" he said as he took some chocolate filling and placed it on her cheek

"Oh, you.."

"What? what?"

"Damn you Alex.." she said as she went to try to get some of that chocolate filling, and she landed on top of him.

They stayed like that, for a couple of minutes, then she tried to get up, and he hold her arm.

"Don't" he said "There's something I gotta do first" when he said that he grabbed her closer and started kissing her.

The gentle and warm kiss, went to a passionated kiss that went on , it seemed like forever.
 They then looked at each others eyes.

"Miss, you have a little something on your cheek, may I?" she nodded

he then started licking the chocolate of her face, and ended it up with a soft kiss.

"There, you are all clean now"

She smiled, but she couldn't say a word.

"So? are you entending on staying on top of me forever? Not that I don't like it, but, yah know I would like to try some other positions"

"Oh yeah, I bet you would" she said as they both started laughing.

Chapter 30