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Chapter 28

"So I'm here asking you for a second chance... I totally understand if you don't want to give it to me, but once again I just wanna tell you that I love you more than life itself , and all I say is that I need your help" Brian said there at his hotel room, Leighanne had just arrived  and he decided to  first of all tell her all that happened.

Leighanne was now crying hysterically, but she still had said no words.

"I never thought things could come to this point, I admit I did bad, man did I did bad" he said as he got up from the sofa and started walking around the room.

"I dunno, it all got to me.. darling believe me, all I wanted in this life was to be with you, have a family and a little place in the countryside, you know.." as he looked at her and saw she was crying " but when I saw that a part of that dream wasn't coming true, well I just wasn't me anymore... I changed, and I hate that Brian I was, but now I'm changing, but..." as he looked into her eyes "I need your help, will you forgive me?" as he took her hand and gently kissed it

"Will you?"

They stood there for some minutes, she was still crying hard.

"Leigh.." he said

"I dunno Brian I dunno.." yelled Leighanne as she ran outside

"Wait Leighanne, where are you going?"

"I dunno Brian..." as she whipped away the tears "I just don't know" she said as she closed the door


 "We better go D. "

"Oh yeah I guess you're right. And no words on Trish"

"yeah, but don't worry I guess she's just busy"

"Yeah you're right... Howie agreed

"So Nick, we're leaving, K?"

Nick was dancing too close to a girl who looked like she was totally willing.

"huh? oh yeah bye; check you guys later, I'll just stay a bit longer, gotta take care of this baby here" he said as he winked at the guys

"Oh yeah, remember we got work to do tomorrow"

"yeah, cool"

Howie and Kevin were leaving.

"That guy is so waisted"

"I think I've seen this script before"

" yeah.. I know what you mean Kev"


Leighanne was walking alone on the streets of London, it was dark night, she knew it was danger, but her head was spinning around and all she could hear was Brian's words, the wind was cold, and she felt like she could die.

"Why me God? why us?" she cried out

Suddenly she started hearing footsteps behind her, and they were going closer and closer, she started running and running, but fear was all over her, then she felt a hand on her shoulder and she let out a yell.

"No" she cried as she looked back

"Oh, sorry if I scared you" a young girl said

Leighanne just stood there looking at the girl, as she realized how foolish she was running away scared of a little noise.

"There's no problem I guess I just kinda scared myself out" she said as she smiled

"You're Leighanne, Brian's wife aren't you?"

Leigh nodded

"Well, dunno what you're doing here but I just wanted to ask you for an autograph" the girl said as she took a pen and notebook from her back purse

"Oh sure" she said as she took it and signed it

"You know, you're very beautiful Leighanne, and I guess it's ok, you being married with Brian, he's just such a great guy, and well everyone can see that he is deeply in love with you, you're perfect for each other"

Leighanne stood there thinking of that girl had just said. And yes she was right, the Brian she knew was worth all the love she had to give, and she would do anything for him.
The girl thanked, and asked her if she could give Brian a note, Leighanne couldn't help laughing, but she agreed.

"You know what, you're like the most perfect couple on earth, I honestly believe you're gonna be together for all life"

"Yes I also think so" Leighanne agreed, as they both said goodbye and she went back to her hotel.


"so Linda what  did you think?" Ryan asked while they took a drink, on the band break

"Well I honestly liked it, you played good"

"Thanks, I knew you would like it. Well I gotta make a call, be right back ok?" he said as he placed a kiss on her cheek

"ok" she said

Linda stood there looking at the people that were there, then she saw it, Nick and some girl dancing all over each other.

"Asshole" she said out lout

"What?" Mark asked

"Oh nothing, I was just thinking out loud"

"oh, Nick right?"

"Man , how did you knew?"

"Honey, I'm a bartender, for what? 8 years now? well I've seen a lot of people, heard a lot more, and well I can see you two have something going on, your just too damn proud to admit you just want to be in each others arms"

Linda stood there looking at him, as he laughed hard "I guess I'm right, I gotta serve this lady, go on and talk to him, I'll talk to the dj, and you'll see ..." he said as he winked at her

She mouthed a thank you, as she walked to where he was.

Then suddenly "I need you" was on, and she looked back at Mark who was smiling while serving some drinks.

"Excuse me, but I think this dance is mine" Linda said putting the girl aside

"Who do you think you are?" the girl yelled

"Me, oh no one, I just think this is my dance partner and you've been using him too much" she said as she took Nicks hands and placed them at her waist, and put her hands around his neck, and hold him really close.
Nick just stood there in shock, but when he felt her body close to him, he just hold her even closer, it was almost like she was a part of his own body, the piece that he was missing, but finally he found it.

"I need you tonight.. I need you right now, I know deep within my heart it doesn't matter if it's right or wrong" she started singing to the song.

As he went on

"I figured out, what to say to you, sometimes the words they come out so wrong"

"Oh yes they do" Linda said as she laughed a little

Nick looked at her, as he hold her face on his hands " that what we have, is so right .. this time" she shared a tear, and he wiped it away as he listened to his own voice,

"Linda, that song never meant so much"

"I know Nick, I really need you"

"And... well all I know is baby... I really need you tonight" he said as he kissed her passionate, and the music went off.


"Hey Alicia, it's me....... I know it's late...... I met her...... of course I pretended I didn't know anything about her being here.............. Trish was desperate, she needed a band, so it was easy..... That blond guy is a jerk..... I ain't gonna touch her. yet! ... so ok, bye, I see you later"

"Now back to the plan" Ryan said


Trish came back to her office, as she called Lyona , a south african girl that worked there at the bar.

"Trish, where were you girl? everyone was looking for you"

"Never mind that I went for a walk, I needed to clear my mind"

"That Howie boy left you this note" as she handed her a piece of paper

"yeah ok thanks"

"well it seems like they liked the band"

"Oh, yeah, and you know about Linda?"

"Last time I saw her, she was there dancing with the other backstreet boy, you know you should like tell the boss to consider changing the name  to the Backstreet hang out, you know"

"Man, don't even joke about it"

"Yeah, I think they are one of the reasons, we've been being such a hit lately"

"You think?"

"Yeah, everyone knows them, sure, their last album wasn't such a success, but they are still hot, specially that Kevin guy, man how old is he, like 32? man gorgeous"

Trish laughed a little "Oh, ok that's all Lyona, I bet Mark needs you there"

"Yeah he is helpless without me"

"Yeah I bet" he said as her cell rang as she waved to the girl as she stepped outside of her office

"Talk to me" she answered

"Hey beauty, how are you doing?" AJ said

"Alex? where are you? and why is all that noise?"

"Well I've just been running the club scene over here, man I got a hint you worked in a bar"

"Oh my how did you guessed?? I gotta confess Alex, I'm sorry for disappoint you, but I'm a stripper"

"YOU'RE WHAT????" man sexy..." he joked

"I'm just kidding, man, I love to dance and all, but like with my clothes on, yah know?"

"I knew you couldn't be, you look too innocent"

"I what? man let me assure you I'm No angel"

"Oh , that I would like to find out"

"Oh would you?" she played

"Yeah, tomorrow at breakfast ok?" he said

"Wow aren't you quick? but breakfast?"

"gotta be, but like late breakfast, around 11? I gotta be at 1 pm at this radio station you see, so I pick you up at your place, just give me the address"

"No, wait, it's better we meat at that park, ok?"

"ohh.. it's fine by me so it's a date"

"yeah, I guess so.. see you tomorrow"

"Sweet dreams honey, sweet AJ dreams"

Trish laughed " Sweet huh? ok? bye "


AJ turned his cell off

"Huh, she doesn't want me to pick her at home, I wonder why, well guess I'll find out all about it tomorrow" he thought when he heard his cell ringing again, he answered it thinking it was Leticia.

"Hello babe... Oh it's you Sally... Of course I'm happy to talk to you... you what? want to come on tour with me??... I miss you too.. but.... yeah, fine... bye"

"SHIT!" he hissed


Trish looked at the note:

Trish, I'm sorry if I did something that upset you, I promise I didn't meant it..

Hope I can make it up to you, at some late breakfast, i'll pick you up at your place at 11.30



Chapter 29