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Chapter 27

"Hey T" Linda jumped in front of Trish

"hey girl, yah scared the shit out of me.. but" as she took another look at Linda " wow You look great girl"

"Oh yah know did a  little of this, and a little of  that, hope you don't mind but well, I found this little dress and I thought I could borrow from you" as she took a walk around

"Man, you keep it girl, it looks great on you"

"Oh thanks, you are amazing girl" as they both hugged

"yeah I know, but girl, I gotta make some calls, why don't you go on, then I'll met yah and see how's the movement"

"For what I saw this place is going better every day, well guess your it's lucky charm"

"yeah yeah, go and  see if yah can get a cutie, ok?"

"well you know I just want..."

"Don't! let's not even go there..."


"Kev, dude I think those girls over there know who we are"

"Relax D. Just act like a normal guy.."

"what are you trying to say?"

"He is saying that you are a weirdo"

"SHUT UP NICK!" Kevin barked

"Don't go acting all paternal over me ok?" as he took another sip of his beer

"Man I'll go see if I can find Trish"

"well wow.. I think that is Linda over there"  kevin said

"Wow she is looking hot tonight" Howie added

Nick just looked at her saying no words.

"hey girl, you look lovely tonight"

"oh thanks Howie" as she kissed him on each cheek

"Yup, you sure do" Kevin added

She smiled as she also placed 2 kisses on Kev's cheeks.

" Ain't you gonna say hello to me too?" asked Nick with his arms opened waiting for her

"You, am I suppose to know you?"

"Yooooh girl, give it to me" Howie said as they high five and Kev started laughing.

Nick cut his eyes at her, Linda looked then at him, it was killing her to do that but she had to she just had to.

"Well I'll just leave you guys here, and I'll go back and talk to T, k?"

"K" Kev and Linda said.


"Ok so you guys play this on e first and then you end up, with like this one.. " Trish was giving orders to the band as the leader was moving a little too close to her. Suddenly Howie came in and..

"What the hell do you think you are doing?"  he yelled

"Ryan move back please"


"Trish can you explain this?" Howie asked

"Well I'll go and get the guys ready, talk to you later" Ryan walked out of the office

"Trish.. I'm waiting"

"What, you're waiting?? Who do you think you are Howard ? Tell me, coz well 1st of all we weren't doing anything, and well 2nd even if we were like who are you to act like that?"

"Who am I? who am I? I'm your FUCKING BOYFRIEND!!!!"

"My what?" Trish just stood there in shock

"I mean, I want you to be my girlfriend, yah know I really like you and I want like, to make it all official, take you everywhere, I want you to be mine"

Trish just stood there in shock.

"Howie, honestly I like you and all that, you've been great, but I just don't belong to anyone, and I don't like to be treated like that!"

"No.. listen Trish, I didn't mean it like that, really.." she walked away and he grabbed her in the arm "Wait"

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Set me free.."  as she ran to the bar and Howie just stood there trying to figure out what happened.


"Trish, what''s going on, why are you crying? " Linda asked as she saw her friend hysterical

"I'm ok, I'm ok... just... ughhh .. leave it, ok?"

"ok, girl I was just trying to help"

"Don't, don't do a thing, just leave me alone" as she looked at the guys " you all leave me alone"

"What's wrong with her?" Nick asked

"I dunno but I think it has to do with Howie too, brb" as he left to try to find him

"I'll go with you" Linda said not wanting to be alone with Nick

"No, you are staying, we need to talk, want something to drink?"

"Yeah sure, a pepsi"

"I meant something stronger"

"Forgive me for not getting my ass drunk like some people"

"Listen girl we do need to talk, let's go"  he grabbed her arm but then a boy went to talk to Linda

"Linda?" he called

"Huh? Ryan? Is that you?" Oh my God what are you doing here?" as she jumped to his arms

"well, I just started working here"

"You what? my friend is a manager here!"

"You mean Trish, she's your friend? " he said lying about the fact he knew all about it

"Yeah, she is ....long story.. but what are you doing here?"

"I play in a band, and well we got this chance so we took it, this is a nice place"

"yeah" Linda agreed as she looked at Nick who was there waiting for her

"But Ryan you don't know how good it feels to like to talk to someone from back home" as she hugged him and Nick got pissed

"are we leaving or what?"

"Wait Nick, let me introduce you to Ryan, and this is Nick, Nick this is Ryan an old boyfriend from back home"

When Nick heard that he felt like he could kill that guy he didnt even knew, it was strange but just by knowing the fact that that boy had actually had her made him go nuts.
They shook hands

"Linda, baby you can't go know, we are playing, comon I know you're gonna love, just like the old times, the old times."

"Oh, that would be fun" as he hold her hand and they both went to the bar and left Nick there.

"No she didn't just do that!" he looked at the crowd as he found a girl that was staring at him.

"hey" he said

"Hey, you are Nick Carter from the Backstreet boys aren't you?"

"yeah, I am, I bet you like me"

"You're cute"

"hmmm, I bet you would like to find out how cute I really am"

she nodded

"Comon let's dance"

Chapter 28